The full motion, Level D simulator was developed in partnership with FlightSafety International and will be located at the HondaJet Training Centre on the campus of Honda Aircraft.
The HondaJet and its advanced flight deck were designed for simple, intuitive operation while achieving a high degree of safety.
The HondaJet flight simulator is a top-of-the-line training device that uses sophisticated software to precisely replicate the flight characteristics of the aircraft. The simulator was constructed and assembled at FlightSafety’s manufacturing facility in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, with the collaboration of Honda Aircraft.
The HondaJet is the world’s most advanced light business jet aircraft, with best-in-class advantages in performance, comfort, quality and efficiency. Three of Honda Marine’s main dealers, namely Honda Marine Knysna, Durban and Vaal will be exhibiting at the Johannesburg Boat Show to be held at the Johannesburg Expo Centre, Nasrec, from 8-10 August 2014.
With a vast array of entry level to top end offshore and recreational boats on display, including the all-new Raptor 660 Forward Console and some of Angler Boats most popular models, as well as the Honda-exclusive and specially priced Robalo R240, there will be much to excite all visitors to the Johannesburg Boat Show. In addition many of the Honda 4-stroke advanced technology outboard engines from 2 to 250HP will be on display making a visit to the Honda Marine stand an absolute must. With over 400 boats and 30 Jetski’s entered, this is one of the biggest fishing events on the offshore fishing calendar. We at Team Honda Marine Durban were utilizing the Ocean Pro 240, a boat manufactured by Ian Hurliman at Fairide Marine, a 24’ monohull powered by twin Honda BF115hp outboards. So off we went down south to set our live baits in order to catch the biggest and best barracuda, as that is what’s needed to win the overall first prize.
So by 12 pm, still no Cuda had taken a liking to any of our baits, and normally the Cuda don’t bite after about 11am, so we decided to go out deep and look for a nice Tuna, Dorado or something… Still an hour or so later still nothing, then all of a sudden the real screamed, Ross was closest so he grabbed the rod and asked the crew who wanted to pull in the fish, who all in unison told him it’s all his….
So he had a nice fight on his hands and the crew were finally excited as there was a fish on the line. DAY TWO – The second day the wind was cranking at about 30 knots which made life very hectic, but we went out for a couple hours and with the waves breaking all around us we eventually called it a day and returned to the beach and the comfort of some liquid refreshment. Unfortunately our dream of a Wahoo species win were shot down when a rival boat brought in a 300g heavier fish, pushing us back into second spot.

All in all it was a really good outing, and now most importantly we’ve found the right combination of fisherman for Team Honda Marine Durban and a bright fishing future.
To sustain the growth of Honda Marine as the fastest growing outboard engine brand in South Africa over the last 5 years, as well as the most reliable brand (0.08% warranty claim ratio – unheard of in the marine industry), Honda Marine SA is constantly searching for like-minded business partners to take the much in demand Honda brand to the next level. Another factor, and new trend, that’s contributing to new boat sales is the creation of innovative, more versatile and accessible boats that appeal to a variety of interests and budgets and fall within the 15-26 foot range. To find the right boat for your individual application contact your local Honda Marine Dealer. To enhance its state-of-the-art safety features, Honda partnered with FlightSafety International to develop the simulator and training program. The simulator will be capable of providing a full range of scenarios to help prepare and qualify pilots to safely operate the aircraft.
It will be certified to meet both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations. The HondaJet is the fastest, highest-flying, quietest, and most fuel-efficient jet in its class.
Founded in 2006, Honda Aircraft has its heritage in more than 20 years of groundbreaking aeronautical research and development.
Anyway we started to trawl, and not much happened for the first few hours, so unexpecting crew members were exposed to some team pranks to keep them awake and alert, ready for that big one. After about 45 minutes the fish got closer, and we saw it was a Wahoo, Ross’s first, and I was in charge of gaffing the fish in which I must say I did a good job, as many people have lost fish on a bad gaffer. What was truly impressive was how the Ocean Pro 240 handled the rough water and got us back to shore with ease. With the appointment of Talbot Engineering to look after Honda’s interests in both Mauritius and Reunion, Honda Marine has found a very strong platform. The Outdoor Industry Association reports that more than 140 million Americans make outdoor recreation a priority in their daily lives – and they prove it with their wallets. The HondaJet incorporates many technological innovations in aviation design, including the unique Over-The-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration that dramatically improves performance and fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag.

Anyway we were ecstatic, so we had to quickly rush back to get to the weigh-in as there were prizes for species as well, and for Day One we found ourselves in top spot for the Wahoo species which made the long day for very little very worthwhile.
Talbot Engineering, owned and run by Alain Talbot, is also the Volvo Penta distributor for Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar, and over many years has built up a highly reputable business name in the region. Boating Industry in the build-up to the Miami International Boat Show, the world’s biggest boating event. Early projections indicate the industry will see additional increases in 2013 by as much as 5-10%.
Boats that fall into this category include aluminum all-purpose boats and pontoons, fibreglass bowriders, fish and ski boats, and jet boats.
The outdoor recreation economy generates $646 billion in direct consumer spending annually. Has never left me stranded and is a great boat for a small family to enjoy many weekends on the water.
The OTWEM design also reduces cabin sound, minimizes ground-detected noise, and allows for the roomiest cabin in its class, the largest baggage capacity, and a fully serviceable private aft lavatory. Highlighted in the show catalogue is the fact that the recreational boating industry has reported a 10% increase in new power boat sales in 2012 which are the first signs of healthy growth since the recession, also that it’s small, versatile boats that are leading the recovery. This level of growth in 2013 will depend on a number of factors including continued improvement in economic conditions that impact recreational boating—namely consumer confidence and the housing market—and sustained increases in Americans’ participation in outdoor recreation.“Improving economic conditions and what seems to be a resurgence in Americans’ love for the outdoors, helped fuel steady growth in new power boat sales in 2012,” notes Thom Dammrich, president of NMMA. The HondaJet is powered by two highly fuel-efficient GE Honda HF120 turbofan jet engines, and is equipped with the most sophisticated glass flight deck available in any light business jet, a Honda-customized Garmin® G3000 next-generation, all-glass avionics system composed of three 14-inch landscape-format displays and dual touch-screen controllers. Fish & Wildlife Service reports that participation in fishing is up 11% in the past 5 years, and hunting participation is up 9% in the past 5 years.

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