It has 4 very comfortable Brand New Captain's Chair Style Swivel Seats for fishing or sight seeing and a little round table with cup holders (that is not shown in the photos.) It has a good treated deck with new carpet on it. This boat was in use last summer and this fall, but we took off the old 2-stroke motor that was on it.
You can buy it without a motor for $5500 or with a used HONDA 25 HP 4-Stroke Motor with electric start and reverse and power trim and tilt that still runs good for $7500 total.
However, we have several smaller and bigger used motors that we could install on it if you want a different sized motor.

It does not include a trailer for this price; but we manufacture and sell over 1000 new pontoon boat trailers a year so we have several options for new trailers we could sell for $1500 to $2000 extra depending on if you wanted a new single or dual axle bunk or scissors style trailer. We have about 30 pontoon boats and several houseboats of various sizes and configurations and prices that we have refurbished or plan on refurbishing this winter so you can call me anytime if you are interested in a smaller or bigger, nicer or cheaper pontoon boat or one with a different furniture configuration than this one.
You can click on the "more ads by this user" link on the right to view some of the other refurbished and used pontoon boats that I currently have posted on Craigslist. You can even look at our pontoon boats or pontoon trailers in the evenings or weekends if I know when to expect you.

We are located right on US Hwy 169 50 miles north of Mille Lacs Lake, 120 miles from St Cloud, 150 miles north of Minneapolis, 60 miles from Brainerd, 80 miles west of Duluth and 20 miles south of Grand Rapids.

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