2003 Cheetah Boats 24 Fast Cat Deck Boat, Loaded, Big Block 496 Mag "HO" with bravo "X" drive, big stereo with amp! American Offshore has stylized the concept with a full-on hot-rod boat capable of turning savage horsepower into a smooth, controlled service.
The 2600 open bow is a stout, solid offshore sports machine that can hold its mud in the elements or pin you back in the seat in more hospitable conditions with equanimity. Pictures of our 2600 open bow boats are available by left clicking on the photos tab and then left clicking on the album with the 2600 open bow on the cover page.

The delightful excess of this boat’s cosmetics, performance and installation fuses with a more practical side. It comfortably sits five people in the cockpit and can seat an additional 2 passangers in the forward deck bench seats. Consider, for instance, that the 2600 open bow can carry seven people softly aloft the water while the same water conditions would jar many similarly sized vees into submission. When making a purchase it’s important to feel comfortable with the product, and we understand the emphasis on producing quality constructed machines.

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