Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE This is a 1955 12a€™ Aristo Craft Typhoon, (Not a reproduction) It is very solid has varnished top and new bottom paint. In production from 1962 to 1996, she is a luxury runabout with a cuddy cabin, head, and the most luxurious sunken sunpad ver offered on a production boat over a generous engine room on a classic wood hull that conquered the Mediterranean.
She was carvel planked for the earliest boats and then a special, patented, curved plywood was used for the sides to get that “I can’t seen the plank seams look” of a Riva Aquarama. Roberto Franzoni authored a great boat about Riva; the family, the shipyard, and the boats as well as the yachts. She is a classic v-drive (some say vee drive) inboard with one bigger center cockpit wood runabout.
This built from scratch 29” long boat is modeled from a privately owned version of a real boat and is shown here for its outstanding workmanship and attention to detail. One interesting fact to seabuddy is that the full-size runabout’s windshield was from the rear window glass used in a car.
One thing to note, the photos here do not show the colors as well as an in person review will. Chris Craft boats made this one in its similar series of 30 foot wood cabin cruisers from 1963-1968 which they named as a Constellation model. Carlo then said that his stainless steel metal came from Sweden, his windshield glass from Belgium, the wood screws from England, the boats various textiles from Italy, and his boat’s engines from the United States. Interestingly, a twin engine wood Riva boat took 36 days to make while a single screw inboard Riva took only half as long at that time.
He and his customers preferred, based on purchase patterns, Chevy engines five to one over the 290 Horsepower 413 Chrysler engines. The Century Boat Company’s Coronado was a smash hit when it entered the luxury runabout marketplace in the 1950s and into the 1960s. Cushioned seating inside the cockpit would let you take 8 or 9 friends for a ride around the lake – that was often the feature that sold this boat.
I mentioned earlier the one Coronado was configured with a Rolls Royce engine—seabuddy remembers seeing one at the NY Boat show when I was in my teens.  In those days you just had to walk into a boat show and ask to see the most luxurious boat on the floor, and you’d be pointed directly to the Century Coronado display. The dash board of this Classic Owens outboard was saved by George Hazzard and his crew as much of it can be cleaned, stripped, stained, and finished with many coats of varnish. The steering wheel and its assembly are to get their own separate attention for a proper total classic boat restoration.
The bottom shape was changed from the prototype model for all boats, starting with boat 34. Aquarama Riva model boats came in several hull lengths from 26’ 3’, 27’, 27’ 3”, 27’ 7”, and 27’ 9” but are routinely called as around 28 feet long or almost 29 feet in Length over all (LOA). Riva covers the wood boat era of Riva including the Aquarama, which is to be the featured marque at the Lake Tahoe Antique and Classic Boat Society show this year. Some say that until Carlo Riva, a runabout was called a “Chris Craft” like when cellophane tape was called “Scotch Tape” by many. The boat, the ride, the service, the fellow boat owners all were perceived as the simply the best in the world. Stauter-Built boats is a classic wood boat that often has used the same design as they have for many years. She is intended for the waters around Dauphin Island in the Gulf of Mexico, which is roughly 40 miles south of Mobile, AL. Miss Canada II, the Gold Cup class race boat, was designed by Hacker for the Wilsons, at their request. The following racing season, the Greavette boat, Miller engine, and the racing Wilsons did get some competition laps in, but did not win a race as pieces of the boat interior broke up, and the boat, while fast, was found to be too lightly built to stay together long enough finish a race. After more work over the following winter on both the engine and boat, she started her 3rd racing season.
Incorporating flowing curves, rich varnished mahogany and chromed deck jewels, this sport fiberglass hull and wood deck boat resembles the classic Chris-Craft and Riva of yesteryear. The incredibly strong and light weight infused fiberglass hull is bonded to a hand laid mahogany deck, interior, and veneered transom, surrounding the captain and up to four passengers with brilliant varnished wood.
Cruising inland waterways, playing on the lake, and shuttling guests from yacht to shore, the Callinectes 16 is a delight for the captain as well as onlookers. A new Bertram 31 built in Italy, at first, is the news for the re-opening of this valued brand. The new business owner is a boater and has a proven track record of investing in boat building and storied brand names in the marine industry. The second model to be made is currently scheduled to be either the 25 or the 28 foot hull sizes.
Seabuddy spent a fair amount of time aboard a Bertram 28 just off the Pacific ocean California coast. Quick facts- there are some heavy hitters in the boat business in bring this boat to market.
Here is a quote…The AM37 combines the highest degree of technology and innovation in a genuinely unique manner that is sure to delight those who understand the Aston Martin credo of ‘power, beauty and soul’. Aston Martin is a 103 year old car company that won Le Mans outright with Carroll Shelby in 1959. They are a small car company, but they have $312 million in new funds to expand from investors.
The AM37 will be made in the UK is seabuddy’s current understanding, but not inside the Aston Martin Gaydon, Warwickshire UK headquarters.
The 1960 film It Started in Naples with Clark Gable seems to bring out another side of her acting skill while still being unsophisticated and lovable.
Laminated (or plywood) hull sides were then used for the balance of the production run of these boats. There at least four minor hull side, bottom shapes and length changes over the years of the boat’s production run. A great book on the company’s history, the boat models, and boat owners of Riva Boats is Riva by Roberto Franzoni. Got a wooden boat owner in the family and stuck on finding a different but memorable Christmas gift? A six brush Epifanes Brush Keeper metal box is the correct way and professional way to store valuable varnish brushes. No one who gets one of these Brush Boxes for their fine varnish work will ever forget this thoughtful gift. This runabout is so very much original and, in addition, it holds a special place in history that she is a major marker in Riva Boats history in the USA. She is a classic wood straight shaft inboard runabout with its engine in the center of the cockpit.
This 15th built boat represents the Riva Junior model line that was made from 1966 to 1972.
Using all of her 7,200 horsepower, Monokini  is a fast mega-yacht with her top is 34.5 MPH. Wood Rivas seem to seabuddy to reflect Italian passion, smart boat building, and a vision about what a good boat should be.
In one of my articles on Riva wood boats, I posted some photos and that started our current discussion. Some boat model name choices are Tritone, Ariston, Super Ariston, Aquarama, Super Aquarama, and Long Super Aquarama. I went to print with my model name thoughts in the link I have put into this posting, but I now I believe my I.D.
An Ariston and the Super Ariston are the single engine style of the Riva Aquarama classic wood boat.
Windshield glass, screws, the metal for the boat’s hardware, and much of the material used in the seating was out sourced from other counties.

A great book on the history, boats, and boat owners of Riva Boats is Riva by Roberto Franzoni.
A model wooden sauceboat Boat builders resouce with free plans and blueprints to stimulate model boats.
Hi this is the plywood gravy boat that I atomic number 95 building from amp classic contrive away the American Italian travel rapidly boats the sports cars of the sea such as the classic wooden.
Can do it yourself builders genuinely gain from premium wood cast off plans Read this relinquish tutorial to get word how I produce professional results every I consider myself a wood throw off plans.
This entry was tagged classic wooden boat plans australia, classic wooden boat plans review, classic wooden boat plans uk, classic wooden runabout boat plans. Or Ted Kennedy (and friend) photographed with his swim suit down around his ankles before he got past middle age. This classic is a twin engine boat that had a speed “approaching 55 mph or 90 kmh” according to the sales information.
His book called Riva was published in Italy in 1986 and is an out-of-print collector type book. John Into, a boat modeler for 50 years and a published author on boat modeling, even discussed this boat model with the real boat’s naval architect, a designer named Robert Rioux, who designed all of the Century Boat Company’s boat models at the time this boat was conceived. Let me tell you, Into got those color shades right as a match to the real boat he was modeling. Constellation is a storied Chris Craft model name first used in the 1954 model year as the name for the 53’ flagship model of the Chris Craft cruiser fleet.
The various members of the Smith family had sold their holdings in the family business on February 7, 1960. In that interview, he related how he used nine coats of varnish; four sprayed, and five brushed on and hand rubbed. It was recognized for its groundbreaking styling that combined automotive accents from nearby Detroit along with a roomy cockpit.
All Coronados had basically the same length (21’- 22’) and width (approximately 8’ on the beam). Those sections that are still good pieces will be the beginning of defining a runabout deck, side rails, motor well, and cockpit for this Owens wooden boat restoration. Wooden Boat Restoration, LLC has a very complete paint booth on site to best achieve that high level of finish that makes for a boat that fellow boaters look at with admiration. I have seen George’s work on these types of somewhat side issues and must say that his inventiveness and attention to detail is outstanding.
By hull #178, built around 1967, the bottom shape was changed again to give a better ride at cruising speeds. Figure on from about 370 total horsepower on the low side to most having about 640 total Horsepower with one boat showing as having 800 combined horsepower.
Brigitte Bardot is shown behind the wheel of one of the several Riva runabouts that she owned. She maybe a classic in design, but it is too new in its date of manufacture to be an antique boat. The next summer, it was found out that the boat strengthening work done by the boat builder had changed the handling balance of Miss Canada II and she was deemed too hard to handle to win races and allow her driver and mechanic to stay alive while doing so. Powered by a high-output low displacement turbo-charged engine coupled to a jet drive, the Callinectes 16 Tender offers a powerful and elegant ride that combines extra safety features with high fuel efficiency and low emissions. The 25’ boat was made in Italy before by Riva (with some Riva styling touches) in the 1970s. The investors and management want to company to expand, particularly with its influence with women.
Mercedes may have Aston Martin make their very limited production Mayback models, as it is believed that Aston is better suited for limited production, than a big company like M B.. Currently the thought is to power the gas engine closed deck sport cuddy cabin boats for a 60 MPH WOT top speed and the Diesels for a 50 MPH top speed. These sheets were different from what was being used by higher volume (and lower priced) production boat builders.
They then seasoned all of that lumber that went into the boats themselves, and then  they decided when it was ready for boat building.
That is an approximant 50% increase in sales price for that model Ferrari since another one sold roughly six months ago.
Your rarest model Chris Craft (they made 4 of this one over the two years of 1929 and 1930) for $250,000? Rumor has it that Bob Bondurant sold his Cobra Daytona coupe to fund the start of his high performance driving school. Made by Riva in Italy, she was displayed in the New York Riva Showroom to example the luxury of Riva boats to all of the tourists that visit Manhattan. Other interior parts that needed freshening were replaced with what is properly titled “New, Old Stock” pieces. This 44-meter yacht uses an aluminum hull and deckhouse with all of her naval architecture and engineering done in-house by Baglietto. The first two memorable boats were the 1906 boat for Pope Leo XIII at 74’ in length (Giuseppina), and the 44’ motorboat for Giacomo Pucini, the composer of Madame Butterfly, in 1911 (Cio—Cio-San). The powerboat competition hull shape was developed into an effective anti-submarine naval craft. First they built planked wooden yachts and then they switched to marine plywood constructed wood yachts, much the same path as fellow Italian boat builder Riva followed. These are some additional Riva boat photo images taken by me on the same day of the same boat. These are single and twin engine boat models and perhaps the first point would be to decide if this classic has one or two engines.
She is unusal in that she has hatches on her aft deck, not the main stream for this model, sun lounge pad that Ted Kennedy once made infamous. These runabout boats are considered the top classic mahogany, cedar, and oak wood boats that used only the best wood, hardware, glass, and marine parts from Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Belgium and other countries to give a wooden boat owner simply the best product that the Riva Factory could build.
They seasoned that lumber that went into the boats themselves; they decided when it was ready for boat building, where on the boat it had its best use, and how it was to be used with screws, glue, and then finished. With the to a higher place advice in listen the sites listed below in no particular order leave be a honorable starting point when look for plans online Graeco-Roman Wooden Boat. And the II most important things I consider when buying DIY shed plans are blank space provision and shed At this poi. This boat number 774 was presented as the last Riva wood Aquarama Special as sold by Cantieri Riva as they made their final step in boat building into fiberglass boats from wood hulls.
She is powered by her original big block 454 Chevy engines made to Riva specs by Crusader engines in the USA.
The original owners and sellers of this boat at this $975,000 sale price, the founding family of Sony Electronics, said it came with full documentation paperwork to support the boat’s history. This boat that was modeled by John was a wood classic utility runabout, it is one of the last wood ones, as Century Boat Co.
If you like his work and want to better understand boat modeling for yourself, ask him to autograph a copy of his book for your home boating library. The sales price of the company was about one year’s sales volume and roughly 16 times the profit.
This and other 30 footers were somewhat re-styled over the years that they were in production and had good sales success. He went on to say that all Riva wood boats were tested in the water for at least sixty hours before it was sold. The 1959 model seems to have been the biggest at the deck line, but was built on the same hull bottom used in the other years. The first three wood boats were carvel planked, but then laminated hull sides were used from all the hulls from then on.

By 1969, the hull shape above the waterline, the stem, and a different bow cap were instituted. All the boats are twin engine boats and feature wood framing as well as planking of the hull and deck of these classics. The book also covers the Ariston and Super Ariston and why they are different from each other. His boats were the ones to successfully challenge “Chris Craft” as the boat to lust after when the most “carefree” era came forth to the world. Peter Sellers is shown behind the helm of a Riva and Leslie Caron was photographed peaking out from inside a Riva bow cuddy cabin.
The photos show the loving attention to keeping an old boat, a good, useful boat that is an antique and classic boat show standout.
She offers a powerful and elegant ride that combines extra safety features with high fuel efficiency and low emissions.
He is quoted as saying “You can trust that I will treat Bertram with great, great, great respect — the same as I’m doing with Baglietto.” Note, he owns other businesses and the boating companies seem to be something he wants to get deeply involved with. While she won a Best Actress Oscar for her role in the movie Two Women in 1962, seabuddy remembers her first for being in Houseboat with Cary Grant in 1958.
Others are Arabesque with Gregory Peck, El Cid with Charlton Heston, The Fall Of The Roman Empire with Stephen Boyd, Christopher Plummer, an Alec Guiness, and  Man Of La Mancha with Peter O’ Toole.. A limited production boat that stands close up inspection as one would do with a custom boat. Clean each brush with mineral spirits, clip their handles into the holding plate and lower the brushes into a bath of diesel or kerosene for long term storage.
Seabuddy has seen and heard her run and she quietly fills my expectations for Riva luxury in a fast sport boat. The unique cockpit sun bed takes one’s mind off mundane things and off to dreaming about lovely Italian women, Champaign, and some decadent Pate.
She has had two owners in her history and shows rather low hours for 50 plus year old boat. Look for more info and photos from this RIVA book… and seabuddy thanks them for their photos. Plus, here is a link back to the other write-up and pictures of the same Classic Wood Riva Boat taken the same day as these were.
Almost all of a boat was sprayed several time and then hand brushed several more times to a high gloss polished varnish bright finish.
WoodenBoat clip for wooden gravy holder owners and builders direction college woodwork bookcase on materials invention and construction techniques and repair solutions. New a€“ windshield, floorboards, vinyl seat back, repainted steering wheel with new bronze steering cables. The other LOA differences are accounted by increased rake at the stem and transom and a little sheerline adjustment to provide more headroom inside the cuddy in later models. They were building about 8,000 boats then with their 3,500 employees.  At the time of the sale, the first non-family person became responsible to run the Chris Craft boat building business. Miss Taylor was married eight times (twice to Richard Burton), suffered from over 70 illnesses. These laminated boat construction pieces proved to make for a better looking boat, especially as the classic boat ages. While it has copy in English the text is international as other languages are also included. They are light and easy to power as they use a shallow draft, almost flat bottom hull design to get performance from low horsepower outboards. BTW, the Riva Windshield is outstanding with the lines of this Bertram model, as is all of their hardware on the Bertram boat that they built in this length. The fly bridge was not to my taste based on its seating and how the skipper had to handle to the controls. And that sheet of plywood was molded off the boat to the same sweep as the designed hull’s curve. Almost all of a boat was sprayed several times and then hand brushed several more times to a high gloss polished varnish finish.
Riva sold examples of these 18.5 ‘boats to Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Seller, and Bridget Bardot.
Some interior boards were called out on every model for a paint finish, however, and lesser quality wood was used there. Axerophthol site consecrate amateur boat building with an on line catalog of boat plans and kits bulletin board contrive registry builder photos news program letters how to pages. You can see from the Mecum Auction supplied photos that the boat was properly stored, serviced, and maintained over her lifetime. Most Antique and Classic Boat Society boat owners like to be reviewed or judged by experts against a very exacting set of standards. It is a Vee shaped bow to cut through the chop coupled with a fairly flat deadrise across the transom boat design.
The engine never did run at Greavette and it and the race boat were shipped off to Lake George, NY, which was the race site. They seemed to be misplaced in relation to the seating bases and not enough room for my guests. If he had just waxed that car, rather working daily at showing movie stars and rich folks how to drive fast and safe in the hot Arizona sun for all these years, HE WOULD HAVE MORE MONEY.
Think about areas like the seat frames, under the bow, side, and aft decks for a painted finish. Greco-Roman wooden sauceboat plans is angstrom growing solicitation of established plans that are prepare to beryllium printed and and then laid out for full size building. The Shah of Iran had his Riva air freighted to his local waters from the factory in the Lake country of Northern Italy.. For that and other reasons, this classic outboard powered runabout needs to be restored to the highest level of fit and finish.
Heads of State, royal families, Saudi Kings and others also are shown in their connection with Riva.
These boats were sold world-wide and seabuddy understands that one size had a multi-year run of something like 43 units. And I do not have the coin in my jeans for a top shelf boat that is a classic wood Riva power boat. Then the raised toe rail at the outside edge of the foredeck and the presence of a siren are clues. Hacker Craft designs custom made-to-order wooden boat designs Sport Runabouts and Racers Runabouts Dolphins definitive Family Edition Sterling Sportabout.
The Riva Aquarama  and Riva Super Aquamara captured the LUST of boaters and landlubbers alike. The keel, chines, frames, stringers, ribs, and planking were made of oak, fir, and Philippine Mahogany. After repairs, the engine did work for three laps at a later in the season race, before it broke again. Thus, that year’s racing season went  past without Miss Canada II ever finishing any race, let alone winning a race.
A limited production boat that stands close inspect up to the standard of a custom boat is a show stopper.

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