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Grand Banks practically defined the market and invented the word trawler for the recreational boater. Our 1973 Grand Banks Classic 32 For Sale - Gibratar, Mi 48173 page is focused on 1973 Trawler For Sale, with references to Gibratar, MI 48173 and mentions of Classic wooden sedan trawler with single Ford Lehman power. I've always loved the look and style of the Grand Banks Trawlers especially the models with the larger rear cockpit. With their distinctive clipped shear and handsome looks the Grand Banks 32 still looks as fresh today as it did 40 years ago. When I bought her in 1985 I couldna€™t afford a new boat and the older ones were made of wood.

In fact little changed over the production run of the boats and from a distance it is hard to tell a well cared for wooden example from a later fiberglass boat. Grand Banks are not without their problems however and the Achilles heels with these boat is mostly centered around the fuel tanks with leaking tanks a common topic of conversation amongst owners. The heads compartment is to starboard and includes an electric toilet vanity and with the use of a curtain a decent sized shower that drains through a teak grating into a sump. Initially built of wood production changed to fiberglass in the mid 70's reputedly without the factory telling consumers and dealers. Fuel consumption at cruising speed is a miserly two and half gallons per hour so it is possible to cruise all day without breaking the bank.
Two behind the console, two in front of the console, and the whole front area could seat 3.
The Hybrid Pontoon Boat by SouthWind is being called "The Evolution of the Pontoon Boat" and is considered the second generation in pontoon boating.

A solid lay up and quality construction means that the 32 like the other boats in the Grand Banks line up retain their prices and you can expect to pay around $100,000 for a late 80's model. What SouthWind has done is taken the best features of pontoon boat design (upper deck) and combined them the comfortable ride of a fiberglass deck boat (hull design).
It has a 3 cylinder 70 Evinrude outboard engine that has just been rebuilt last season with new pistons, rods, rings, main bearings, rod bearings and wrist pin bearings. We love them because of the room, the options they provide you with and the fact that are the are pure fun.
SouthWind Pontoon Boats are party boats, sunset cruisers, "take the kids fishing" boats - ultimately they are fun-in-the-sun machines!

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