An oversize planing shoe enables the boat to carry a large load at planing speed on moderate power, or to plane under full control at comparatively low speeds. I like the Rifleman, but do y'all think it will be stable with me up on the poling platform? Where do you intend on using this boat and how far are you planing on running from the launch facility in Southport? Now, a tiller handle gets the weight too far back in a 16 foot boat to plane with one person in most all open skiffs, again telling me that this inquiry smells with any form of logic.
FWIW, your previous inquiries consists of sailing the Bahamas in a sailboat, building a box boat, sites that shows the winds in the Gulf of Mexico and an inquiry of a small hull that carries 250 lbs and will plane with a 2.5 hp. I don't know what I am talking about, but it seems to me that a flat bottom boat will have a shallow draft and go faster but it will pound a lot. Anything that rides in the top 12" of the water column is going to feel what is there. Closest thing I have seen as a do all boat and I may get a ration of poo about it is the modern Pangas. I flats fish my Simmons and I throw an 8ft cast net from the bow deck, but then, I have the agility of a cat.
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This gives low fuel consumption and easy handling, even in quite rough conditions. They are fantastic sea boats and runabouts, but you need something thats going to be very stiff to put an elevated platform on.
They all pound and beat your teeth out getting to where you want to be, in the shallows, if they perform to perfection in the shallows. Semi vee may soften the chop a 'little' but again, your best bet would be to add foam where you sit and with such I dare anyone to really tell enough difference to say it doesn't pound or pounds that much less than the alternative. Narrow beam, just stable enough to pole from and sight cast and will damn sure handle the rough stuff and still float in 8-12" of water. Build for economy, stealth and reliability and you will catch many more fish than a specific hull tweaked around the best of all worlds.
Good initial stability, shallow draft, and with a hull design that trades top speed for less pounding.
A round bottom is not a stable bottom in a small craft for standing and casting in most situations. I know it takes some height to see where the fish are tailing and to get your fly right on their noses, so you might take a little time looking at some of the beamier, flatter boats. The Pangas can pound but as many will claim hull magic, it's the placement of the helm station more aft in the pivotal point of the hull that makes the difference.

I realize a shallow draft hull will pound, but I don't need a super flat bottom for speed, so a more rounded bottom might help offset the pounding. At speeds using a 25 hp engine and attempting to run the piss out of it, will take care of your fillings most days in less than protected waters in a flat bottom boat, one that is able to be stood up in with a casting rod. You can kind of pole it if you eat a lot of protein and like to work out and sweat a lot but then the wind will decide for you how, when and where you pole it which is usually down tide and down wind.
I fished flat hulls a lot and the magic potion was to move back one seat closer to the helm. If you don't believe me, start out the day riding on the front seat and then sit next to the captain when it gets rough and see why he is willing to beat thru the chop.
It looks cool and all but when I want to get close to the fish, I get out of the boat and wade and they don't see me until it is too late. If he felt what the forward passenger felt, he would throttle back and in such hulls, 3 feet aft can make all the difference between saving your kidneys for another day.

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