There are beautiful yachts around, but few have the charm and the potential of the classic schooner yacht Ceceline. She is only 40’ on deck, but she sports the lines of one of the large classic racing schooners that adorned the seas in the early twentieth century and made seamen dream of far away worlds. Francis Herreshoff’s classic H-28 design, shipyard modified to 29 ?’ with increased length, beam, and freeboard, as well as a bowsprit and a doghouse.

Further to her extraordinarily beautiful lines, she is unique in that she is one of the last boats built of kauri wood in New Zealand. He drew her lines in 1931, although the boat was started to be built some years later, in 1946, and was finished in 1953. She was originally rigged as a racing cutter with a large sail area, then transformed into a more manageable schooner rig.

If you want to own a handy classic sailing yacht, easy to maintain and distinctive and fast on a racecourse, Ceceline is the boat for you.

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