Crandall Office wants to sell furniture that once filled Steelcase's six-floor pyramid by end of October.
GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Furnishings from Steelcase's iconic pyramid are being sold on Craigslist.
Prices range from $35 for stools to $450 for Airtouch adjustable tables that retail new for $1,400.

Crandall Office purchased the furnishings left behind when the office furniture giant moved out of the six-story building now up for sale for a clearance price as well. The sale started last month, and Crandall hopes to liquidate the inventory before the end of October because he needs to vacate his leased warehouse space by then. While he would rather sell by the truckload, he opening the sale up to those who might want to purchase a few individual pieces.

Steelcase gave its employees the first opportunity to buy the furniture before selling it to a liquidator, he said.

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