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Hello Fisherman I have a Small Air Boat Motor for sale Runs real good mount's on any small boat.
Airboats are very similar to the full size airboats with the main deference being the size of the motor.
A Taper-lock bushing is included to mount the fan to your keyed engine PTO or drive Thrust Fans for Hovercraft, Fan Boats, Airboats, Bowfishing, Flounder Boats.. An Arrowdrive installed on your boat makes a very economical airboat ideal for shallow water use!
An early form of the air boat late 1920s, using a wood hull, a Curtiss aircraft engine and was on exhibit at a New York boat show.

2009 Weldbilt 1870 Flatbottom with 6' Deck and rails, and overflow splash guard on transom. 2-400 watt HPS and 4-150 watt HPS lights with eco green bulbs retrofitted into halogen housings.
The SS prop I have is a little under pitched so I can easily get on plane with a heavy load.
In response to some PM's, if your serious I have no problem showing you this baby on the lake!
Airboats are flat-bottomed boats that are powered across the water by a propeller or fan and a motor, both of which are Homemade RC Plane The fan is attached to either a plane or car motor. All airboat propellers are laminated of aircraft grade Full line of parts, any type of engine.
They are power driven by a propeller, which is attached to an aircraft engine or an automobile.

Finding a used motor for your air boat to save costs is the best thing you can do, but that’s not always easy especially for the Lloyd 20 hp which is very two seat airboat plans fills the need for a two man DIY home built air boat for Although the 20 hp.
You would be better off just adding a fan to the boat for the times that you wanna AIRBOAT is a mixture of airplane and boat with the thrills of both. We will take the propeller which we carved out of hard Maple and build an airboat around it.

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