Location: Australia Hi benny 333,and a big welcome from Australia,have a look at the schionning website in Australia they do a good powercat just like you describe.
Just be cautious, I have heard that a lot of the boat yards up there don't have experience in this style of lightweight construction, so do your homework.Again only what I've heard. The Professional BoatBuilder is on-line and you would gain a great deal of knowledge for your project and whether the craft will need CE certification for importing to Euro waters.

When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I'm doing a powercat out of a timber called KIRI, similar to balsa but does'nt rot, similar to western red cedar but lighter. We are in NZ and are in the prossess of building 30' displacement cats that do about 20 knots with twin 60hp fourstroke honda outboards.

Also a lot of the fiberglass and resins in Aus these days seem to have originated in China, could be a great dollar saving for you.

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