Captain Ben O’Connor was raised in Destin, Florida and has spent his whole life fishing these waters. In 1999 he moved back to Destin and started an insurance and investment business, while continuing to spend 3-4 days a week fishing with his father. He began working on charter boats at the age of 10, cleaning them and working as a second mate.
In 2006 he sold the business and spent 2 years going back and forth to Costa Rica, fishing and visiting his brother.

After high school he attended the University of South Alabama where he earned a degree in information science and remained in Mobile for 10 years after graduation where he worked doing technical support for a software company.
He then worked on a few boats charter and commercial fishing until he joined the Locked Up crew as captain of the “Locked Up” in 2011.
He also enjoys deer and duck hunting and going back to Costa Rica whenever the opportunity arises. He then moved to Atlanta for 4 years where he worked as an IT guy for a real estate investment trust.

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