This Simmons Sea Skiff 22 with motorwell was built for sea duck hunting for Jim Hunt and world reknowned wildlife artist Keith Mueller.
Simple to build depends upon the skill level and what sort of tools you bring to the build. The Sea Hoss skiff is as simple as you want to make it, a stable platform for many purposes.
Using between 5 and 6 sheets of 6mm ply the Sand Martin uses simple stitch and tape technology in her construction. Let me second this one, there are a lot of good designs out there, knowing which one will fit you best will depend on your intended program for this boat. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.

She can be fitted out in a number of different ways but the standard arrangement shows two thwarts with side benches aft and a foredeck with stowage space below. If you need a good row boat that will also move along with a tiny outboard at displacement speeds then the FL12 or similar will be great for you. Recent tests have shown GPS speeds of 9mph with a 5.5 hp Honda and one man, 8mph with two men. I managed 23 mph with a 9.5 Johnson but it was a bit rough out so I might have gotten a couple more if it had been mirror smooth. I have a FL14 that I built and it works great for drift fishing the river or powering along the lake at a relaxing 4-6mph with absolute minimal power (2-4hp is all you need on this one).
If you want to use a larger outboard and build a boat that will get up on plane and go fast, but not row as easy there are many good examples there as well as multiple styles that would work out.

For a small boat to go faster I'd personally go with a flat bottom pram bow like the Bateau GF12. I mainly mentioned bateau designs as I am familiar with them and have built from their designs and they are easy to build with a very good support forum.

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