Hey guys I am new to the forum here and new to the whole jet boat seen and need your advice. Some get UHMW installed on the bottom because it slides over rocks better, but, it adds weight and because it is usually bolted on it adds leak potential.
I would advise adding strakes to the bottom, otherwise it will be like driving a car with bald tires on ice. I run shallow water bowfishing and I am tired of tearing up props and having to stay in the main channels while running to my fishing locations so I am embarking on the new task of building a bowfishing jet boat.

I would really like to have a true flat slick bottom for 14' then have it rise up this will allow for good water displacement when fishing on the front .
Berkley style pumps give more speed, ones like Hamilton 212 work better in aerated white water and are supposed to haul more load.
I am a do it yourself guy too, but, think it would be hard to built a boat for less than you could get a good used boat for right now, considering the cost of aluminum, a pump, marinizing a motor. Get some ideas about what you like and how they work, then decide what to do and if you still want to built you would have a lot more knowledge to decide how and what you want.

It is my understanding that a true flat bottom doesn't handle well and corners like a bitch.
Something like a 10 degree rise isn't going to sacrifice shallow water running and with a 6' bottom and an inboard it it not going to be a tippy platform when setting still.

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