Formal qualification of powerboat level 2 or highes is essential to charter our boat for insurance requirements and prefeably should have a minimum 1 year, sea-going, boat-handling experience. Even the most experienced skippers will have to familiarise them selves with the boat prior to your first charter. Formal qualifications are not essential however the skipper will need to demonstrate sufficient experience to safely handle the boat. Lake Kariba is every fisherman's dream destination and anglers come from all over the world to test their skills against the ferocious tiger. January on the floodplains is the breeding time for a variety of species ranging from robbers and Babbles to Bulldogs and Bream. Lots of fishing options - either from Lodges on the pan handle in both Namibia and Botswana or rent a houseboat. On the Lower and Upper Zambezi the months of May, June and July are best using lure and feather. By May the river has reached its highest level over the floodplains and starts to empty into its main channel. In June there is a mass exodus of these baitfish, moving down stream to areas of more cover and structure. As the water level drop from August to November, so the targeting of shallow water tigers becomes more of a reality from the confines of wooden dugout Mokoro. This is truly the most natural way of fishing for tiger fish, also lending itself to great bird watching and the feeling of really being one with the river. Whether you're into tournament bass fishing or looking forward to a lazy day of relaxation with your friends, we have a fishing boat to meet your needs. We can also provide a fishing guide with prior reservation and will customize a package that best suits your individual needs. South Africa is blessed with a coastline almost 3 000 kilometers long, and numerous dams, lakes, rivers and streams, South Africa has plenty to offer the fishing enthusiast. Many of South Africa's prime fishing spots offer not only good fishing, but also include some of the most beautiful places in a country blessed by Mother Nature. Deep sea charters are available from ports along the coastline, which is shared by both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, as well as the cold Benguela and warm Agulhas currents, bringing with them a wide variety of species. Almost 15 percent of all known coastal marine species are found on the South African coast. The gentle art of fly fishing is popular in South Africa, with three areas especially recognized for their bountiful offerings: the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, Mpumalanga province, and the Eastern Cape.

For those that find fishing in rivers or off river banks too difficult, there are plenty of well-stocked dams to offer an enjoyable challenge. We have a selected wide range of accommodation properties in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, you can choose from to suite your budget, search your accommodation.
Catching squid, can be a tricky business, but there are a few basics that make the job a little easier. Mornington Peninsula for squid the piers and jetties produce some good results. You’ll have fresh calamari cooking in no time!
You can catch squid during the day, however you’ll have a better chance of catching squid at either dusk or dawn on the Mornington Peninsula.
You need patience for this and need to recast you line and follow the same procedure many times. Chris Sutherland is a passionate about fishing and writes articles for Dromana Boat Hire’s website. Chris is also Creative Director at Prolifik Communications—an advertising and web design agency in Melbourne. The Norfolk Broads holds the same status as the National Parks and is one of the countries most diverse fish habitats. She has a 75hp Mariner four-stroke engine and is capable of over 30knots with 4 people on board.
Best locations are in areas such as the Upper and Lower Zambezi valley, Chobe and Okavango rivers and of course Lake Kariba to name a few. Also the Lake Kariba fishing competition always offers a memorable experience book your ticket today or find out more about this activity. Use their knowledge of these waters to find you best fishing spots and can get you into very rocky areas silently. From game fish in two oceans to trout in mountain streams, there is something to challenge and entertain everyone. All three regions boast sizeable mountain ranges; it is in their mountain streams that Trout flourish.
Like bass, carp were originally imported into South Africa, and offer an excellent challenge. There are different techniques for different beaches in Australia; however I've found when fishing on the Mornington Peninsula for squid the piers and jetties produce some good results. You'll have fresh calamari cooking in no time!
All you need is a reasonably long fishing rod with medium strength line and a squid jig (pictured  below) instead of a fishing hook.

Once you get the hang of doing these, you can have a new hook on and a fish on the line within minutes. Paul from Dromana Boat Hire shows the technique to filleting a fish so you are left with no bones.
We offer a range of dedicated fishing dinghies for you to explore the Northern stretches of the rivers. The Broads are home to many different species including specimen size roach, bream, perch, tench, carp and of course pike.
The boat is MCA Cat 4 coded and is fully equipped with all the safety equipment and features.
This makes it a very adaptable fish, to be found far and wide, and partial to a wide variety of bait. Firstly, squid are attracted to light and structures (like a pier or jetty) where they can bounce and bob around curiously seeking out prey.
Once you have your rod rigged up, cast your line and begin reeling it in slowly with a whipping motion every 3-5 seconds. Whether your selected quarry is the vast shoals of bream and silver fish, or whether your target is the famous Broads pike. Your cruising limits are 20 miles from a safe haven which allows you to explore the whole of the south coast. Using a boat to target fish is one of the most satisfying angling experiences and the chance of a specimen fish awaits you.
The boat comes with a VHF radio, Garmin fish finder and Garmin GPS, just bring your rods and go!
Our fleet of aluminium seastrike dinghies, moulded dory or grp Coulam can cater upto three anglers each. The boats can be taken from our base on a daily basis, used in conjunction with holiday cottages or we can now deliver to other areas of the Broads such as The Thurne system via Potter Heigham.

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