Floating docks are perfect for fluctuating water conditions, mucky shorelines, non-uniform lake bottom surfaces, and deep-water areas. These floating boat docks are constructed of high quality marine alloy aluminum for maximum strength and durability.
The interlocking aluminum deck design and the thickness of the aluminum make this the sturdiest decking on the market. Features a high solids epoxy oven-baked white or beige enamel finish textured for skid resistance and your safety.

Mulhairs Inc is an authorized dealer of Porta-Dock for South Dakota, Iowa, and Western Minnesota.
Dock & Boat Lift SalesAuthorized Porta-Dock Dealer for South Dakota, Iowa and Western Minnesota.
We make your lake experience simple with easy to install, low maitenence docks and boat lifts. Porta-Dock’s unique modular design and construction allow endless dock system configuration options — without sacrificing stability.

Use our interactive dock configurator to build the dock of your dreams, complete with parts list.

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