You are looking at buying an inflatable boat and have been told “Only buy an inflatable boat with hypalon tubes”. Buy reputable and well known brands like AB Inflatables , from reputable dealers who have been around a while and who are able to back up the product.
Gemini Hyperlon Inflatable with fibreglass hull combines with 2010 , 150 HP very quiet and ecomomical Etec Evinrude with 35 hrs this is a very quick inflatable boat .
1996 Robalo 2520 Center Console Houston TX Actual Location: Houston, TXThis is a brand new listing, just on the market this week. 1995 ROBALO 2520 Beaufort SC RELIABLE AND COMFORTABLE FOR OFFSHORE You're looking at a 1995 Robalo 25 Center Console powered by Mercury 225hp offshore. You are at the mercy of cheap nasty imitations, misleading advertising, unscrupulous salesman  and perhaps the biggest danger of all – the salesman who does not know what he is talking about. There are a lot of people out there that have concocted names for PVC and pass them off as hypalon. There are some grades of hypalon that are thin and not good enough.  Many of the hypalon inflatable boats made in Asia  are made from grades of hypalon which are not suitable for inflatable boats.

Please submit all reasonable offers.At POP Yachts, we will always provide you with a TRUE representation of every vessel we market.
When you look the advertised hypalon boat , it is a lot cheaper than the other hypalon inflatable boats that you have looked at .
Pennel et Flipo and Achilles are probably the most reputable producers of hypalon in the world at present. PVC glues are a third of the price of hypalon glue and there are a lot of manufacturers that use PVC glue to cut costs. PVC fittings deteriorate relatively quickly while hypalon (rubber) fittings last a lot longer. Although it has the original engines, they have low hours and are the dependable carburated two stroke type. Is it enough to then decide that the competing inflatable boats are of the same quality and you are correct in your decision  to buy the cheaper inflatable boat. In the case of Pennel, if it is a grade of 820 or better then it is good hypalon for recreational inflatable boats.

If your baffles fail then there is a huge safety issue with potential loss of life.  Make sure that the baffles are made from hypalon.
PVC glue does not bond hypalon as well as proper hypalon glue and furthermore delaminates a lot quicker. There are many inflatable boats out there with hypalon tubes which have PVC fittings falling off the tubes. In the case of Achilles if it is T10 or better then it is good for recreational inflatable boats.

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