Another exciting aspect of getting out to Destin for a fun fishing trip right now is the fact that shark fishing is at its peak this time of the year, as well. Contact Charter Boat Locked Up today for more information and get out on the boat with us soon! Come join the crew of the “100 Proof” this upcoming summer for a Destin fishing trip you’ll be talking about all year! Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or a self-proclaimed landlubber, we’d love to have you aboard! You’ll find salty sea dogs, veterans of the rod and reel, proudly displaying their catch of the day, as well as young aspiring anglers with fresh prizes as big as themselves, and families with enough fish to feed them for a year.
Be sure to check out the winner of the 2006 Destin Shark Tournament on page two, a 765-pound tiger shark!
Book your trip today and contact us with any questions you may have about deep-sea fishing in Destin, Florida!
Captain Ben O’Connor was raised in Destin, Florida and has spent his whole life fishing these waters. In 1999 he moved back to Destin and started an insurance and investment business, while continuing to spend 3-4 days a week fishing with his father. August is the hottest month of the year here in Northwest Florida and the fishing can be even hotter! With most trips yielding multiple catches of Tiger, Bull, Sandbar and Blacktip sharks, you’re bound to see some action while out on the water with us!
Along with the sunshine and heat, summer brings with it some of the year’s best fishing, as Red Snapper season starts June 1st and goes until June 9th.

As large, hard-fighting fish that are delicious to eat, Kings are great for beginner anglers who are looking for a great introduction to salt water fishing. The calm conditions that the summer months bring are great for forming weed lines, which are the perfect habitat for bait fish that draw in Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo and Marlin. Whether you haul in the big one or not, you will be sure to leave with a fish tale to tell. He began working on charter boats at the age of 10, cleaning them and working as a second mate. In 2006 he sold the business and spent 2 years going back and forth to Costa Rica, fishing and visiting his brother. Although Red Snapper season has come to an end, you can still reel in a few White Snappers, Vermillion Snappers and Black Snappers while out on the water.  What’s even more, you may also come across a few King and Spanish Mackerels while out trolling with Captain Ben O’Connor. Unfortunately however, the season is only nine days long this year, which doesn’t give you much time to experience what an incredible fishery snappers have become. So even if you’re bummed about missing a chance at reeling in a Snapper this season, you surely won’t be disappointed to find a King at the end of your line!
Offshore fishing takes all day (12-16 hours) but trust us when we say that it’s all worth the time and effort when you’re strapped into a rod, fighting the fish of a lifetime! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro come let the crews of the "100 Proof" and "Locked Up 2" put you on the big one! As water temperatures start to rise mahi mahi (dolphin fish), wahoo, tuna, sailfish and marlin move into waters right off the Destin coast.
From our headquarters in Destin, Florida, we have been offering fun, exciting charter boat tours to families and fishing enthusiasts since 2010.

Check out one of our night fishing tours and treat yourself to a singular view of sea life after dark.
After high school he attended the University of South Alabama where he earned a degree in information science and remained in Mobile for 10 years after graduation where he worked doing technical support for a software company.
He then worked on a few boats charter and commercial fishing until he joined the Locked Up crew as captain of the “Locked Up” in 2011.
He also enjoys deer and duck hunting and going back to Costa Rica whenever the opportunity arises. The good news is that those who do get the chance to fish during Snapper season will get to experience some truly epic fishing! He then moved to Atlanta for 4 years where he worked as an IT guy for a real estate investment trust.
Not only are these hard fighting fish considered to be the main target on longer bottom trips, (along with the Mingo Snapper and Grouper, of course) but they are also delicious for those who are interested in catching a few to take home with them.
Nothing brings us greater pleasure than the opportunity to share our passion for the ocean with others.

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