We are the finest and the best custom boat builder in the Philippines, Specializing in Tri-Marians and Catamarans.
Demonstrating expert craftsmanship and providing the peace of mind boaters have come to expect from Custom Built Boats. So when its time to wet some lines, crank up the tunes and enjoy a great day with the family, remember where it all began.
Description — Growing from seeds and seedlings is becoming a popular trend, but it takes time and the right growing conditions.
Location: Milwaukee, WI You should use epoxy resin for better adhesion and water resistance.
Location: Eustis, FL The best thing you can do for this boat and your friends are correct is to 'glass the weather decks.
To recap, encapsulate the plywood, after it's been cut to fit the deck, with 3 coats of epoxy, with special attention to the end grain. Location: Milwaukee, WI I agree, if the hull is in good condition it is not worth fiberglassing over. Location: Greece That's what i thinK after all your comments.NEVER COVERING HULL WITH FIBERGLASS!!!! When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

Legend Boat Builders has created a niche in the Aluminium boat building market, in vessels under 25-metres covering industries in commercial boats, fishing boats, work boats, boats for the off shore oil industry and charter boats. Since its inception in 1993, Legend vessels continue to display excellence in design and performance, together with the finest quality Aluminium construction. With total focus on a comprehensive service all Legend products are highly sought after by professionals across the marine industry. Legend has vessels operating in most mainland states and Tasmania, and has developed a strong New Zealand-based clientele proudly introduced to the company through personal recommendation. With a focus on Trust, Quality and Service Legend Boat Builders produce boats different to any other.
With a capacity of 200 tons our larger slipway can accommodate many of the offshore fishing vessels operating on the west coast, and most of the larger scallop dredgers fishing nearer to the coast and within the larger sea lochs. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through how to build a picnic table with a built-in tabletop cooler bin and replaceable cover.
For all those who want to get a head start growing seeds, Gardeniere Mary Katherine Greene shows us how to build an indoor seed-starting light stand. Letting rainwater simply run out drain pipes is a shame, especially considering how precious water has become. She starts with the MSL Placid Frame Mirror and adds the MSL Holiday Frost House and Glitter Cone Trees with LED rice lights and artificial snow for the final touch.

Screw the plywood down to the deck beams and original planking (stainless steel screws), over a bedding compound or thickened epoxy.
With a co-operative work force and a friendly relaxed atmosphere Legend achieve excellent boats with a quality service. Traditionally much of the work we have carried out on larger fishing vessels has been emergency repairs and external painting, with a steady flow of additional works serving vessels passing through the Caledonian Canal en-route from coast to coast. Next you seal the plywood with two layers of light weight cloth, set in epoxy, then a heavier layer, maybe Xynole, considering the abuse it'll take.
Next, sheath with 2 layers of 6 - 8 ounce cloth, then apply a layer of Xynole, of course all set in epoxy. The reason is you need sufficient sheathing thickness to tolerate the foot traffic and the plywood prevents the laid deck below from moving around, breaking out the sheathing.

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