I am looking for the same thing, I have thought about a mini bass boat, but had someone tell me the plastic wouldn't hold up in our harsh hunting conditions. MissedAgain, If you're talking about that little teal in the middle, i think it's a old weighted keel GWT decoy. If you noticed, I only had the original plans for the boats as you can see by the block on the interior. If you have a fully open cockpit like you do in your first picture, when you layout, does water come over the back side lips? Backcast, what kind of fiberglass are you using Im using the cloth and resin and cannot get a good adhesion to the wood thanks.
Steve is the guy who got me to move the frame back 6 inches and smooth out the curve into the bow! I'm going to be building a couple new ones pretty quick here - going to do without the transom. An opitonal way to do the fabric is to use adhesive glue - like for putting carpet inside a boat - trowel it on and then lay the fabric down on it - roller it down and let it dry for a couple of days.
Mallyard wrote:What about putting a spray-on, or roll-on bedliner kit on the exterior of the boat? I think if you're going to fiberglass, durability is not going to be an issue, mine are pretty bullet proof. In the pics the compleat inside has been seald and all seams glassed, and then a coat of paint put on.
Held in Historic Tuckerton, NJ, at the Tip Seaman County Park, Route 9 & Lakeside Drive. This is the first duck boat we started manufacturing, and we are proud to say that after 30 plus years we are still manufacturing it, and it's as popular as ever!

Is this a hard task, I just want something small to throw a few dekes in and can throw up on my suv when I go hunting by myself in small creeks.. What would I use to create the "ribs" of the boat if I am gonna build a paper model? Also installed 4 inch thick foam and glassed over it, in front of the balkhead and in the rear. This trip will take me clear across the country, traveling from Michigan to Idaho and back hitting almost all of the mid west, pacific north east and the heartland of America. Once again we have responded to the needs of today's hunter for a versatile little boat that can be used as a Sneak box, motorized lay-out boat or a marsh boat.
It has undergone a few revisions over the years, but remains a timeless classic in our line up. If anyone in that area is interested in having a boat delivered to them on this trip please contact me as soon as possible. The show emphasizes working and antique decoys, model boats, sneakbox building,and waterfowling on the Barnegat Bay. We have constructed it of 100% hand-laid fiberglass, incorporating a molded interior liner, just like our larger boats. At home in the marsh, rivers, flooded timber, or wherever small easily maneuverable shallow draft boats can be utilized.
This is a great little boat that allows you to get where you want to go without breaking the bank. Hundreds of exhibitors display their works of art or merchandise throughout all three locations, while friendly competitions and contests take place on picturesque Lake Pohatcong and adjoining shoreline at Tip Seaman Park. This insures that not only are you getting a top quality boat, but you are getting great standard features and unheard of options in a boat of this size.

It's smooth flat bottom design ensures you won't get stuck in the mud or on underwater obstacles. Standard features such as nylon grassing rails running the full length of the boat, anti-glare finish on all surfaces, molded in motor well, shelves running the full length of the cockpit, and a transom that not only is designed to take the added weight of a new 4-stroke motor, but contains no wood to rot or maintain.
It even has a reverse transom, so that you can easily get out of those really tight spots. Available features include navigation lights, interior light, 12 volt receptacle, locking hardtop cockpit cover, and blind packages. The boat is easily propelled with a push pole, small outboard motor, or go-devil type mud motor. The Intruder is built on a planning hull design, which in short means it was specifically designed to be run with a motor, because we figured hey, no one sails their duck boat anymore, so why would you want a boat based on a sailboat design? It comes complete with a stainless steel bow eye, 2 nylon cleats on the rear deck, and nylon grassing rails around the cockpit for fast and easy camouflaging.
We think you'll agree that not only is this the best designed and most versatile small boat on the market today, it's also the best value. The rear deck has room for your gas tank underneath and there is dry storage under the front deck. In use for more than 120 years in the Long Point Bay area, get one for yourself and discover what makes this boat a classic marsh gunning rig.

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