After the area around the leaky rivets is cleaned and well scuffed, heat the area with a propane torch to drive off moisture and warm the metal. New for 2012, WEST SYSTEM is offering three specialized boat repair kits designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind.
To first identify the source of leakage, dry the interior of the boat and place the boat on the water. Aluminum boat repair, Hull repair, leak repair, crack repair, fuel tank repair, engine housing repair easily with HTS-2000 rods and heat source.
I was quite surprised to find that every aluminum boat owner I talked to said they had some sort of leak.

The heat initially thins the epoxy, allowing it to seep into the smallest crevice, and then speeds the gel time.
Be sure to place many people around the boat at the stern mid ship and at the bow to detect water coming in. When we have these we are given the opportunity to go out on the water and fish or just enjoy the beauty of it all.
To reduce the possibility of destruction or distortion, I tilted the boat and only filled one end at a time since filling the boat up entirely might have done more damage to the seams.
Heat  the repair area with a propane torch (a heat gun will work) up to 180–220°F to dry out the repair area.

Being available in a sheet form and being very flexible it is easy to build boats with aluminum.
The only downside to them is that we have to learn the proper maintenance that goes into using them. Complete heating and filling each rivet or seam section before moving on to the next to avoid too much heat loss.

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