Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd has been servicing Australia in the boat trailer manufacture and production since the late 1970's. Swiftco skid type boat trailers include our range of 4 metre to 6 metre wobble roller boat trailers. I have previously used a power winch to retrieve my boat but I find this a bit fussy and not too easy to do by myself.
Try keeping the rear trailer roller just out of the water when retrieving, the boat will pull itself straight from any angle even if the boat is at right angles to the trailer.
I'll give another vote for an easytow, Ive never had a drive on trailer before and mine seems very easy even for a novice like me. My current trailer is fairly forgiving and a combination of Multi roller and keel but the keel rollers don't start at the rear of the trailer which is important. I have both a Bunk and roller trailers, I like the bunk trailers better, but Power loading is allowed in my area.

I have seen where at certain tides there is no way to get the trailer deep enough that the boat can make it back on the trailer.A gully and a sand bar at the end of the ramp is a bad ramp. Thinking of selling my pride and joy 70's model gilflite javelin clinker fiberglass hull design ..
Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd servicing South East Queensland stock boat trailers at wholesale prices.
It comes down to set up too as long as rollers are set up well and there i a good set to catch and line you up, the rest will come down to practice. But if you buy one dont get it with MEHER brakes my trailer has had both side caliper springs break already and its probably done less than 100km. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. Reason being that on some trailers (not all) when there are keel rollers the nose of the boat gets up on the first one and it acts like a pivot, and encourages the stern to go eather way to the side untill you get further up and the side rollers (or skids) come into play.

My present trailer is not easy to drive on to and I have even had experienced people have a go and they had problems too.
So I was wondering what people thought was the best or easiest trailer that they thought was the best for driving onto? Also anybody suggest a good and simple boat catch for securing the boat for single handed retrieves?

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