1967 Chris-Craft Constellation 1967 CHRIS-CRAFT Constellation, 2 bed rooms, 2 heads, fully equipped galley gen, ac all electronics.
We extend to you a cordial "WELCOME ABOARD !" Come on in, make yourself at home, we are a friendly group of enthusiasts, and we also appreciate the classic Chris Craft Roamer, Corsair, and Lancer boats too , as they are all on the same family tree and share much in common !
We always like to assist a good boat owner getting a good boat to another good boat owner, so not a problem, and thanks for thinking of us here. Here is a 1980 Sidewinder that picked up on the lines and basically copied some of them, as a smaller competitor. Here is the original Avery sketch for the XK-22, which uses the revered 23' Commander (and 23' Lancer) hull.
It was years ahead of the Sea Ray clone, and it actually has a lot of offshore racing technology built into it by direct involvement with Jim Wynne. Your hull has an advantage of added small block V8 power without the added weight of the 427.
Chris Smith told me CC experimented with a deep v boat design and they got it wrong, and the boat would lean over on one side or another and was positively dangerous. The XK-22 features the frontal profile, full deep v design, and critical placement of the lifting strakes that Jim Wynne patented. Very cool boats, and I think their value will increase as collectors and enthusiasts learn more about how special these boats are, and know more about their performance on the water. They aren't taking volunteers for the Alamo any more, and it is getting harder to find cannibals to invite to lunch. Offshore powerboat racing is no delicate art like trying to steer a skittery hydroplane around the smooth surface of a protected lake. The rest of the fleet consisted mostly of standard inboards and outboards that might have come from a showroom window. Note the very last name in this article, Dick Genth, who ran CC in the 1980s and developed the STINGER model line, heavily favoring offshore racing hulls of the day. Richard Bertram (right) receiving the Sam Griffith Memorial Cup trophy as the years Champion Ocean Racer. Hailed as the the worlds most rugged ocean race the fabled Miami-Nassau races brought powerboat racing to the attention of the general public and signaled the beginnings of modern offshore racing. The first Miami-Nassau race, run on May 6, 1956 was the brainchild of American race car promoter Capt.

During the 1950s the Americans had the sport to themselves laying claim to the three major offshore races in existence, the Miami-Nassau, the Around Long Island Marathon and the Miami-Key West.
A year later the Italians added their challenge with the staging of the 198-mile Viareggio-Bastia-Viareggio, which was won by an Italian ex-navy submarine commander, Attilio Petroni, in A Speranziella.
Jim Wynne, Dick Bertram and Don Aronow led the way with the Daytona, Mercuiser and Aeromarine powerplants reigning supreme. On Thursday, Rich Duane and I am driving up to NJ and dropping off some 427 marine parts for Brian Tait, then driving up to Conn. Meanwhile, I am finishing a pictorial on the little dinghy restoration or rennovation that we will hang on the davits of the Sailboat.
PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE AD CAREFULLY AN ADDITIONAL $299.00 (document handling fee) is added to the final bid price.
Electronics & Navigation : Ritchie compass, Engine sync, Stereo, Depth sounder, Fish finder, Speedometer, 2-Tach, Temp, Volt, Oil gauges, Vapor detector, Fireboy halon, Windshield wipers, Spotlight, Horn. AccommodationsThe 410 Express Cruiser exhibits the aesthetically pleasing lines of all Sea Ray boats.
So what does a man do when he's bored and restless (and maybe a little masochistic) and has $50,000 or so to spend?
It is simple, straightforward stuff: slamming headlong through the open ocean in anything from a souped-up outboard to a PT boatuntil your ribs rattle and your face is white with salt.
Lewis, alas, was unable to compete in the 172-mile race himself because he had four broken ribs, three cracked ribs and a gash on his skullmementos of the Houston Channel Derby two weeks before.
Aboard Thunderbird, bearded Jim Wynne was having his problemshis engines cut out three times when waves tossed the boat clear out of water. He was regarded as the man and before his untimely death in 1963 he would win four Miami-Nassau races, break Gar Woods 41-year-old Miami-New York powerboat record and capture the Around Long Island Marathon.
Over the next thirty years an enduring struggle ensued between the three founding nations for racing supremacy. Call Boat Angel (602) 903-4449 Welcome to a Boat Angel listing, the boat listed below has been donated to our charity boatangel org; the donor has provided us information and recent photographs.
CoDriver Walt Walters was knocked un conscious when a wave broke across the boatbut Wynne grimly kept going.
Of the eleven intrepid pioneers who entered this now famous 184-mile race, eight went the distance to complete the race.

Many have since sought to emulate his skills and when Class 1 came of age with a sanctioned World Drivers Championship it was his name that was selected to adorn the trophy that is today the sports biggest prize. Publisher Sir Max Aitken, inspired by the Miami-Nassau, established the Cowes-Torquay on August 19, 1961, with victory in the inaugural 179-mile race going to Tommy Sopwith in Thunderbolt. All statements below were provided by the donor and are under no guarantee unless otherwise stated. It includes 350FLV Chris Craft Motor, Thru Hull Exhaust, Continental Tandem axle Trailer, Cockpit Cover, with just 266 hours! An out-board-engine dealer from Miami Beach, Langer had borrowed a Fiberglas mold, poured himself a hull, tacked two ordinary 90-h.p. But away they went anyhow, 31 boats roaring out of Biscayne Bay into the heaving Gulf Stream.
Tin Fish by the Coast Guard (at week's end the empty boat was still floating somewhere in the Gulf Stream). The first boat home after nine hours 20 minutes, at an average speed of 19.7mph, was the Griffith-Bertram entry, Doodles II, a 34ft wooden Chris Craft with two 215hp Cadillac Crusader engines. Anyway, for anyone interested I'd bet it comes with that trailer since it's custom to the hull. Within minutes, last year's Griffith winner, Bill Wishnick, was back at the dock: his co-driver Allen Brown had smashed both ankles on the jolting deck of their 28-ft. That was enough to make it the prerace favorite, but there was no shortage of high-velocity competition. Miami Boatbuilder Dick Bertram was at the helm of his diesel-powered Brave Moppie, the 1965 world champion.
But Dick Bertram, who had lost $65,000 worth of boat and very nearly his life, could hardly wait to do it all over again.
That gave second place to Charles Gardner in Surfurybut with true British sportsmanship, he hove to, hauled Bertram and his two-man crew aboard, and abandoned the race to ferry them back to Miami. British hopes were pinned on Surfury, a molded plywood 36-footer with twin supercharged engines that generated 525 h.p.

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