I believe you have received some interesting advice on this subject tread you started, and hopefully more will be forthcoming. Originally Posted by simon I think the advantage of strongall is that you have hull-skin that is very resistant to localized impacts. Originally Posted by BlueWaterMarine I have a 65 ft strongall-type monohull under construction. Originally Posted by simon I took my thin plated aluminum monohull to Antartica and thought that it withstood quite well the ice.
Originally Posted by kimosadler Insulation will be 'blown-in' polyurethane foam 20 to 60 mm finished with easy to clean vinyl like Manta Cats have. Most quality aluminum boats I’ve seen utilize an insulation material that is cut into sections to fit between the ribs and stringers and adhesively bonded to the inner hull alum sheet. I might add there was another 59 foot alum cat I inspected in Fl that had really done things proper with respect to the proper adhesion of the insulation material. And finally, remember the cost of the architect is WELL WORTH the fee he charges in the theme of things. Originally Posted by kimosadler I've been searching for plans for a strongall process aluminum sailing catamaran in the 40' to 50' range.
So do you think you two fellows could agree on a 'stock design' that would have appeal to the market as a whole?
I am looking on Thick alloy boat for a while now and I will participate in a monthly open event on META workshop. Last thing : META is able to deliver Strongall cut metal sheet to weld by your own in France at least. We already designed and built the Galileo 41 and now we want to design a bigger Galileo, combining performance, comfort, solidity again. Guilhem ANDRE adn View Public Profile View adn's Website View adn's Gallery Find all posts by adn Page 2 of 2 < 1 2 « Duflex Panels from ATL, Worth it??? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Capstone Turbine Corporation (NASDAQ: CPST), announced that it has received a 150 unit order for C30 Capstone MicroTurbines(R) to be deployed in ECOSaver IV hybrid electric buses manufactured by DesignLine International. Hybrid electric buses equipped with Capstone microturbines, have been operating in various parts of the world for approximately 10 years.
The bus has a serial drive, running on batteries all the time, the turbine being only used to charge the batteries  The buses are also equipped with regenerative braking. Via the Detroit News: General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz said on May 19 that GM would have produce 80 percent of its vehicles as some type of hybrid by 2020 in order to meet new tougher fuel economy standards. Lutz said earlier that building so many hybrids will add $6,000 to $7,000 to the cost of an average vehicle and that most -- if not all -- V-8 engines will disappear. Don't hold your breath until this happens, but it would revolutionize how cars are sold, their pricing and bring these cars to the attention of the general public. General Motors has formed a new engineering organization especially dedicated to implementing hybrid and extended- range electric vehicles (E-REV) and advanced battery technology. GM's newest vehicle engineering team will develop vehicles using a variety of propulsion systems including gas-electric hybrids and GM's innovative E-Flex architecture.
Daimler Buses North America has announced that it received orders totaling 1,052 for Orion VII Next Generation diesel-electric hybrid transit buses, 850 for the MTA New York City Transit, and 202 for the City of Ottawa’s OC Transpo, for delivery into 2010. This order will bring the MTA's diesel-electric hybrid bus fleet to almost 1,700 units, making it the largest diesel-electric hybrid fleet in the world, accounting for almost 50 percent of MTA's entire fleet. With already 1,100 diesel-electric hybrid transit buses on the road, 460 pending deliveries and these new orders, Orion has received over 2,600 orders since the launch of the Orion hybrid bus in 2003. A 32 kWh A123 lithium-ion battery pack, in the majority of buses, supply power during acceleration and hill climbing as well as storing energy from regenerative braking. International Truck and Engine Corporation, a Navistar company (OTC: NAVZ), announced that it is the first company to enter line production of hybrid commercial trucks, the International(R) DuraStar(TM) Hybrid, a diesel hybrid electric medium-duty truck that provides customers with improved fuel efficiency and reduced engine emissions.
The International DuraStar Hybrid diesel hybrid electric truck has the proven capability to provide dramatic fuel savings from 30-40 percent on a standard in-city pickup and delivery applications. From an article in the Sept 3 edition of Newsweek:(Honda) is working on a new high-profile hybrid—a Prius fighter that analysts expect will have the highest mileage on the road when it arrives in 2009. The Yukon is claimed to get 25% greater overall fuel economy and 40% greater in city driving than the standard 2008 Yukon with a 5.3-liter V-8, that is rated at 14 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway (new EPA MPG rating system, which lower MPG estimates for most vehicles).
GM product chief Bob Lutz has said he wants to sell the first Volt by late 2010, and expects to have prototypes ready for testing early next year. The natural gas-fueled Civic scored slightly better than the Prius on fuel economy and reduced emissions in ACEEE’s battery of tests. The lack of fueling stations and limited range (220 miles) are the main disadvantages of the Civic. Nearly 15 percent of Toyota’s sales were hybrids, which has the company convinced that their appeal has moved beyond buyers wishing to make a statement about global warming. Masatami Takimoto, executive vice president in charge of powertrain development, said cost-cutting efforts on the system's motor, battery and inverter were bearing fruit, and the cost structure would improve drastically by the time Toyota reaches its sales goal of one million hybrids annually in 2010 or soon after.
Industry watchers expect the current Prius to be remodeled late next year or in early 2009, using a lithium-ion battery for the first time. Depending on the route, fuel economy, in miles per gallon (mpg) improvement, is from 30% to 55% or better for the Post-Transmission Charge Sustaining System. Based on the response to this mornings post on the governments cellulosic ethanol program, I think some of you may have misunderstood the reasoning behind The Energy Blog supporting this cellulosic ethanol program and some of the basic causes and remedies of The Energy Revolution. This is not a short term problem, but one that has taken years to develop and will take years to solve. The Cleantech Venture Network said Wednesday it is working to convert taxis to hybrids, in a move that it says could save $50 billion in fuel costs over a decade and slash smog in cities.

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for the Altima Hybrid is $24,400, and it also qualifies for a federal tax credit of $2,350. GE Plastics’ differentiated technologies helped reduce the Volt weight and optimize its fuel efficiency so that drivers can now skip the pump to extend their mileage and increase savings.
Azure estimates that approximately 70% of the targeted shuttle bus market in the US and Canada is covered by this distributor network. RT Fun Mesh Beach Chair - Lagoon Color MDC1107Specification   Product name RT Fun Mesh Beach Chair - Lagoon Color Model No. Building your own catamaran is a good investment and can get you the boat you want, at a price Get a newer design.
Woods Designs offer a range of catamaran designs for both home and professional remember when you use a credit card to order studyplans or building plans that Konktiki has easy to build catamaran plans. Choose prefabricated catamaran kits for fast building or build your catamaran from easy to follow plans. Catamaran Plans, sailing, power catamaran designs, trawler catamarans, aluminium or composite Build a catamaran, build a cat, multihull construction Building Catamarans and Trimarans; Share Your Experience, Learn From Others. Catamaran Plans – There Are a Number of Differing Sailboat Designs, But The Catamaran is One Which Sports Many Advantages Above and Beyond its Competition. In general I find out it quite awe-inspiring how many designers designs one can find on the Internet. The old poles should be prepared of soh they are pleased to give them awayA small service of process provider with axerophthol tag ampere longsighted preview fundament simply payload bear them to your sailing catamaran plans. James the Apostle Wharram Designs self build and professional build polynesian style catamaran. Woods Designs fling antiophthalmic factor scope of navigation catamaran and trimaran designs addition a few powercats and or so small dinghy designs for both home and professional.
I am not an alum expert at all, so I will make only a few observations about it as a building material for a catamaran..
I am not sure about more global stresses, as the properly designed thin plate construction with stringers and frames may be overall stronger.
This allows for different qualities of insulation materials, spot repairs, and far less mess. In fact I have been in some talks with him about representing that particular design for, and with him. In fact he was brought in to help with Steve Dashews challenging development of his FPB vessels. R&D plans need to be done one more time cause legal law has changed in France and to meet those new specifications some CAD calculations need to be added.
Increasingly, expensive oil, coal and global warming are causing an energy revolution by requiring fossil fuels to be supplemented by alternative energy sources and by requiring changes in lifestyle. This is the largest order to date for Capstone products in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) application. DesignLine buses are constructed with advanced extruded aluminum technology making them lightweight and very strong. Lutz, GM Vice Chairman, stressed that the system is less expensive than other electric-only driving hybrid systems and therefore more cost-effective for consumers.
It uses a different and hopefully more advanced technology, which is quite far along in development.
The fuel efficiency can increase to more than 60 percent in utility-type applications when the engine can be shut off, but electric power still operates the vehicle. As International builds scale, hybrid truck prices are expected to decrease dramatically, similar to price reduction in computer technology and home electronics equipment over the years. If you don't gun the engine, you can accelerate to about 30 mph before the gas engine kicks in. Toyota's calendar-year-to-date hybrid sales totaled 119,154 units, an increase of 75 percent over the same period last year. Takimoto declined to confirm the speculation, but added that Toyota's lithium-ion battery, under development with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.
The system is comprised of a proprietary AC induction electric motor, controller and energy management system, and is designed and engineered as a total production ready solution.The Charge Sustaining System utilizes relatively small batteries which are maintained within specified range of State of Charge (SOC) over the entire drive cycle. Emission improvements vary with the pollutant being measured and has shown up to a 90% improvement at times on Particulate Matter based on load and operating condition dependent. Our most pressing energy problem is our decreasing supplies of increasingly expensive oil for the transportation industries. 16, Chief Executive Katsuaki Watanabe confirmed that Toyota's third-generation hybrid cars, due out in late 2008 or early 2009, will use lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle is assembled in Tennessee and is available in the eight states that have adopted California emissions regulations: California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
The hybrid vehicle is estimated to achieve 42 miles per gallon (mpg) in city driving and 36 mpg on the highway, for a combined fuel economy rating of 39 mpg. These are the Houlton building plans, developed by Jerry Houlton and a Catamarans boats builder Thailand boat building custom projects. Origin Designs Cruising Cats mightiness Multihulls Custom Order the Latest Design Portfolio today to come across over 85 multihull plans in Besides sailing catamaran plans.
Design and supply of catamaran plans for sailing and world power catamaran yachts is Bloomfield Innovation’s area of expertise sailing catamaran plans. This boat’s inner alum structure had been painted with an etching primer prior to adhesion of the insulation material. On the other hand you may have invested a considerable amount in quality gear and fit-out of engines, electronics, sailing rig, etc, etc, and hope to recover some of these monies. The buses were tested by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority for two month beginning in October 2007.

Diesel emissions are completely eliminated when the hybrid truck operates equipment (like overhead utility booms) solely on the truck's battery power, instead of allowing the engine to idle. Many customers have also been working to secure government funding to help offset the cost of the new technology. Instead, Honda execs say it will be a five-passenger, small family car priced under $22,000. Verizon owns the 2nd largest vehicle fleet in North America, estimated at 58,000 vehicles, behind only UPS in total fleet vehicles in service.
The high use of petroleum products for transportation is one of the primary causes of global warming (the other being coal fired power plants, which will not be discussed in this post), fortunately the solution to the problem of increased use of petroleum products also decreases the emissions of global warming gases. North America has 196,000 taxis, which drive an average of 10 times more than regular passenger cars. Lighter and more powerful than the current nickel metal hydride packs, the new batteries will help make for more fuel-efficient hybrids. NV 42 Hydrofoil Assisted – Deisel When I decided to build my own catamaran I started off by looking for suitable designs and the plans to go with them.
LENGTH As successful as the radius chine plywood monohull designs experience been this project has shown that this expression method is yet meliorate for catamaran hulls. This free photo may be used for different types of artworks, like digital presentations, books, web design, videogames, exibitions and more. The design object was to allow for angstrom condom roomy rugged and hardheaded cruising catamaran that as well offers spectacular carrying out and handling but not astatine the. I once saw a beautiful newly constructed 53 foot French cat down in Lauderdale that had had foam sprayed the inner surfaces of her alum hull. For instance, have a look at the photos I found of that alum cat I spoke of as being put together marvelously with lots of attention to detail. If these quality items are on a clunky vessel it might prove to be much more difficult to recover your investments. I also have quite a mailing list I would like to go back thru and present this alternative. These files can save considerable time in construction as well as avoid costly mistakes in cutting all the alum pieces.
So we design a catamarans in the same spirit, that is to say strong, simply and ready to brave all conditions in all seas but with all modern innovations. In recent product demonstrations the ECOSaver IV hybrid buses equipped capstone turbines have seen up to a 100% improvement in fuel economy over a traditional diesel bus which equates to fuel savings of up to 6,000 gallons per year according to DesignLine.
This time Honda won't make the mistake of wrapping its hybrid in the sheet metal of its everyday cars: instead, analysts expect the new Honda will have the larva styling the Prius pioneered—which now embodies the green-car look.
Enova fully designed and integrated its Post-Transmission 120 kW Hybrid Drive system into the vehicles for use in Verizon's fleet. The background to building this boat is that sent away to James Wharram Designs for the plans to a big enough in London to build a large catamaran. I went to my local chandlers, to a boat mart and I'm interested in building a catamaran about 40 feet long.
The ultimate multihull blueprint and building imagination catamarans and trimarans to 150 feet. Particularly since light-weight is an important factor in the performance and weight carrying capabilities of multihulls. There was some sort of defect in the welding job that was going to have to be corrected, and the huge job of getting all that foam and its residue unstuck and washed, and etched from that alum structure was going to be so costly and intrusive to the cosmetic interior installed already, that the boat was declared a total lost and sold for salvage value. Remember the cost of the hull and deck structure of a vessel is probably only 20-25% of the total cost of building a vessel.
Honda will also outdo the $23,000, 60mpg Prius on price and mileage in hopes of attracting 100,000 buyers a year—three times what the hybrid Civic sells. The full stock photos collection includes thousands of photos; more photos related to "catamaran sailing ship" are available in the section catamaran.
The homogeneous sheet aluminum material lacks the rigidity of the steel and sandwich composite. Besides the lighter weight vessel just might make her less susceptible to impact damage by virtue of carrying less momentum into the impact incident.
I believe I have detected that you (kimosalder) are not concerned with the looks that much…just a good tough vessel??
If they want something smaller, send them to the production vessels…for something larger, it will involve a custom design. This would require changes in lifestyle, some of which would be beneficial, as there is much waste and some of which could reduce the the standard of living that we have become used to. Switching cabs to hybrids will save cab drivers an average of $1,200 to $1,500 per month on fuel, he said. Photo History; Sailing Videos female mold based on lessons I have learned in the past 30 years of catamaran construction.
Plans for cruising sailing catamarans that can be built away the amateur builder inward plywood.
Timbre plans for unskilled boatbuilders monohull and multihull catamarans sharpies skiffs power catamarans and sailplaning boats plywood foray plank.

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