Now for a list of Rowboats, length and width and website link for each rowboat are included. Hopefully having a list of a very large number of rowboats will assist potential boat builders in knowing what boats are out there.
A free download of this list is available as a text file, just put the text into your html page, and thats all that is needed.
The Hudson Springs Pram was the outgrowth from a conversation with a man with a small rowing boat in the back of his truck.
I then proceeded to come up with some designs that would cross the gap between a V-bottomed boat and a pure flat bottomed, Jon style boat.

Note that my first attempt at a list and I have found over 400 different rowboats (450 as of Jan 2016). If you build this boat you should think of how it is going to be used and place seats and rowing positions apropriately.
If you want to build a boat do your homework first, learn to use the tools, make a model, work safely. Please note it is not easy to find the borderline between a rowing boat that can be sailed, and a sailboat that can in theory be rowed.
You could use thickened epoxy, Polyurethane adhesive, Some of the new waterproof white wood glue or a more traditional resorcinol.

Because of the large size of the images needed to be legible I have split the plan in several pages.
Epoxy fills gaps well and likes a loose clamping.My personal choice would be to build it as a stitch and glue boat.

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