One of the most important and most understood components of RC Boating is the the importance and effect of the propeller on boating performance. When the propeller in completely underwater, it is forced to spin the water out of its way as it spins. The surface piercing prop, also know as the ventillating or surface prop is a partially submerged(about half way) rotary propeller. I will be writing a very detailed guide on how to best balance and sharpen your propeller in the coming weeks. Boat Propeller DrawingBOAT PROPELLER DRAWINGLost and its pitch definitions shown in around the right. Location: Amsterdam High-Speed Waveless Sinusoid Propeller Have you ever saw this kind Propeller? Location: Hawaii This device works by the viscosity of laminar flow which is increased by the weight of water falling into the v between the 2 wheels. Location: Amsterdam This device works by the viscosity of laminar flow which is increased by the weight of water falling into the v between the 2 wheels. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I am new to Surface drives and have no experience with them but I have read a lot about them.
The only drives I found with a sandshoe are the ones produced by Simplicity see picture attached.
From what I have seen there are problems with disturbed water in front of the propeller resulting in cavitation etc. I am interested in surface drives due to their simplicity, durability and shallow draft capabilities.
I have investigated the jet-drives but the community here convinced me jets are not for my application so I am trying my luck here.
Location: Antigua The thundercats race right onto the beach with prop shields. We seem to be looking for a boat with very similar qualities, although for different purposes, and following a similar learning curve. I am studying the possibilities for this boat since a couple of years now and as I have explained in my other threads listed above, this is like an oximoron. I am waiting for some comments about my original problem with the prop protection and also would like to know if anybody around here had experience with the Power-Vent system.
Originally Posted by bulk-head The thundercats race right onto the beach with prop shields. Location: Danube Delta Chinese Surface Drive for 5000$ including propeller Anyone familiar with this knock off surface drive? Please refer to enclosed datasheet of our MSD surface drive, it was developed by our own patent rights, and has been improved and with a good reliability now. Please lets me know the main dimension of the boat so that I can advise one suitable surface drive for you.

We would be interested in such cooperation for the future if price is write and the product works. Originally Posted by Rik Wow, there certainly are a lot of copies of Arneson Surface Drives.. If you place anything in front of the water flow to the propellers it will cause some disturbance as this is undeniable. Location: Danube Delta Thanks Porta for the sugestion but as I explained I will use a diesel inboard with fixed shaft. I came across Saro several years ago when they were US based and tried to attract investors like all other propulsion pioneers. Anyway my question here was how would surface props behave when a prop protector, sandshoe is installed. Power-Vent seems to have all the qualities I am looking for and I am still waiting for their answer as I have sent them some questions about the system. I started out with the thought of modifying an existing pontoon boat to suit my usage as there are 100s of used ones for sale within a couple hour drive of my home on any given day. The propeller is the contact point with the water, the part which delivers the power of the motor to the surroundings and creates thrust. As you can see in the picture, the propeller, shaped similar to a fan, is completely underwater and spins, forcing water to be shot backward and the boat races forward. The most common materials to construct propellers out of are plastic, Beryillium, Copper or Stainless Steel; but there are other less common choices such as Aluminum and Carbon. This is necessary because the manufacturers only send raw props which have terrible performance characteristics which need to be honed to perfection. It is suitable for twin-hull boats that Sinusoid Propeller can put into front or middle of the boat.
I am interested in a surface drive with protected propeller for beaching and shallow water with logs, weed etc.
I have seen the Go-Devil type of motors with surface drives but they have different applications and props.
Please send me pricing for the appropriate unit or for all the units you sell so we can compare with competitor products. Now how much and is excessive or possibly is the disturbance a manageable level or a trade off between damage and functionality is the question. These are small boats and deal well with weeds if trimmed up, the leg drags the weed but wen reversed it gets off. The prop at the end is on a balanced cantilever and can be manually lifted up into the air to clear weed and go in surface drive like propulsion. I am aware about these type of engines as my father still has one made in East Germany called Tummler. Yesterday I found the boat prototype produced by Ven-T Boats in 2007 and that answered my question somehow.
For those of you not so familiar with boats, the propeller is to your boat, what your gears, transmission and wheels are to your car.

When choosing the best prop for your craft, you need to consider the size and style of your boat and motor. Duffy has that M240 and two other models using this hull but they are electric boats moving slow.
I wonder if your system can work with some type of weedless propeller or if the current set-up can handle weeds ? Absolutely it can handle weeds, the reversing capability is OK, we have successfully helped our customers to design and choose before. I know you provided the drives for Stilleto so I plan to build a similar hull just like the one mentioned in the previous posts. And they tested at least one prototype with a boat and a real engine attached, not just a 2 hp electric motor in a factory hall.
The blades of the prop create an airfoil which results in a pressure difference between the two sides of the blade.
For example, having a propeller that is too small for your power output will lead to increased cavitation. The M-hull might have its problems and a lot of hype but the fact that is a stable platform and low wake (the lowest I could find) makes it my first choice.
If Duffy chose that platform its because of the efficiency and stability not for the low wake . It was installed on various boats too as the pictures show but sure there is no feedback about their products in the boaters world. All you need to know is that cavitation is when high speed rotation causes large pressure difference and in this case, causes bubbles to form. This is because the air mitigates(prevents) some of the effects of cavitation and also reduces propeller blade damage. I have read a few threads where someone said he went on such a boat and it ran great but no further detail was given.
To do that with a pontoon I would want the deck raised 6 in to a foot above the stock deck height, then I would want to sheet the underside of the deck and deck risers with aluminum to reduce drag and help handle the bigger chop on the Great lakes. That led me to a Cat hulled boat and having little personal experience with jet drives I found my way here and am now learning about surface drives . Basically the motor is trying to put out motor power than the water will allow, leading to inefficiencies, power loss, blade damage and mild vibration. Another benefit of surface props is that they have lower drag(resistance to motion) because they have smaller surface areas exposed to water(think about friction=drag).
Submerged props were the more common and mainstream in RC Boating in the past, but more recently surface piercers have taken over racing for several key attributes.

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