So anyway I thought I'd have some fun & scratch build myself an airboat from crashed plane parts. This boat may see some service as a rescue boat for downed seaplanes so I want to be able to reverse to make that job easier. As she's only a baby airboat, I'm using 5mm DollarTree foam-board for the majority of this build. Its been suggested (on another forum) that I install a prop guard if I'm to use this as a rescue boat. The idea being this is used only when needed, the rest of the time she's a regular airboat. I'm thinking with that setup, I can probably get away without needing a prop guard, maybe *shrug*. About halfway though wetting the fiberglass (brushing on the epoxy resin) I started to run low on resin. Wanting to avoid any new unpleasantness with the paper I removed all the paper from the top deck before glassing that. Rather than add layer after layer of heavy, expensive resin to the fiberglass to get a nice finish, I've found that a couple of coats of watered down drywall spackling produces an awesome finish. I sanded most of the spackling back to the fiberglass, love the way it fills in the cloth's weave. Well the hull is looking pretty true but at some point I'm going to want this thing to turn. I was all set on a nice simple red & white color scheme until I found myself ogling the cool color choices at the paint store. RC Planes Radio Control Remote Controlled Airplanes Plus Remote Control Plane Parts In Stock Today. The very detailed plan set is in PDF format tiled onto 61 Pages - this can be printed out on a home A4 printer to save on costs printing large sheets. Set paper size in the print options in the Adobe print menu - ensure paper size setting is correct.

Think big - make a model Oil Tanker, this ship does the job of an oil production platform, it is a post panamax oil tanker size, a great project that will produce a unique model.
This is a large scale model Alaskan Crab Fishing Boat project that was started in September 2012. The free plans are for a 1:28 scale model of a fishing vessel that is similar to the Cornelia Marie Crab Fishing Boat featured in Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch.
The model was made using a foam core which was hollowed out after covering with Epoxy Resin and Glass Fiber matting. The Ballast used was concrete which was poured into the bottom of the hull after removing the Expanded Polystyrene Foam with a cutting blade and the remaining foam brushed with Acrylic Thinner to melt the foam. The concrete once cured and aged was covered with a coat of Epoxy Resin to provide a waterproof surface.
Powered by a 24v high torque motor run on 12v, the Model Crab Fishing Boat uses a large Octura x472 propeller that is normally used with a 26cc Zenoah Petrol Engine to power an RC Racing Power Boat. Due to the considerably slower RPM than the prop is designed for, the power train only uses 2 Amps at full speed and propels the model boat way faster than a scale speed at full power. Floatation and ballast was checked and the hull loaded with dry cement and sand to achieve an approximate scale waterline with the power battery and motor installed.
The Devil is In The Detail, and the longest and most difficult part of the build project is the detailing. Painting the Model Alaskan Crab Fishing Boat - normal cans of Automotive Acrylic Spray Paint was used after preparing the surface with two good coats of primer. The paint work is protected by 4 layers of Clear Acrylic Spray which is lightly sanded between coats. If you are into Building your Model Aircraft from scratch, here are various RC plans and moulds like canopies, cowls and other plastic replacement parts. Apart from flying RC aircrafts, building your own plane can make your RC aviation hobby more fulfilling. Veron Police Boat plan copies turn up on ebay from time to time but the author`s family still sell originals.

We made own plans from an italian yacht and showed at tv, how to build in a very short time a cheap project. I know airboats can be pretty squirly so I may mess around with a little gyro stabilization fun. Gas RC Planes, Nitro RC Planes, Nitro Methane RC Planes, And .RC Hydrofoam HydroFlyers in stock now. You will notice that the bridge superstructure is at the opposite end (bow) to a normal Tanker. The Model Alaskan Crab Fishing Boat Scale Model weighs in at just under 17kg to give it a scale water line. A fair amount of Expanded Polystyrene Foam was left in place at the bow and stern to act as floatation should the hull fill with water. No specific reason for the choice of prop - I had one in my RC box and it pulled the right amount of Amps for the speed I wanted. A little bit of overkill but when you have a large carrier bag full of burned out speed controllers, looking at extra amperage is far better than looking for it!
The remaining ballast will be added at a later test to achieve the balance and correct waterline once the model is finished.
However, I remember what Dodgy had to go through to get a new forum started and I don't think I have the time or perseverance to make that happen.
I find the best way is a compromise and those extra little details can be added in between projects on a rainy day. It’s a blast watching the reactions to what looks like a boat to the casual observer suddenly .

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