That's a stroker hull with a custom flats cap, it'll be awhile before it's a production model stroker flats if ever. My neighbor just put a 2011 250 Pro XS (not the racing version) on his 20' Lake and Bay and hit 85 with a poling platform and a 4-blade.
I ran a Lake and Bay Backwater 20, which is heavier than the Boca and set up a little different (old back country mold I believe). You know how fast I could get 60 miles offshore and back with a cooler full of fish on a flat day? Crafted with cold-molded technology and designed with the traditional Carolina flare and sharp entry into the water, our Carolina-style custom fishing boats combine aesthetics and efficiency.
My newest design, a super-lightweight technical poling skiff, perfect for long durations of poling and extreme shallow areas. This super-lightweight 17.5 flats boat has excellent maneuverability and pointing capabilities.
The combination of tunnel and recessed transom allows this boat to get on a plane quickly in very shallow water. Notice: As we change website servers some preview images to articles on this website may be broken, we are working to fix the issue. The Ambush can be paddled standing up, it can be paddled sitting down, and it can be motored. I would definitely recommend checking these little skiffs out and giving Pelican a shout if you’re interested!
Matt is an avid outdoorsman from South Florida who grew up on the 'Glades and now fishes the East Central Florida lagoon system. SkinnySkiff offers a variety of ways to promote your brand, products, and ideas to the shallow water fishing community. Product ReviewsHave a new product you want to expose to the shallow water skiff market and the community? Partner ProductsWork with us to develop your brand and your product to the inshore fishing community.
As the name suggests, this boat is built for the flats – large expanses of shallow water that border our nation’s coastline.
Typically, the flatter the hull the more shallow the draft, and the more uncomfortable the ride. In addition to the shape of the hull, weight plays a major role in determining draft, which is critical when fishing miles of water less than two feet deep.
Flats boats most suited for fly fishing have a very large, unobstructed front deck giving you ample room for holding that 70 feet of running line you plan to shoot to that rolling tarpon. Another common feature of many flats boats are wide gunnels – the upper railing of a boat’s side, that allow you to walk around the boat without stepping into the cockpit.

This boat made by Shallow Sport, with its extremely flat hull, will cruse in less than three inches of water without causing damage to the fragile seabed beneath. Fly fishermen find flat large spaces most helpful when stripping line of the reel for a long cast. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. I have been fishing the flats in my bass boat but it sux not being able to stand up and drive in shallow water. I had to get used to sitting down while running the flats but this boat runs so shallow its kinda hard to get into trouble, especially if you are familiar with the areas you fish. What this flats skiff has that others don’t is added stability, both on the poling platform and the bow deck.
Basically a scaled-down version of my 28′ bottom, it has a deeper forefoot and more deadrise than traditional flats skiffs.
This vessel can be used as a paddle board, kayak, and small outboard powered flats machine. Thousands of people view the website and associated social media accounts per month, making SkinnySkiff one of the fastest growing fishing communities on the web.
A well designed hull, fitted with the right selection of hardware, makes an excellent craft from which to hunt your wary prey.
This water may be protected by coral, sand bars, mangroves, small islands or large masses of land and is typically less than three feet deep. This boat is capable of cruising over three feet of chop while drafting in only 12 inches of water. Whereas a “V” shaped hull is more suited for rougher water, trading the more comfortable ride for an increase in draft.
The heavier the hull, larger the motor, and the more hardware, people and gear on the boat, the deeper the boat will draft. A deck that’s laid out well is free of hardware that entangles your fly line or causes trip hazards for you and your fishing partners. A gunnel also gives you a comfortable place to lean over when releasing a fish and a suitable step for moving from the boat to the dock.
Not found on all flats boats, this platform is located on top of a metal frame just above the motor, and allows a person to pole the boat through the shallows. Book a trip with a guide and fly fish from a flats boat for something exciting, like a bonefish or permit. This need, coupled with a shallow draft, pushed me towards the flats boat – more specifically the Phantom 18. Its greater beam and the deadrise progression from the transom to the forefoot give it a more efficient running bottom; therefore it requires less horsepower for its size.

I fell in love with this miniature flats skiff when I first saw it posted online during the build process of the prototype.
I don’t care who you are, these little guys are the coolest new concept to enter the arena in years.
With a self bailing cockpit and dry storage hatch this craft is unlike any other on the market. Flats boat designs vary from an almost flat hull from bow to stern, similar to the Shallow Sport Sprint, to a modified “V”suitable for rougher water, like Dolphin’s 18 foot Backcountry Pro. Boat designers and builders usually find some type of compromise between an extremely shallow flat hull and the better ride of the “V” hull. Builders tackle the problem with varying designs and by using high strength, low weight materials.
Modified “V” hulls typically have wide gunnels, but some of your flatter hulls are built without gunnels.
Taking turns fishing and poling works well with two or three anglers, and this platform gives you a high vantage point for spotting fish. Because of this, you’ll find most flats boats have a modified hull with a “V” shape towards the bow that gradually flattens out toward the stern. Technical poling micro skiffs, like Hell’s Bay’s Skate, and boats made with Kevlar and carbon fiber, like Maverick’s 17 HPX Micro, are light-weight performance hulls capable of poling over the shallowest of flats.
Some flats boats do not come equipped with a platform and are added later or not at all, depending on the interests of the owners. I’m sure you have plenty more considerations, those just happen to be the two that jump out at me. I dont remember what prop he was running but he did say it was set-up for charters and was capable of more speed with taller prop. Dont know if they still build that boat but it was solid, good handling, good fishing boat and had an awesome look to it as well. If you are looking for triple-digit speed you will most likely have to go with a tunnel that is made out of the kevlar instead of glass. The Allisons will haul azz with just about any power you put on em but you need to know what your doing if you drive one.

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