Palm Beach Fishing Report: At Billy Goat Sportfishing Charters we are expecting that the fishing for sailfish and mahi mahi should continue to improve as cold fronts continue to move through the South Florida area. Captain Chris Agardy specializes in targeting wahoo, one of the most exciting big game fishing species available in the offshore waters of South Florida.
During these offshore trips for wahoo, Captain Chris’ favorite tactic is trolling with natural baits such as bonito strips, ballyhoo, mullet, and flying fish.
High speed trolling for wahoo is the most effective and one of the most exciting ways to hook this amazing gamefish.
When the wind is calm and the current is light, wahoo will bite on live baits fished deep behind a breakaway weight or a downrigger and a slow moving boat. Although wahoo are known for feeding well below the surface, kite fishing with live baits on top is an extremely effective way to hook into 50lb + wahoo.
Every time a cold front blows through, North winds trigger sailfish and mahi mahi migrations within a mile of the Palm Beach coastline. Chris was born and raised fishing for wahoo along the Southeast coast of Florida and the Bahamas. He likes to troll these baits around the reef ledges at speeds of 6 to 8 knots, and heavy tackle of 50 to 80 lb class is used to handle the vicious strikes from wahoo up to 70 lbs. Wahoo are one of the fastest fish in the ocean at over 60mph top speeds, and they love to bite high speed lures moving at 15 to 20 mph behind the boat. We like to bump-troll live baits along the deeper side of the reef, using the current to cover different depths and greater distances.
Big wahoo seem to favor the kite baits because the leader is not visible, creating a more stealthy appearance.
The biggest news this week was the arrival of massive droves of dolphin or mahi mahi about 1 mile offshore.
We have been fishing for the sailfish with live baits and a kite, while the other species have been taken mostly on the troll using ballyhoo and bonito strips. Our best action has been occurring only 1 mile offshore while kite fishing with live goggle eyes. With a building February full moon coming up next week, we are expecting the wahoo fishing to just get better and better. The most productive method for the sailfish has been kite fishing with live baits about a mile offshore. We released 2 out of 3 hooked tarpon during a 3 hour fishing trip in the intracoastal waterway. Most of the action with the Jack Crevalle came on spinning gear with Yozuri Diving plugs, but small squid skirts trolled in the deeper channels was working as well.

Boats will be lining up along the edge of the Gulf Stream current to intercept these pelagic species as they feed on baitfish in the area. He has worked for numerous wahoo fishing legends during his professional sport fishing career, and incorporated a number of different techniques to perfect his own wahoo fishing technique. High speed trolling charters are very effective for catching the largest amount of wahoo possible. This type of wahoo fishing charter is light tackle stand-up fishing, a method preferred by many anglers looking for a challenge.
The surface strikes that occur when a 50 lb wahoo charges a live bait on the surface are an incredible sight to see by any angler. Along with the dolphin, we have been managing to hook into some nice wahoo as well with the March full moon bite in full swing.
With the March full moon upon us, we expect the wahoo bite to get better and the kingfish bite to get worse. The weather in Palm Beach has been phenomenal for fishing, and it looks like the sunny skies will continue through this week.
Our best methods for catching wahoo have been trolling with fresh-natural baits in depths between 100-300ft.
Our Palm Beach deep sea fishing charters have also been producing good catches of amberjack near the shipwrecks as well as vermillion snapper near deepwater ledges a little further out. The tarpon fishing has been very good for us, especially when the seas are too rough to head out offshore fishing. We also managed to catch a couple keeper mangrove snappers while fishing along sea walls and dock pilings throughout the intracoastal waterway in Palm Beach.
The best depths to target both these species on our Palm Beach fishing charters range from 80-200ft. Captain Chris’ most popular trip is a half day offshore wahoo fishing charter trolling the edge of the Gulf Stream current only a couple miles from shore. The only drawback to this kind of charter is a $150 surcharge for extra fuel burned at high speeds.
The hookup ratio with live baits is not as good as trolling, but the average wahoo that eats a big live bait is bigger than an average troll-caught fish. Once a wahoo eats the bait, it usually runs a couple hundred yards of line off the reel before turning it’s head back at the boat. The best action during our West Palm Beach fishing charters has been during the early mornings and late afternoon. We expect the fishing for sailfish, dolphin, and kingfish to continue to improve as we near the peak of our fishing season in Spring.

Wahoo fishing in the Palm Beach area takes time and patience to get the bite, but persistence usually pays off when the conditions are right.
The sailfish fishing should continue to stay good for the month of February as long as the cold fronts keep making it down through the West Palm Beach area. Give us a call today to book one of our Palm Beach inshore fishing charters for tarpon in 2014. Our inshore fishing charters in Palm Beach are the perfect way to have a fun day on the water when the waves are too big to head offshore. When the winds have a Westerly component, the fish move a bit further offshore to the deep sea blue water edge, but an Easterly component can send sailfish and mahi mahi as shallow as 20 ft of water.
These lightning-fast gamefish congregate along the dropoffs and ledges offshore of South Florida, waiting to eat baitfish that are swept over the reefs with the tides. Chris prefers to concentrate these trolling efforts around Boynton Beach fishing the reefs with surface baits and planer baits. Live Bait Wahoo charters require an $80 surcharge to secure the necessary live baits from the local bait guy. If you would like to book one of our Deep Sea Palm Beach Fishing Charters, then give me a call today! If you would like to book one of our Palm Beach fishing charters then give us a call today! Give us a call today to book a trolling trip on our charter boat “Billy Goat”, a wahoo fishing machine! The best baits for sailfish are live goggle eyes, but trolling with dead bait will help you to cover more water to find the higher concentrations of sailfish and mahi mahi.
We always recommend purchasing live bait on one of our offshore trips if light tackle fishing is desired. If you are interested in booking a private offshore west Palm Beach fishing charter aboard “Billy Goat”, then give me a call today! If you would like to book a Palm Beach deep sea fishing trip with us at Billy Goat Sportfishing Charters,¬†contact us here or give us a call at 561-451-7646.

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