Over 330,000 summer steelhead, one of Oregon's iconic fish, are expected to return to the Columbia and Willamette rivers.
The summer steelhead run peaks in June and July when the fish return in large numbers from the ocean and head into the rivers. Children 13 and younger must have a free Youth Under 14 Angling License and a Juvenile Combined Angling Tag ($8.50). Recipe: Potato Crusted Steelhead with Leeks and Wild Mushrooms - from one of Portland's master chefs. To help residents going to Seafair by boat, Bellevue is offering free satellite parking for the Southeast 40th Street Boat Launch and providing free shuttles from that lot to the launch.

Drivers put their boat in the water, leave passengers with it, and go to the Bannerwood lot. To get to Bannerwood, take Interstate 405 North to SE 8th Street, east on SE 8th, right on Lake Hills Connector, right on Richards Road, and left at the Bannerwood sign. Children under 13 years old are required to wear life jackets in boats less than 19 feet long. Not only are steelhead relatively easy to catch - they move in shallow water and you don't need specialized gear - but there are lots of places to toss a line, from Rainer Riverfront Park in Rainer to Cedar Island Park in West Linn. Simply access the map from your iPhone by scanning this QR code, choose Bookmarks, then a€?Add to Home Screen.a€? The map icon will appear, allowing you to directly access and browse the map while on the go.

Shuttles will take drivers back to the launch and at the end of the day, return them to their vehicles.
If the parking lot is full at the boat launch (118th Avenue Southeast and Southeast 40th Street), residents can park at the Bannerwood Sports Park lot (1630 132nd Ave.

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