Normally you’re taking the concept of a company and breaking it down into simple little pictures, but in the case of self-branding, you need to critique and comment on yourself in one simple mark. I played with it a bit and came up with something completely nonsensical and yet completely right. Once I had the mark down, I decided on using a dark navy and yellow gold to define the color of my brand. From there, I began developing minor alternate marks, all with similar histories, and I’m able to use them each for different and unique purposes while still maintaining that semblance of a united brand identity.
Totally agreed, designing for one’s self is indeed a selfish and never ending process in the search for perfection. What I admire about Contino’s work is that he harmonizes both his craftsmanship as a typographic illustrator and cultural allusions that stem from his youth living in New York. By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use.

The launch campaign for Jon Olsson Camo Edition includes the Akestam Holst advertising agency commissioned to paint an entire concrete wall in the same pattern as the car with the help of a graffiti artist.
The Jon Olsson Camo Edition is limited to to just 50 examples and is available for purchase at the Audi dealers in Sweden. Um poster elaborado pela galera da +1sixty, mostrando um processo de desenvolvimento de design voltado para o usuario. This palette is based on the old New York state license plates I had loved so much as a kid, and as such, represented everything I remembered from my childhood, but with a sense of history and persistence that comes along with being born in one of the original 13 [colonies]. The car is equipped with, among other things, a specially designed roof box, winter tires on 19 ” Shark Black wheels, S line exterior package, sports suspension, sports seats, multifunction steering wheel, Audi sound system and xenon headlights. I had seen similar designs plenty of times before, but I was getting a good vibe from this. I don’t know many designers who have maintained a single brand look for more than a few years at a time.

Bound by this common vision, Fukuoka Jisho and the Jerde Partnership negotiated language and cultural differences, one of Japan's worst economic recessions, and numerous redesigns in a co-creative process that yielded a unique outcome.
We tend to bore of our own look faster than our clients bore of the work we construct for them.
Colorful and spirited, the project defies Japanese rules for retail development, yet Canal City has had over 30 million visitors since its 1996 opening, attracting teenagers and businesspeople alike.

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