Orange Beach, AL is the homeport for the largest fleet of federally permitted headboats (also known as party boats) in the Gulf of Mexico, offering daily walk-on fishing trips year-round. The reef fish that live on the artificial reefs that have been deployed off our shores for the last 50 years BITE YEAR ROUND! AAA Charters takes great pride and attention to detail in arranging corporate events, including fishing tournaments, sunset cruises (catering services available), or water taxi to local waterfront restaurants. Alabama deep sea fishing party boats provide thousands of saltwater anglers affordable access to the amazing fishing grounds off our shores.

Group charters are also available for concerts at the Wharf Amphitheatre, Blue Angel Air Shows, Birthday Parties, Reunions, Church Fellowship, Burials at Sea and Weddings Events.
These are the largest fishing vessels in the fleet that typically carry 20-50 anglers per trip. LOU VI" sailed from Freeport, Long Island, NY and was owned and operated by Captain Mike Danon. Party boat trips are family friendly aboard spacious vessels with air-conditioned cabins, clean marine restrooms, and a staff of mates to assist you during fishing charter.

These Orange Beach deep sea fishing party boat charters focus mainly on bottom fishing for reef fish species.
Our departure locations are located only a short drive from Gulf Shores, AL and Perdido Key, FL.

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