The inner and outer skin are attached by the foam, but also by a huge number of beams, formed by the edges of the strip. Location: Belgium Thanks for the clarification, although Herman's description got me to understand what you meant. 2B our building kits do not need those correcting possibilities because our mathematical input in a computer gives the building frames shape a precision unheard from any other design program. 7B hollow ribs, being of light gauge, are only spacers between outer skin and inner skin making it a true honeycomb with its tremendous strength. Location: The Netherlands some comments When you want to build a 20' boat as a practice for the real stuff for the 45 footer, choose a building method and materials which you will also use for the 45' project. Foam core is a very difficult material to do a good job with, and errors are usually not obvious until the sudden failure. Once I was a woodworker and I've never thought there would be a time I would say: foam is much easier to work with.
Only downside of foam I see is the high cost, being the most expensive part of the hull structure.
Water and a hollow hull structure (with honeycomb or comparable materials) seems not a good combination to me. Location: Belgium Thanks for the valuable feedback everyone, it is highly appreciated. I am now at a point in time where I will have to start costing out the smaller boat project to have an idea what I am up against.
Main requirements that I would like to do foam cored version of the boat, and to infuse as many parts as possible, including the hull.
I already have a good candidate supplier for most of the foam, epoxy and building equipment.
Location: Belgium One more question, will it be easier to infuse a round hull than a chined hull? I would not be surprised if additional consideration for the chines in the infusion strategy is needed. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Digitally designed and cut, preformed and preinfused stringers and bulkheads reduce boat weight, labor and cycle time and improve boatbuilder process control. Fig 4b: Gurit customer Stimson Yachts estimates that Hi-Panel structures cut overall construction time by 50 percent on this 56-ft performance cruiser, the Alcedo.
Boatbuilders who survived the recession-driven 80 percent drop in new boat sales face a much more competitive market. The Farr 400 opens a new frontier in Grand Prix sail racing, with greater precision at lower cost.
Location: Canada replacing stringers I'm fairly new to boating, I don't know the slang and proper words of most things I'll be talking about here, so bare with me and educate me when needed.
I got some 2X4 that have been sitting in the basement for over a year so it's safe to say they are dry. I'm on a tight budget, but I still want to make sure I don't sink first time I take her back to the lake. I have no idea how to change the rotten wood in the transom because it's got that pit right in front of it.
Location: north Markham I just finished coreing my wifes ski boat, transom and stringers with nidacore. Location: Coastal Georgia [quote]Sportfishermen in the East Coast have been built with cored bottoms for more than thirty years. Location: north of pompano hmmmmmmmm rough weather, continuous use, 30 knots. Consider this: On an electronic fuel injection system, many sensors feed in to the engine computer, which then runs and algorithm, and adjusts many actuators. I have had two of the best EFI mechanics on the West Coast working on my engines, and they cannot isolate the problem after nearly $10,000 of diagnostic work. Location: north Markham Unless your running points, your ignition uses a small computer to run it.
I am completely rebuilding a 30' condor cc and am interested in useing Nidacor and am looking for the best way to do it. Location: NEW YORK Jim, I want to use Nidacore in a 24 foot center console.
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Solar Powered Boat Hull Hi, I'm new to this forum, but figured there was no where better to get help in building a boat than a boat forum.

Composites One is a major supplier to most of the boatbuilding companies in the country, and they can also give you the technical advise that you will need. Do you have any suggestions for the best core material for our application that is easy to work with? Location: spain Foam is nice stuff, but expensive and tricky to use for beginners.
In the front you might experience some difficulties to plank without heat bending, but consider changing the direction of the planks there. Strongplank was made in a quite cumbersome manner, weaving fibers around the core, then manually impregnating them, clamping them in moulds, then sand after cure. We previously introduced the option of a ?homo-medium honeycomb? skin where the core is a honeycomb of pre-manufactured GRP ribs and channels and attached with GRP tabbing to the inside of the outer skin. My only concern is that you do not see the difference between valuable information and non-essential talking. This precision allows us to make the moulds for the hollow ribs, before producing the boat.
If you need a length of say 9 mtr the other three mtr is waste because it is bad engineering practice to join pieces like one can do with a wooden plank. Its cross-sectional polar moment of inertia prevents it following the ever-changing direction of the skin. However, he used lots of hours routing the foam, and filling it triangular, to ensure a vacuum tight connection between the foam sheets. Be aware there is a lot of talk about bad quality foam boats, but these are production boats with all kinds of manufacturer failures.
However I am still looking for a good supplier for fitting out equipment (mast, sails mainly). 2b: Compsys also produces more than 30 different types of stock, generic shapes using dies (this photo and the next one).
5a: Gurit’s Hi-Panel system was used for the Marc DeBorde-built 78-ft catamaran, IETA (also see next photo). With less expendable income and less ready to part with it, boat-buying customers are looking for deals but aren’t willing to deal away boat quality or performance. I once did a sea trial in a hurricane, wood core, old striker mold with a pair of International diesels.
Augustine, FL, USA Go to Composites One who are a major composites distributor. Augustine, FL, USA I prefer Core-Cell (SP Systems--Gurit) because is has good properties and comes in a variety of forms.
Augustine, FL, USA Call one of their sales offices closest to you and start asking questions about price. I have no idea of the skills present in your project group, but perhaps it is an idea to invite someone experienced to have him show his skills.
If you plank your way from the deck up to the keel, in narrow strips (the width dependant on the curve it needs to make) then you probably do not need to heat bend. The incidences of water getting into a foam core, leaving the hull a total write-off, are numerous. When the resin front is parallel to the chines this is not much of a problem, but in the other direction unexpected surprises can occur. If the boatbuilder integrates many of these pieces into a one-piece structural grid (shown above, in red), it is possible to reduce the large number of parts that need subsequent assembly to five. The cutting systems’ software and onboard inkjet printer labels each cut piece with location and assembly data that will assist the customer’s technicians in assembly and joinery (also see next image). Construction benefits included topsides built in only three pieces (vastly reducing the number of joints) and a main structure assembled in mere weeks. Advancements in digitized process control and machining have reduced boatbuilding costs from design and development to part fabrication. Wherever there is a fitting or an opening that is going to have a bolt through it I use a waterproof filler around the opening.
I am just a little confused by some of the sites I have seen, like about sheets and rolls and resins. Those figures mean that the GRP legs are 16X + stronger with only 0.6x the weight of (solid) foam. Outsourced prefabricated composite grid structures (inset photo, shown in miniature) are an intermediate approach that represents a significant step forward from traditional plywood stringers. But the benefits of such technology, as the recession approached, were largely limited to boatbuilding enterprises that could afford the upfront investment in the computer-driven technologies. This will help with compression.I will finish off with four layers of 1810 glass to tab the stringers in and cover the transom.

If anyone knows any vendor closer to Rochester, NY that'd be best since it would decrease the cost of shipping. I'm sure I could try to talk some companies down in price a little for sponsorship recognition. I ran into a boatbuilder who used nida on offshore boats in the Bahamas and he swears by it. Where the mounting bolts go through, I ream out the core and use a waterproof filler, than I lay the glass on top. But it's also very easy to make any of a few dozen major design, procurement and construction errors that leave the boat worthless in fifteen years, and the knowledge of what works and what doesn't is not generally shared, lest a manufacturer or supplier end up in trouble as a resuly. But a majority, builders of 20- to 40-ft production powerboats, have often lacked the financial or technical resources to chart a digital course. If the idea appeals to you, we can, under certain pre-conditions disclose the manufacturing procedure of those hollow ribs for your (designed by us) 45 ft yacht. In response, boatbuilding suppliers have taken on some of the digitally driven manufacturing tasks. Is the ply put on a form or molds and then glassed both sides before structure is installed or is the structure glassed over also on the inside? To try the system we can supply you with a flat pack kit of our 30 ft fast cruiser, which will be equipped with hollow ribs.
But after years of testing and development, the techniques necessary to do a good job with epoxy-saturated plywood are now well known. I do not try my inventions on a small scale because luck was always with me but understand people for not trusting a piece of paper.
We will (in good time) ?teach? you how to make a complete GRP skin smooth and without hassles but leave it for now.
Other options include intersecting hollow or foam-filled hat sections or a unitized molded grillage. The enclosed attachment do show the main parts but for clarity we omitted the details of stuffing the gaps afterwards with PU foam and ?glassing the whole inside over. Although each piece can be built separately and then joined in the hull, this is time and labor intensive, especially when the grid is pieced together following hull lamination and cure. 1).Ideally, the boatbuilder builds the hull and the grid in parallel and then quickly mates them with adhesives. Although this vastly reduces the build time, designing and building tools that will yield grid components that can be mated exactly with the hull contours requires much expertise and significant effort. Supplier prefabrication, then, provides an intermediate approach as a manufacturer moves forward from traditional plywood stringers and bulkheads.
Thirteen years ago the company began helping its customers by precutting polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam core to shape and kitting it for customers’ stringer production. Stringer and bulkheads shapes are routed out of preinfused panels, using a large flatbed CNC system from machine builder Multicam Inc.
Its process is digital from start to finish and, therefore, reportedly maintains a very high level of control and quality. The finished preforms are production ready, and the foam ensures they will not fill with resin during closed molding. They were used in traditional laminates designed for hulls and simply moved over and applied to the structural grid. When a stringer system is reengineered to better distribute stress, he explains, the builder can go with a thinner and, therefore, lighter hull structure. Additionally, the entire assembly and installation process was outlined and explained in the manual Gurit developed and sends with each outgoing shipment of Hi-Panel structures. 5.) Deborde also cites low setup costs, ease of storing the panels prior to use and having everything thought out and organized at the beginning of the project. Each year the structural grid engineers at supplier prefab facilities experience an increasingly greater range of design challenges on many different boat designs and sizes. The cost of boating will define the industry in the coming decade, and the overriding question will be how to increase the fuel efficiency of boats without sacrificing performance. Those who have mastered the arts of digitally driven design and construction will provide the answer.

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