Winter is the perfect time to restore that old classic or have your vinyl seat repairs done!
This image is featured as part of the article 2012 Motor Boat of the Year Winners announced. Stanley Commercial Boats are used for Fire, Rescue, Patrol, and Environmental Services of Provinces, Municipalities, States, and Governments. 24' to 50' - Drop down bow gate, shallow draft, lightweight, high speed planning vessel, will provide the most economical means of cargo transportation.
23' to 36'' - Front line all season, through rain swept mornings, unruly seas, and fall sleet storms, this special, tough, durable vessel will get you to your destination. 19' 21' 23' - Designed for both pleasure and sport, with wide beam, deep sides, self draining floors, plenty of seating capacity, a practical boat built for life. 16' 18' - Innovative, lightweight, strong, whether it be for pleasure or utility use, this boat has provided its owners with outstanding years of service.
18' 20' - Fish, hunt or trap a tough multi purpose, no-nonsense boat with retractable 9' loading ramps.
We add reinforcement to the windsheild and all other sharp areas of the boat that may rub against the cover. While some people still use standard painting that is not only rather costly, but also takes days to be applied, SpeedGraphics suggests you to take advantage of our custom boat vinyl graphics and lettering that create an impression of true airbrushing art work, however can be applied in a matter of a few minutes without costing you a fortune.

Indeed, our extensive line of custom marine graphics and lettering is designed for boat owners and any other marine fans, who want to ensure a unique look without high expenses and wasting much time required for usual painting tasks. All our related graphics are produced on the top-notch quality vinyl and using the most cutting-edge printing technologies. If you need a completely unique design or have any specific requests, there is nothing easier - simply submit a free quote on our website and get your graphics designed in the way you want. No doubt, with SpeedGraphics creative, refined marine vinyl graphics and lettering you can add that special touch to your boat allowing it to be always noticeable. Custom Built Fishing Boats, by definition, are built to a particular specification, and initially that specification was created by Robbie, David and Gunner Gause, as the boat was being built for their own use. Gause Built Custom Boats was established and production of a 26 foot custom fishing boat designed to float and run in less than a foot of water was begun. Over a decade ago, Gause Built Boats created one of the most innovative fishing boats available, …at the time.
We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations.
Today, we are ready to offer you thousands of highly customizable designs so that you can play with size, shape and color variations or combine several designs to make your boat graphics unique and eye-catching. They are very easy to apply, leave no background and have excellent water resistance qualities, so that you can enjoy your custom boat graphics for many coming years.

Here, at SpeedGraphics, we also provide installation services - you will only have to choose whether you deliver your boat to us or our specialists will travel to you.
Soon after they had completed that first boat they discovered that there were other anglers interested in owning a boat like this, and a decision was made to meet that demand.
The boat was built with a tower, for better fishing visibility, a hull shape designed to promote a smooth, dry ride, a bait well integrated into the transom of the boat and many more features which the Gause Family had come to expect after many generations of fishing and using boats. Each model reflects the commitment to design excellence, usability and beauty that Gause Built Custom Boats has become known for. You can easily do this either by giving your boat its identity like an individual name or logo, or by decorating it with custom marine graphics. Years of modifying, improving and rebuilding a variety of fishing boats finally led to a decision to design and build a custom fishing boat for themselves which would satisfy all their requirements and be lacking in no essential detail.
This meant that each boat would need to be built to satisfy the requirements of the individual client, rigged and outfitted so that, for that client, it was lacking in no essential detail.

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