The beautiful Lagoon 500 bareboat catamaran sailing yacht is located in Athens, Greece (Eastern Mediterranean). You always have wished to turn your desire bareboating in the BVI into a reality, and finally you find the right time to do it!
There are many questions that comes to our mind when planning a trip , so I think that some tips would be very helpful to organize a wonderful sailing getaway in the BVI.
The most frequently questions people usually ask me are, what will be the best way to charter a bareboat catamaran?, what is the best yacht charter company to book from?, what certificate will you need in the BVI?, when will be the best time to sail ? Having a license is always advantageous, but most companies in the British Virgin Island won’t require it. Let say you have decided so; be aware that you are going to work hard and have a lot of fun for about a week depending on your competences. Maybe you would  want to gain some time, then I suggest you to do the theory online, this way you will only have to do the practice when you’ll get to the BVI.
The main things to consider are the pricing ,what is included (Fresh water, fuel, equipment, food ,drink), the boat condition, the amenities, and the service.
If you are not sure and need more information about the companies, you can get some good advices in both great forum Sailnet and cruisers. Apart of this, it’s always nice to exchange some ideas and experiences with other sailors that have the same passion. The better way to bareboat in the British Virgin Island is with a catamaran because this beautiful island contain a wide  amount of coral reef in some region, and  shallow water depths. With a catamaran you will be able to access easily to beautiful desert islands thanks to its fantastic shallow draft, it will be much more comfortable for you to anchor close to the shore. It is preferable to have another couple of friends with you, it will make the sailing trip more fun , easier for everyone, safety and also you can count on your friends in case you want to rest or do something else.
The better months to sail for beginners are November, December, January, February, march, and middle April , because there are no hurricanes at that time of the year, but it is crowded and the rates are the highest. During this period, there is almost no crowd, the water condition is great, and the rates are low.
Maybe, you are an adventurer and you like strong sensation, so if you prefer to sail during this period, it’s up to you! Usually yacht charter companies have some rules about the anchorages, and for some reasons, they won’t permit to anchor into unknown areas. These places are just amazing and beautiful to explore, especially practicing all kinds of water sport. Hello, my name is Daniella and I have been a passionate about the sea and the nature for many years. Croatia and some other countries , such as Turkey, Spain, and Greece became extremely strict about Bareboat licenses and usually these countries will required an (ICC) An International Certificate of Competence + Radio license! I hope this helped and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information. I would suggest you to charter a skippered or crewed yacht first and if you like the idea , then take a RYA training courses . A catamaran is the best option for novice sailors as it is much easier to control than a monohull ! I hope it helped and if you have any other questions , don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be glad to help you! Anyway, to have possibility to get away from ordinary things, is an exciting one.I like your advices, which help to understand how to chart one of these catamarans. Thank you for the compliment and for the comment and if you need any help, I’ll be more than happy to assist you ! I hope it helped and if you need to know further information, I’ll be more than happy to assist you.
I really love your website overall (you can probably tell by the amount of comments I have left all over the place!) as I love to travel and I love water but have never even been on a charter before so am doing lots of homework! If you plan to go on a romantic getaway, then the British Virgin Island is definitely the right place to choose!
Horizon Yacht Charters in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) offers you a wonderful BVI sailing vacation on our immaculately maintained monohulls or catamarans. If you have visited our island paradise before, then come and revive faded memories or discover new ones. The British Virgin Islands consists of approximately 60 islands and cays, the most populated of which are Tortola and Virgin Gorda. The British Virgin Islands are considered by many to be the perfect Caribbean sailing destination for first-time sailboat charterers, with calm seas, constant trade winds and line-of-sight navigation. We recommend the Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands as a great publication for planning your BVI yacht charter prior to your arrival. In appreciation of your patronage, Horizon Yacht Charters has established a programme that gives you added value to your BVI yacht charters.

The Baths Virgin Gorda is consistently voted as one of the best beaches in the world on TripAdvisor. Encompassing the beaches and rocky shoreline at the southwestern tip of Virgin Gorda, The Baths is a collection of massive granite boulders as large as 40 feet in diameter, with white sand beaches and secret rock pools.
If you want entertainment, Bitter End Yacht Club offers music most nights – here you can re-provision your boat, visit the shops, rent a Hobie Cat, learn to windsurf , … there is lots to do. We all made it safely home and are already talking about planning our next charter. I want to thank you for the excellent charter experience and the way you have everything planned and ready for our great trip. Grayson & Catherine are a young couple with great excitement and knowledge of sailing the BVIs. Great Adventure is a beautiful boat and very comfortable for the trip we took with our family. Horizon Yacht Charters provided us with everything we needed to get underway and informed Grayson & Catherine well of our family needs.
More and more of our clients are requesting catamarans for their bareboat or fully crewed  British Virgin Islands and Caribbean charters. The width of a catamaran provides, not only a great deal of space, but more importantly provides a lateral stability that allows the vessel to maintain its upright position even in a brisk breeze.
See our BLOG article on BVI catamaran charter itineraries and also about chartering with the kids. When chartering a bareboat or fully crewed sailing or power catamaran in the BVI (or anywhere in the Caribbean or Mediterranean) for that matter, bear in mind that you have choices, you can charter a traditional sailing vessel with one hull or you can go for the space and privacy of a catamaran.
It’s not uncommon for a family of 10 or 12 guests, including an assortment of kids, to use a bareboat catamaran that can accommodate everyone.
We offer a wide selection of catamarans of different shapes, sizes and capacities – please use our Yacht Search feature to see the many available bareboat or fully crewed catamarans in the BVI and the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Whether multihull like this one or monohull, sailing charters can offer a relaxing way to explore a new location.Monohull sailboats for large bareboat charter fleets have long been built by companies such as Bavaria, Beneteau, and Jeanneau, and they have been standardized to the point that after you have chartered one, you'll find that you're familiar with the sailing, mechanical and electrical systems on any of them. If you have some experience but not enough to handle the boat and you would like to possess a license, there are many places to get bareboat certification while you are on vacation. In my opinion, it really depend on the person, each one will have a different contact with the yacht charter broker. Usually the price of the charter includes everything on board , but again, it depends on the company, so check it out! Even knowing that you are going to spend some time ashore, it would be reasonable to take some precaution.
Generally, the hurricanes are present in June, July, August, September, and October and finally disappear in November. You will enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the one of the most stunning clear blue water of the Pacific Ocean.
As a child, I frequently sailed the Mediterranean Sea and continued with my travels throughout my adult life.
When I was in Croatia few years ago I couldn`t rent a boat cause they don`t rent it without certificate. In fact You will need first ASA 101 which will allow you to sail a boat up to about 20 feet in length. Just for few minutes I imagined myself stepping on white sand and exploring British Virgin Islands. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Larger and with a bigger sail area, the Lagoon 450 is offered in 3 or 4 cabin versions, and also benefits fromimportant improvements in terms of safety, performance and cruising comfort.. Horizon Yacht Charters’ base is located at Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola, three miles west of Road Town, the capital of the BVI. A shore-side pool, two restaurants, beach with snorkelling reef, boutiques and provisioning store plus reasonably-priced, comfortable accommodation at Nanny Cay Hotel are all within a few steps of your boat.
Experienced sailors will also enjoy the wealth of different islands to visit, including the coral island of Anegada.
This invaluable book provides aerial photographs of all the yacht-moorings in the BVI along with the quiet anchorages, comprehensive information on restaurants and shore-side facilities as well as a fold-out chart on which you can log your trip and keep as a souvenir. Click here to find out more for discounts and exclusive services for your next BVI sailing vacation with Horizon Yacht Charters! Grayson was a great captain and handled the boat with such care and obvious love of sailing. Horizon and Great Adventure provided us with a trip of that our family will cherish with wonderful memories – Thanks so much!! There is a good reason for this preference since BVI catamaran charters are generally more stable and have more internal living space, so you and your group can spread out, relax and enjoy without the cramped feeling of a traditional mono or single-hull  vessel. These are even wider and the middle pontoon generally accommodates the salon, and the galley.

Many of our clients feel uncomfortable with the tilting of a traditional mono-hull sailing boat, and this is one of the main reasons for BVI catamaran charters popularity. Remember that if you have a skipper on your bareboat, you will have to assign one of the cabins to the captain.
It has spacious accommodations, relatively high freeboard, and a raised salon with excellent visibility. The Lipari also follows some of the newest design trends in cruising cats. In smaller venues, and in much larger crewed yacht charters, you'll find quite a bit of variation, but in the first case, the boats will tend to be simpler. Many yacht charter companies will probably ask for a credit card and some competence to handle the boat.
I guess that your described catamarans are a way smaller compare with Lending Club 2, which belongs to Renaud Laplanche. See what Fodor’s Travel, a world-renowned resource for travellers around the globe, has to say about the wonderful British Virgin Islands.
Tortola is easily accessible from the USA, UK and Europe via Puerto Rico, Antigua or St Thomas in the nearby US Virgin Islands (just a short, scenic ferry ride away).
There are hundreds of stunning anchorages and moorings in the BVI to explore and the moorings are all secure and well maintained. You will find a reference copy on board your yacht and it is also available for purchase from our base. The protected area also includes Devil’s Bay, which can be reached from The Baths by a series of ladders scaling the boulders.
Biras Creek is for those seeking elegance and first-class service – the resort has one of the best restaurants and wine cellars in the BVI (there is a dress code after 7pm).
Our family was well looked after and both Grayson & Catherine were very accommodating for everything we needed.
We had all the fun toys on the boat for the day activities which kept us entertained at all times. We had no issues and would happily recommend them to anyone considering a sailing vacation in the BVIs. Some catamarans have the bare essentials and others have every luxury and amenity you can think of. Again, depending on the design, each cabin may have its own bathroom (or head as they are called) or there may be a shared bathroom in each pontoon. It has significant headroom below and essential bridgedeck clearance that comes at the cost of increased windage. My experiences have created the desire within me to share my love of the water with other passionate, and adventurers, who want to sail throughout beautiful destinations.
On your BVI sailing vacation you will experience white sand beaches, gentle trade winds, crystal clear waters and friendly people wherever you go. If you would like to receive a copy prior to your arrival – just let us know and we will be happy to send one in the mail to you at US$31.95 plus shipping and handling. Just north of The Baths Virgin Gorda, Spring Bay is reached by a separate road and includes a lovely white sand beach. Catherine did an exceptional job of cooking for us and the specialty meals we needed for the kids – The food was really were amazing!! Our route was just perfect for the family with plenty of things to do and see each day – The stops were all so beautiful and unique in their own way. Also, instead of the canvas bimini raised above the salons coach roof that youll find on older cats, the Lipari follows the trend of simply extending the saloon coach roof over what could be called the cockpit but might more accurately be termed the exterior lounge area.
In any case, improvements in roller-furling headsail systems, and the use of in-mast furling or lazy jacks for mainsails has dramatically simplified sailhandling on virtually all yachts.Sailing multihulls have rapidly gained popularity in recent years, especially in charter venues such as the Caribbean.
Yacht-moorings, for overnight stays during BVI yacht charters, are available in many locations and there are plenty of attractive beach bars and restaurants around the islands. We are quite spoiled now that we we have experienced the BVI with such a great boat and captain.
They offer wide, stable platforms for crews to enjoy their holidays, and the combination of space and stability makes them attractive to guests who may be uncomfortable in the narrow confines of a monohull, which will heel as it sails into a strong wind.Multihulls can be built with two hulls (catamarans) or three (trimarans), but the vast majority of charter yachts are of the two-hull variety. These have separated cabins in their two hulls, plus a wide bridgedeck saloon between the hulls, which also often contains the galley.
With roller-furling headsails and twin engines, widely separated, one in each hull, they are often easier to maneouvre than monohulls.Boat over about 47 feet in length are often captained by a professional, as the size of the boats and the loads on the sailing equipment scale up quickly at that point. Space increases quickly with length, as well, and a yacht charter aboard a 50-plus-foot model can be quite luxurious.

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