New evidence has scientists questioning their belief that the giant megalodon shark is extinct.
Possible Megalodon attacks on whales have scientists quickly taking action to find the monster shark.
In order to help the world to understand the megalodon, Discovery Channel has filmed a show documenting the fishing trip for the giant shark during shark week. Megalodon fishing might be as simple as following the whale migration off the coast of South Africa and baiting them with chunks of dead mammal. If you don’t believe that megalodon is still alive, check out this photo released by the German navy that clearly shows a monster shark next to a U boat. Megalodon is still live according to this Coast Guard crew, who filmed a massive shark during this rescue mission.
Megalodon shark sightings have occurred on several occasions throughout history, but it is only now that evidence is being released about these sightings. Megalodon Shark Week on Discovery Channel will explore the possibilities on fishing for this prehistoric shark species off the coast of South Africa. Kevin James Clapson caught this huge 1,785 lb tiger shark off the coast of Ulladulla, Australia on March 28, 2004.
According to NRK it took the Danes 45 minutes to land the 880 kilo, 4 metre and 10 cm Eqalussuaq or Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus) in Norway’s Bokna Fjord. A great white shark nearly 20 feet long with a weight of 2,000 pounds was caught by commercial fisherman in northwestern Mexico in April 2012. Alf Dean caught a 2,664 pound great white shark off the coast around Ceduna, Australia on April 21, 1959. As part of Daiwa fishing tackle advertisement, a 1520kg Great White was caught on rod and reel by a Dion Gilmore off the coast around South Australia. Over 17 feet long with a weight of 3,427 lb (1554 kg), this shark took almost 3 hours to be finally caught by Frank Mundus. It took five hand-held harpoons, four barrels and five hours for Frank Mundus to catch this astonishing shark on June 6, 1964. Although data still needs to officially be checked, this astonishing shark caught off Phillip Island weights an amazing 5085 lb (2306 kg), making it possibly the biggest shark ever caught.

While we're speculating, a recent study found that most large whale deaths in the northwest Atlantic Ocean were human-caused.
Here is a follow-up article from Chris Gately of ESPN Saltwater Outdoors online that came out yesterday. I think jet ski fishing is different not just because it on a pwc but also because it is a fun. I do not think it is for everyone, just like kayak fishing is not for everyone, nor is surf fishing. There are pros and cons to any mode of transportation, I think it jet ski fishing just adds another option that I think a lot of people are learning to appreciate. The following two cases are noteworthy in their similarities and the fact that they occurred almost 30 years apart.
Avoid Sending Funds with Western Union, Moneygram or and other similar service unless you are sure to whom you are sending payment. A recent wave of fatal shark attacks off the coast of South Africa is shaking up the oceanographic world as rumors spread about a possible 60 foot long causing the reign of terror. Photos like this one have become viral across the internet by photoshoppers looking to attract attention, but recent discoveries might turn this idea into a reality. The megalodon show on Discovery Channel’s Shark week 2013 will shed more light on the subject. This 5.2 m, 1520 kg female was reported by Bruce (1992) to be mature, and bearing possible mating scars. Southern right whales, which are commonly found in the coastal waters of South Africa can weigh up to 94,000 pounds. After a lot of on line research a decided on the Yamaha SUV 1200, primarily because of its size and storage. My jet ski saves me time getting out and back.It is easy to clean up and maintain and can be kept on my dock or in my garage.
I love being 30 or 40 miles offshore and feeling each wave below me and being focused on what I am doing and where I am going. But it can take you to that near or distant spot and enable you to drift or troll like a kayaker or anchor or beach it and surf fish a remote favorite area.

The rumors have spread quickly and the Discovery Channel is releasing new evidence that may prove that the giant megalodon shark still exists in our deep oceans. Brett Mcbride cutting chunks from a whale carcass to use as shark bait during Ocearch research. Scientists say it's pretty rare for a whale to float into the harbor (there are typically only three to four whale sighting a year) and the cause of death still needs to be determined. It started by me using my pwc to run out and catch croaker and spot to use for the next days cobia trip on my boat. It is the largest and only 4 person PWC made by yamaha from 1998-2004, with over 115 gallons of storage of items up to 6 feet long. This free Ad has been placed in South Africa, Durban location under Vehicles, Boats category. For the 2013 Shark Week, Discovery Channel filmed a team of leading marine biologists to go fishing for the megalodon off the coast of South Africa where the strange attacks have been occurring. The whale may have perished from natural causes, colliding with a boat, or getting caught in fishing lines. I gradually started going further and further and fishing from it in the same places as I would my boat. In the show, the scientists create the biggest chum slick in history of fishing in order to attract a giant megalodon show from the depths. It was nice to be able to run at 45-55mph and get to the places I like to fish fast at a fraction of the cost.
Many people are now wondering if the megalodon is still alive, and the new show will blow them away!

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