The plans I have looked at are the Selway-Fisher motor canoe, Ross Lilliston Fleet, and countless others. Good luck in your search and I am in Fairbanks if you want to look at some potential boats. If stability is the only problem and the cheap canoe is big enough, why not just build a stabilizer or two for it? You can get epoxy at West Marine in Anchorage or at Plaschem located in either Wasilla or Houston. If management will not approve a multi hull I think you're on the right track with the motor canoe.
Long and narrow to make lifting as easy as possible but these are not ultralights and total weight starts to become a problem for cartopping. Comments - - -"Feel Free" is a convenient size for taking your friends out fishing in the bay or for family jaunts along the river. The company normally acts as broker for the vendor, who unless otherwise stated is not selling in the course of a business. Antique hit stationary engines gas gasoline steam, Antique engines, hit and miss engines, antique tractors & old machinery now in our 21st year of ads!.
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First Motor boat with double 120hp inboard engines, made in China, for 6 passengers, suitable for your whole family holiday.
The new Elco EP-1200 with rated power of 12 shaft HP, continuous, is a totally enclosed 3-phase AC motor provides extreme reliability and efficiency with only one moving part (the rotor) mounted on two permanently sealed deep grooved ball bearings. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I build the Cheap Canoe this spring and it was a great experience but was to tippy for use with my two children under 6. I have been able to source BS1088 plywood locally, but still have to find who sells epoxy resin locally or the best place to order it from that ships to Alaska. The candlefish 13 looks good but concerned about the amount of material required and the method of build. I have the Scott Bushman model and as stable as it is, I find it pretty narrow for operating the motor. Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of these particulars, the correctness is not guaranteed, and they are intended as a guide only and do not constitute a part of any contract.
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The motor is splash proof and can sustain submersion for a limited period of time while still operational. This allows the skipper to provide extra power at his or her discretion when needed for safety. This winter I would like to build somthing that is cartop able, a tow vehicle is not in the budget, will fit on adult along with two children.

I know all boats are compromises, but the project will give me somthing to work on when winter hits with the little ones. The batteries offer 6 to 8 hours of power to the motor before they will need to be recharged. The system is smaller and lighter than the gas or diesel motor it can replace and is easily mounted in the same location and manner as the gas or diesel motor would be.
It would be used on the local lakes and rivers, and maybe in a pinch on saltwater or larger alaska rivers.
If you can find something in wood that approximates that hull, it would be very stable for your family. Easily car-toppable it would be fine for most of the smaller interior lakes and would be fine on the Chena, as well.
The environmentally friendly 27e affords its captain and crew the same great sailing performance as that of a standard H-27 with the added benefit of being truly a green sailing vessel. So the biggest danger on the rivers, besides the snags, are the jet boats that are going really fast. Altho small, I would think it would b well within your skill set and be big enough for an adult and two small kids. The plans are free and while you save and plan for a larger boat for the future, you can be using this one.

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