This page about the most popular fishing charters located in and around Orange Beach, Alabama.
Every detail about the charter fishing guides and boats that we represent, exceeds every expectation of our guests. This is Orange Beach's most popular family friendly fishing charter and is evidenced by reading some of their excellent traveler reviews.
Private Deep Sea Fishing Charters for 7 to 20 passengers is run on the Intimidator Charter Boat and is also docked at the Orange Beach Marina.
Specializing in private 6 hour and 4 hour, Back Bay and Inshore fishing trips in Orange Beach. One of the most popular fishing charters in Orange Beach is the inshore and back bay fishing trip.
The 2011 Fishing Season has been incredible for a few of Orange Beach,Alabama's Charter Fishermen.
Historically, the Cobia migrate from the Atlantic and enter the Gulf of Mexico around Key West and work their way up and around the Florida Panhandle and into Alabama waters the second week in March each year. We believe the Cobia fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama is good because of the salinity change near Lousiana and the fish are searching for water that is more salty. Normally, a short 6 hour fishing charter, fishing boats like the Distraction and the Intimidator, run some two hours offshore before they begin fishing. Reel in a great catch and a good time on one of the many fishing charters offered in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Fishing for over 50 years off the Alabama Gulf Coast, Gulf Rebel Charter Fishing is a family-owned and operated charter business in Orange Beach, Alabama. We offer a wide range of charter fishing trips for anglers of all ages and experience levels. If you are considering a full day charter in Orange Beach, we have a fishing charter boat for you. The big Cobia migration is in full swing and these large fish are moving offshore to settle in on artificial reefs. We will outline your options and help guide you toward a fishing charter or fishing guide that meets your expectations, group size, budget and experience level.
In a time where the deep sea fishing charters appear to be the same, it's our service that sets us apart from the competition. If you have 1 to 6 people in your group and you are wanting to experience a private deep sea fishing charter for your family or group, then this is the ultimate of six passenger charters. The Intimidator is a 65' Custom Sport-fisher and has an inside sitting area that is air conditioned and has private restrooms. After last years BP Oil Spill, nobody on Alabama's gulf coast, including Charter Fishermen really knew what to expect this year.
Cobia fishing is a local captains hay day because it doesn't take a lot of fuel to idle along the coast line catching these fish on their way to Louisiana waters to spawn. This phenomenon is unusual, but is really a blessing in disguise for Alabama Charter Boat Captains' Troy Frady of Distraction Charters and Johnny Greene of Intimidator Sportfishing. The trolling fishing for King Mackerel has not been as good as in recent years, but they are being caught.

We offer half-day, full-day, and overnight charter trips, and we will gladly build a trip to suit your needs. This fish is known to be one of the fastest fish in the ocean and can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. We catch most of these fish while pulling at speeds of 10 knots all the way up to 15 knots.
Even though catching a wahoo is considered big game fishing, there is always a chance to catch them during the months of May and June close to shore. You may continue reading or you may click on the link below that best represents what type of fishing trip you want to experience.
These back bay boats do not have restrooms, but you are only minutes away from land or Orange Beach marinas when fishing. The fears have subsided and there are two Alabama Gulf Coast Charter Boats that are seeing an increase in bookings over any previous years past. This year, we have seen a record number of Cobia on Alabama's Public Reef System during the summer months.
These two professional fishing guides are taking advantage of the Cobia fishing being so good and are able to offer their 6 hour trip anglers a little bit of variety of fish species in addition to the Red Snapper that everyone is used to catching.
Schedule a charter on either of our fishing boats or our shrimp boat, and have a blast with your group! In Orange Beach, Alabama, these pelagic fish spends most of their time swimming in the open ocean in deep water and up near the surface. It takes 30 miles to the southeast before you get to deep water and 50 miles south to find it.
If you are coming fishing anytime after that, you need to plan on taking a full day or overnight fishing charter to have enough time to get in range of these magnificent fish. Click on the fishing charter below and it will take you to the description about that particular type of charter and the services they offer. This charter boat is ideal for offshore fishing for either 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours or over night. These two offshore charter fishing companies are busy as they can be and are catching a record number of Cobia. This is highly unusual and can only be attributed to the massive flood waters from up north, pushing down the Mississippi River and into the Gulf of Mexico.
They are mostly an open ocean fish, but are sometimes found in deep water around structure.
The boat is a big 41' Hatteras Yacht and has a shaded sitting area with air conditioning and a private restroom.
These magnificent fish are usually only caught during the spring migration during March and April each year. If you are wanting to experience a fishing charter that is fun, charter a trip with one of these boats this summer and you will almost certainly be pleased with the results.
A private charter is where you are the only one on the charter boat except for the captain and crew. These boats can carry up to 6 passengers per charter, but they are more comfortable if you have 4 people.

Each of these saltwater fishing guides has a wonderful reputation and are great for families with kids of all ages. If we get a southeast push of blue water toward Orange Beach, you can find these fish anywhere.
The most popular 6 hour private fishing charter in Orange Beach is $1,600 plus tip for 10 passengers and a percentage for each person over that and up to a maximum of 20.
No matter what size they are, they offer a great display of acrobatic jumping and tugging on a fishing line. The Distraction carries a maximum of 6 passengers and the Intimidator carries 7 passengers up to 20, depending on the length of charter taken.
They offer 4 hour or 6 hour trips, but will do longer trips for those who want to go further offshore. The boat stays near the shore and drags lines behind the charter boat until a Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel or a Bonita strikes the line and then you fight and reel him in.
They fish near the jetties, under bridges, under piers, near channels, drop offs, structure or simply drift fish over oyster reefs. So, if you want to experience some top notch saltwater fishing charter in Orange Beach, Fort Morgan or Gulf Shores this summer, you need to get with these guys quickly. The 6 hour fishing charter is where we take you out to deep sea areas and stop the boat over an artificial reef.
When fishing is tough in Orange Beach, these boats may have to move and be picked up from a nearby dock where the fish bite is better. Their goal is to put you on the fish and sometimes, you have to be flexible and move if you want to catch them. This is where everyone holds a pole and drops their bait below the boat waiting for a bite. Inshore fishing usually catches fish like Speckled Trout, Redfish, Pompano, Black Drum, White Trout and Sheepshead.
The 6 hour fishing charter is where they take you out to the deep sea and stop the boat over a reef where fish are found. You normally catch Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper, Amberjack, Vermilion Snapper and many more species. If you would like a private fishing charter and have 1 to 6 passengers, please fill out the private deep sea fishing reservation form on this site and submit it. The 6 hour allows everyone to hold a pole and drop their bait below and wait for a fish to bite.
You normally catch Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper, Amberjack, Red Porgy, Scamp Grouper, Vermilion Snapper and many more species.

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