What's Biting Summer 2015 ?Spanish mackerel and king mackerel are being caught on our 4 hour Gulf Shores fishing charters.
Gulf Shores Fishing for the Family?Come to the Alabama Gulf Coast for some greatGulf Shores fishing and fun. Reel in a great catch and a good time on one of the many fishing charters offered in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Coastal Alabama is known for it’s calm and pristine bays, bayous, rivers and passes to the Gulf of Mexico. Chartering a fishing trip with an inshore fishing guide are great trips for a family, or small groups, to spend the day together fishing the typically calm back waters of the Alabama Gulf Coast. Back Bay Charters offer a very interactive day of fishing with a professional Captain who will personally demonstrate and educate you how to hook and catch one of the abundant fish that make our back bay fishing famous. A Few inshore Captains are also offering the opportunity to also pull a shrimp net, during the recreational shrimp season, for an additional $100. Most inshore trips are private charters, meaning it will just be your party and the Captain aboard. The Alabama Gulf Coast is a top choice destination for corporate events & conferences that gather here throughout the year.
We operate year round with a professional, courteous crew who are extremely diverse in many different aspects within the business. It is really important for us to make sure you have a good experience while on the water, as our reputation depends on it. My crew of deckhands are clean cut, professional young men with captains licenses or they are working towards it.
A 6 hour or the half day is a popular type of trip taken by families on vacation in the local area. This is an excellent way to get the family involved in the outdoors as everyone can fish at one time and multiple hook-ups are common!
If you are more of a seasoned saltwater angler and looking for a little more than a half day trip then these trips are for you.
We target species like Yellow-fin and Black-fin Tuna, Skip jack Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo and many times often see big Sharks. We can also deep drop which is a form of dropping down in 500-1000 feet water to catch species of fish like Yellow edge Grouper, Tile Fish or Scorpion Fish. The boat is proudly booked at the exclusive Orange Beach Marina which is one of the nicest marine yacht basins along the Gulf Coast. Quite simply it will be just you and your party on the boat and we do not add other people to your trip. Fishing for over 50 years off the Alabama Gulf Coast, Gulf Rebel Charter Fishing is a family-owned and operated charter business in Orange Beach, Alabama. We offer a wide range of charter fishing trips for anglers of all ages and experience levels. Alabama Gulf of Mexico fishing charters offer trips to areas abundant with pelagic species, cobia and sharks within a few miles of land.
AAA Charters has access to a fleet of 100+ boats for hire across the Alabama Coast that can accommodate single anglers to large groups of fishers looking to enjoy a day of fishing along our beaches. Trolling fishing charters focus on pelagic species in the waters within the view of the sugar white shores of Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan that are abundant with spanish mackerel, king mackerel, bonita and redfish (red drum).

The world class fishing grounds off our shores are also home to a healthy year round native shark species. Gulf Shores, Alabama offers beautiful white sand, emerald green water and of course some awesome fishing.
Whether this trip is for you, your friends, family or just the two of you, you will find a very friendly environment on our boats. Explore this unique type back bay fishing aboard one of the coastal fleet of 22’-28’ Center Console fishing boats operated by captains who know these waters well. Inshore – Bay Back fishing charters offer a great way to entertain your group during one of our half-day fishing excursions.
This allows us to offer you many angling opportunities with different types of trips to choose from ranging from half day, full day and overnight trips. We have a long history of professionalism that is mixed in with some good old fashioned southern hospitality, that you will enjoy. These excursions are very productive adventures and have always been popular with the kids. Then, everyone grabs a fishing pole and will slowly drop their line down toward the bottom with pieces of cut squid, mackerel or maybe a live bait. One might think that is just for the serious die-hard fishermen but, you would be surprised at the number of kids and and women who participate and absolutely love these trips! We will break up the ride along the way, to chase a variety of bottom-fish species as we ride out the tuna grounds.
We are usually arrive to deepwater rigs just before sundown or just after dark, and we may start trolling at that time.
This is not as easy as it seems and requires a lot patience and specialized electric reels and tackle which we keep on the boat just for this very purpose. This modern facility also offers fine dining with Fishers Restaurants, transient yacht slips and home to some of the finest craftsmen in the marine industry at Saunders Yachtworks. We offer half-day, full-day, and overnight charter trips, and we will gladly build a trip to suit your needs. Whether you want to fish for a few hours or spend a full day fishing off the shores of Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and the Florida Panhandle, we can help you find your ideal fishing charter. When trolling the vessel is moving, pulling a few baited lines behind the boat for the fish below to bite.
You will also appreciate the clean, white, odor-free bathrooms with toilet, sink and shower. First-time fishermen and experienced anglers will receive first class service from our Captains and deckhands. Perdido Pass in Orange Beach is the nearest access to the beautiful waters of the Gulf from downtown Gulf Shores. Targeted Inshore Fish Species can include speckled trout, founder, pompano, sheepshead, whiting, and tripletail; just to name a few. The maximum capacity per boat is 6, but multiple boats can be booked to accommodate larger groups. Arrangements, including food & beverages, can be arrange for all size groups, using multiple inshore fishing boats when necessary. We catch a wide variety of big fish species like Snappers, Groupers, Amberjacks Sharks and other game fish such as Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin, Cobia and Mackerel.

Tyler and crew are humble guys with their pants pulled up, shirt tails tucked in but more importantly they truly love to fish and it really does show. We always troll offshore with the wire line reels for a Wahoo or other pelagic species on the way out. But we have lots of secrets such as trolling with ballyhoo, flying the kite, live baiting, chunking or jigging to help us get the bite. Not every day is it possible to do this but typically if the big game fishing is working out for whatever reason this is a great fall back. Also located on premises is Blue Reef Water Sports for those who areinterested in Para-sailing and jet skis. Trust me, I will make every attempt to reply as quickly as possible even if its from my offshore email or satellite phone. Schedule a charter on either of our fishing boats or our shrimp boat, and have a blast with your group! Near Shore Gulf of Mexico fishing offers a great introduction to deep sea fishing along the Alabama Coast and are available year round.
Once hooked, the battle to reel one of these predators of the gulf can take and hour, or longer, to reel in.  We promote mostly catch and release of these true monsters of the deep. These fishing guides often use live bait and light tackle, allowing anglers the opportunity to experience catching a variety of fighting inshore species that swim and eat in our waters. Come explore the back waters of our historic fishing communities with one of our inshore guides.
I will make every attempt to keep this booking process simple, the fishing fun, yet as entertaining and educational possible while we do our part to be good stewards of the sea. So, you don't have worry about a thing with your clients, family or friends on board as we have take all the worry out of it.
We limit the number of people to only 10 or less to make sure you are comfortable and have lots of room to spread out and not feel cramped. There are lots of options with this much time, so we can adjust to the bite as things or conditions change on the spot where shorter trips can not. Once you step on the boat we are only a short 15 minute cruise to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico where it all begins.
Since these are private fishing charters, your party are the only anglers on the boat, so how you spend the time you have the boat is up to you. Shark fishing can be the primary focus of your trip or can be neat way to add  some variety to your deep sea fishing trips. I check my messages frequently and promise to call you back or answer you with availability as this is the only source of income for me and my crew. If you are with your college or work buddies and want to stop at one of our local waterfront bars to grab a Bloody Mary, your choice. Our Gulf Shores, Orange Beach & Bon Secour back bay charter guides are here to take you out of your ideal day on the water.

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