Popular areas located West Bay Traverse City have endured decades of heavy fishing pressure. We’re located in Traverse City and have experienced staff that will help you have an experience of your life time and that you enjoy every moment on this charter boat. With 11,528 acres Lake Traverse spans 16 miles in length and covers a width of around a half mile. If looking for a place to visit by Lake Traverse, head to the farthest north end where the White Rock Dam is located. With no real lodging options in Browns Valley, other than Wing N Fin Traverse, most visitors will make their way up towards Wheaton, or across the boarder to Sisseton.
Wing N Fin Traverse – If you are looking to stay right on Lake Traverse this is a great spot.
Providing a few more options for food, this small community is all about the home cooked meal with great restaurants cooking up generations old recipes. Mark’s Convenience Store- Another great bait shop, the locals always provide the best fishing information.
Boat Rental, Pontoon Boat Rental and Jet Ski Rental in Traverse City and Northern Michigan!
Traverse City’s largest selection of watercraft rentals serving all of Northwestern Michigan, offering the areas only parasailing adventures.
Northern Michigan Boat and RV Rental provides power boats, ski boats, pontoons, kayaks Our fleet consists of a Sea Ray open-bow ski boat, two pontoon boats, two Water Rentals* Not Permitted on Lake Michigan. We also offer Pontoon Boat, Paddle Boat, Tubes, Canoes, Kayaks (sit on top or inside kayaks), for rent as a “carry out rental".
Pontoon Boat Rentals Rent a pontoon boat and enjoy the Milwaukee River and harbor of Lake Michigan like never before. What do you do when the placid river you’re kayaking becomes a free-for-all of rapids?
The Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak is ready for wet OR dry conditions with four extra-large, easily convertible drains.

Drains CLOSED, they don’t let a drop of water in so you and your cargo stay comfortably dry in calm water. The Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak is as tough as nails and as rugged as the men and women who choose it. The Explorer Kayak can be piloted by one and easily accommodates two adventurers and tons of gear. Please review your purchase carefully and make sure it meets your needs before purchasing and authorizing shipment. That way, we’ll be able to give you a fishing trip that offers exactly what you’re looking for. At 12 feet it is a shallow lake in which fisherman should study the contour map before boating as shallow reef areas exist, especially near the islands and in the northwest portion of the lake. Daily, hourly, per week, our pontoon boat rental selection is great for enjoying summer in Northern Michigan.
Pontoon Boat Rentals* (Must be 21 or older with a valid drivers license) One of the best ways to enjoy your time in the Rental Policies for Superior Pontoon Rentals located on Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Use Muskegon Michigan's Boat Rental locator Southeast Michigan boat rental offered by boat rental and Cass River which offer lake boat rentals of pontoon, ski and family boats in southern and eastern Michigan.
You can either take them with you on Sail Power Boat Rental has been serving the Traverse City and Northwest Michigan area since 1987 on Grand Traverse Bay Here are some places that you can rent a boat or pontoon in Houghton Lake, Michigan. The flexibility of the pontoon allows for food Find pontoon boat, fishing boat, family boat and speed boat rentals in Southern and Western Michigan. If your idea of a perfect weekend means harrowing treks and trips that make others blanch, you definitely qualify. Stem to stern, it’s constructed of tough 1,000 denier polyester-supported high-pressure fabric with quadruple-thickness electronic-welded seams.
Integrated bow and stern spray skirts have water-deflecting guards to keep you dry and rope lacing that forms secure hand-holds and convenient tie-down points. Each comes complete with hull, seats, two double-ended paddles, full instructions (printed and on DVD), inflation pump, repair kit, and convenient carry bag.

Lake Traverse is on the border between South Dakota and Minnesota with both the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks cooperatively managing the fishery.
Along with walleye many fisherman enjoying catching Northern Pike, Bullheads, Bluegill and Crappie; especially in the spring. Just past the northern tip of Lake Traverse is the town of Wheaton with around 1,400 residents. Uncle Ducky Outfitters 20' Pontoon Boat Rentals Pontoon boats hold up to 8 people and Northern Michigan offers unlimited opportunities for boaters! The rental boats and wave runners are great for Northern Michigan Pontoon Rentals on the inland waterway Indian River Michigan. Two shock-absorbing inflatable seats (or optional high-back seats) are held rock-solid with nylon webbing that clips to six integrated D-rings. The lake is also popular for recreational purposes and in the summer, there is an abundance of fishing, boating, waterskiing, picnicking and nature watching. Listed below find boat rental dealers and Here is a look at a few boat rental companies in Livingston County, Michigan. Just like its neighbor lake, Big Stone Lake, Lake Traverse also has a good population of white bass and drum fish.
With only a little over 500 residents Browns Valley has limited dining and lodging options. Both species are well suited to the existing habitat conditions and they frequently experience good natural reproduction.
White Bass and Drum make for great table fare as there are a lot of great recipes to go by.

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