Renovatie en oorspronkelijke kleuring van aluminium en kunststofMet name bij aluminium en kunststof kozijnen die niet worden onderhouden in overeenstemming met de voorschriften ontstaan zichtbare tekenen van verkleuring en aantasting. SodanA® TopCoat I is uitermate geschikt om RVS dispensers te behandelen en deze behoeven nooit meer opgepoetst te worden met paraffine olie of ander onderhoudsmiddel. Bent u een flexibel en enthousiast bedrijf, staat u open voor een geheel nieuwe markt van oppervlakte behandeling, dan zijn wij op zoek naar u als nieuwe partner. Momenteel zijn wij naarstig op zoek naar bedrijven die in BelgiA«, Duitsland, Luxemburg, Spanje, ItaliA« en Engeland onze producten willen verkopen. Onze garantie aan u is dat u het product onder Private Label op de markt kan afzetten zodat uw product beschermd is.
Black sea Boatyard commenced a year ago the project called 42,5 meter steel hull motoryacht with high tensile steel and aluminium superstructure. Yacht Charter in Turkey along Mediterranean Turquoise  Coast, namely Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, furthermore the neighbouring Greek islands are within our reach. For centuries Turkish gulets are being used for fishing and cargo transportations in shallow waters and nowadays are being enjoyed for Gulet charter vacations in Turkey. Last night we used the Marine 31 Stainless Steel Liquid Polish and to clean and polish the stainless steel grill on the 1947 Buick Slantback Land Yacht. After polishing we sealed the surface using Marine 31 Stainless Steel Liquid Sealant by hand using a microfiber applicator pad. The results from what we did above looked great but the next day, I wanted to see what I could do with the same microfiber pad and polish but I switched over to a Flex PE14 lightweight, compact rotary polisher.
After machine polishing with the Flex I could see some swirl marks in the stainless so I re-applied the polish by hand using a little elbow grease and easily removed them. Huge improvement that really adds to the overall shine and beauty of this car after we machine polished the paint. Paris authorities view the building project - which made central Paris a construction site pockmarked with cranes for seven years - as an opportunity to gentrify the 70s complex that was often voted among the city's biggest eyesores by disgruntled Paris residents, and also attract a share of the millions of tourists who visit the city every year.
The previous incarnation of Les Halles became associated more with the myriad gangs of youths who traveled in on regional trains from the less-affluent suburbs to hang out there than it was for its rich past - as the gilded food market and shelter the French king would use to impress merchants in the 12th Century and the culinary heart of the city that 19th-century novelist Emile Zola famously called "the belly of Paris".
Today, a giant, green high-tech glass-and-metal undulating "canopy" roof designed by architects Patrick Berger and Jacques Anziutti sparkles in the spring sunshine.
And 35 new stores and restaurants hope to restore the site its culinary and cultural prowess, including a posh brasserie by Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse and a literary eatery designed by Philippe Starck with the slogan "Feed Your Mind".
But not everyone is convinced that the attempted gentrification of Paris' main artery to the poorer regional suburbs will work. The new canopy is a stark contrast to its predecessor - a hangout so ingrained in youth and urban culture that Les Halles is even cited in French rap songs.
To fanfare more than three years ago, Asia Pulp and Paper promised to use only plantation woods after an investigation by one of its strongest critics, Greenpeace, showed its products were partly made from the pulp of endangered trees.
Greenpeace welcomed the announcement as a breakthrough and the company, long reviled by activists as a villain, rebranded itself as a defender of the environment, helping it to win back customers that had severed ties.
When it went public with its plans for the mill in 2013, APP said it would produce 2 million tons a year and acknowledged earlier this year the mill's capacity could in the future increase to 2.8 million tons.
New research released on Wednesday by a dozen environmental groups estimates that APP will face a significant shortfall in its supply of plantation-grown wood after the new mill begins operating, even at a 2.0 million ton capacity.
How the mill, which could operate for more than half a century, is fed will be a factor in the survival of Indonesia's tropical forests and the endangered wildlife they shelter. More generally, the draining and destruction of peatlands for forestry or agriculture will over decades release vast amounts of carbon that could jeopardize Indonesia's ability to meet its emission reduction targets.
The death toll from Ecuador's earthquake was set to rise sharply after authorities warned that 1,700 people were still missing and anger gripped families of victims trapped in the rubble. Three days after the powerful 7.8-magnitude quake struck Ecuador's Pacific coast in a zone popular with tourists, nearly 500 people are known to have died, the government said on Tuesday. Sniffer dogs and mechanical diggers were busy at work in the wreckage of coastal towns such as Pedernales and Manta as the stench of rotting bodies grew stronger under the baking sun.
International rescuers and aid groups rushed to help victims as searchers dug for families trapped in the debris of homes, hotels and businesses.
In a glimmer of good news as he toured the affected areas, President Rafael Correa said that 54 people had been rescued alive from the rubble.
Still, hope of finding more victims alive was fading fast as the crucial three-day mark was reached late on Tuesday.
Luis Felipe Navarro said he was sure there were people alive in the concrete and twisted metal of a building he owned - one of around 800 structures toppled in the quake. Hundreds of emergency workers from Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Spain and other countries were helping overwhelmed Ecuadorean officials. Fears rose for thousands of people left homeless by the quake, prey to disease-bearing mosquitoes and dirty drinking water.
Firefighting captain Freddy Arca pointed to the ruins of a hotel in Manta as drills and jackhammers rattled around him.
It said landslides were complicating rescue efforts in some areas, and some towns were without electricity.
In Pedernales, some 180 kilometers north of Manta, a football pitch was serving as a makeshift morgue, medical center and distribution center.
US President Barack Obama called Correa on Tuesday and told him the United States would do "all it can to support Ecuador's recovery," the White House said. Ecuador's government said it had access to $600 million in emergency credit overall, but Correa said rebuilding will cost up to $3 billion and could take two or three years. Premier Li Keqiang sent condolences to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday over earthquakes that jolted Kumamoto Prefecture in southwestern Japan last week. China will continue to keep a close watch on the aftermath of the disaster and stands ready to provide necessary help, he added. Searchers found a man's body on Wednesday in a landslide-hit area, bringing the death toll to 48 from two powerful earthquakes.
Kumamoto Prefecture said that another 11 have died from illnesses believed to be related to the physical stress of evacuation. More than 100,000 people are homeless or have fled their homes as aftershocks continue to shake the area.
A woman complains about what she says is a lack of help in her town of Jama, Ecuador, on Wednesday, after an earthquake struck off the country’s Pacific coast on Saturday. Bleaching occurs when the water is too warm, forcing coral to expel living algae and causing it to calcify and turn white.
Although the impact has been exacerbated by one of the strongest El Nino weather systems in nearly 20 years, scientists believe climate change is the underlying cause. The Great Barrier Reef stretches 2,300 km along Australia's northeast coast and is the world's largest living ecosystem. US President Barack Obama warned Australia 18 months ago of the risk of climate change to the reef during a G20 meeting.
UNESCO's World Heritage Committee last May stopped short of placing the Great Barrier Reef on an "in danger" list, but the ruling raised long-term concerns about its future. Australia is one of the largest carbon emitters capita because of its reliance on coal-fired power plants for electricity. Despite pledging to cut carbon emissions, Australia has continued to support fossil fuel projects, including Adani Enterprises Ltd's proposed $7.7 billion Carmichael coal project in the Galilee Basin in western Queensland. The findings will likely place pressure on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ahead of an expected federal election on July 2. Oliver Lanyon, senior ranger with the Great Barrier Reef region of the Queenlsand Parks and Wildlife Service, takes photographs and notes during an inspection of the reef’s condition in an area called the Coral Gardens. That former student received an in-person apology from one of the men, Brother Lawrence Lambert, in 2014. The former student said the school sent Lambert away after the 1965 attack, only to have him return to serve as elementary-school principal for nearly two decades. Allegations from former students have been published in an English-language Tokyo newspaper but otherwise have received little attention in Japan. There are only about 500,000 Catholics in the country of 127 million, and the school is aimed at foreigners like the three former students rather than Japanese. School officials say they reported the chapel rape allegations to Tokyo police when the victim approached them in 2013. Australia's Transport Minister Darren Chester said stenciling of key words and numbers fully matched the font used by Malaysia Airlines, and was not the same one used by the Boeing factory when delivering aircraft.
He said this "link' proved that both pieces, one from the horizontal stabilizer and the other from the wing, were from the missing Boeing 777 which went missing on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board. Chester said the search for the missing jetliner would continue, and it was once again ready to searching the final 20,000 square kilometers in the search area. Pieces of a Boeing 777 found in Mozambique came from missing flight MH370, according to Australian investigators.
A day after India's solicitor general told the Supreme Court that it won't request the return of the 106-carat Koh-i-Noor diamond, which is now part of the British crown jewels, the government reversed track and said it would make all possible efforts to bring the diamond back. India's solicitor general had said on Monday that Britain shouldn't have to give the diamond back, since it was given freely to the British in the mid-19th century by the family of Punjab's Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and had been "neither stolen nor forcibly taken by British rulers". But on Tuesday, the Culture Ministry issued a statement saying it had yet to make its position known, and that India's government would try to bring back the diamond.
The ministry said the stone was a "valued piece of art with strong roots in our nation's history" and that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was determined to get it back.
The diamond is on display in the Tower of London, set in front of the Queen Mother's crown. The Koh-i-Noor, which means "Mountain of Light", was discovered in the Golconda mines in what is now the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. India along with Pakistan and Afghanistan have long squabbled over who has the rightful claim to the diamond. During a 2010 visit to India, British Prime Minister David Cameron told local media that the diamond would stay in Britain.
Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun reduced Liang's second-degree manslaughter conviction to criminally negligent homicide before announcing the sentencing decision. Liang, previously convicted in February of fatally shooting African-American Akai Gurley, was the first policeman from the New York Police Department to be convicted of homicide in the shooting death of a civilian since 2005. A bullet from Liang's service weapon ricocheted and accidentally killed Gurley, an unarmed civilian, when the former police officer was patrolling in a housing project in the borough of Brooklyn in late November in 2014. The reduced conviction and sentencing came after a massive rally in more than 30 US cities in February over the manslaughter conviction. Tuesday's sentencing was welcomed by the city's Asian-American community and Liang's supporters. A few dozen Asian-American advocates had been standing outside the courthouse for the announcement of sentencing.
In a surprise speech at the closing ceremony of the 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, Fidel Castro backed the economic changes begun five years ago by his younger brother and the current leader Raul Castro. At Tuesday's closing ceremony of the 7th PCC Congress, Raul Castro was re-elected as the PCC's first secretary for the next five years.
The greatest danger facing humanity is weapons of mass destruction, which could undermine the planet's peace and order, said Fidel Castro in his speech, stressing that human beings must adapt and learn more about the reality of the world and its dangers. The elder Castro said he had not expect to live this long, referring to his upcoming 90th birthday.
Fidel Castro gives a surprise speech at the closing ceremony of the 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba in Havana on Tuesday.
Trump's crushing defeat of Ted Cruz in Tuesday's primary election tilted the energy in the Republican race back to the front-runner, just as Republican National Committee members begin meeting in Florida on Wednesday to discuss their July convention, where the nominee will be chosen.
For the Democratic favorite, Clinton's more narrow victory over Bernie Sanders snapped a string of victories by the 74-year-old democratic socialist and gave her a much-needed lift with more tough fights ahead.
The eventual victors of the Democratic and the Republican nominating campaigns will face each other in November's general election. Trump's win, celebrated to the tune of Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" at Trump Tower in Manhattan, marked a rebound from his Wisconsin defeat two weeks ago. With a campaign staff reboot and a more focused performance, Trump has sought to improve in recent weeks as a candidate.
Still, he has a long way to go to seal the nomination and begin trying to heal the wounds in his bitterly divided party. Trump's haul of most of New York's 95 delegates moved him closer to the 1,237 needed to win the nomination outright. Cruz came in third in New York and gave his primary night speech in Philadelphia, where he was already focused on running in Pennsylvania. Clinton, a former US senator from New York, former secretary of state and former first lady, got nowhere near the knockout punch she needed to finally put Sanders away. But the broad smile on her face as she gave her victory speech spoke volumes about how important New York was to her bid to become the first female US president. The race for the Democratic nomination, she said, is now in "the home stretch, and victory is in sight". France plans to extend a state of emergency declared after the Paris terror attacks to cover the period of the Euro 2016 football tournament and the Tour de France cycle race, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Wednesday. At least 21 people including nine children died after a boat capsized off the coast of Rakhine on its way to a market in Pauktaw on Tuesday. A Malaysian has been arrested for trying to smuggle more than half a ton of cannabis into his country across Thailand's southern border, police said on Tuesday. The Israeli military on Wednesday demolished the home of a Palestinian who carried out a lethal stabbing attack in a West Bank Jewish settlement in January. Houston schools were scheduled to reopen on Wednesday after heavy rains and flooding killed at least six people and forced the cancellation of classes for two days in the country's fourth most populous city. The death toll in Tuesday's deadly bombing in the Afghan capital of Kabul has risen to 64 with 347 others injured, an Interior Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday. In the 1940s and 1950s, the Brazilian authorities made such an assault on Aedes aegypti - the mosquito that spreads the Zika virus - that it was eradicated from Latin America's largest country by 1958.
But Aedes aegypti has returned, and now Brazil has launched another offensive against the pest, employing hundreds of thousands of troops to fumigate and educate people about how to eliminate its habitats. But eradication experts say there is little chance Brazil can come anywhere near stamping out the pest like it did a half century ago. Eradication efforts so far have been disjointed and more public relations than substance, critics say. Even before the virus reached crisis levels early this year, Brazil had trouble maintaining routine eradication efforts.
Health Minister Marcelo Castro has repeatedly defended the government's efforts, arguing the most effective way to fight mosquitoes isn't with chemicals but rather by eliminating breeding sites.

In the decades before 1958, the driving force for the campaigns was yellow fever, also transmitted by the Aedes aegypti.
Rolando Saba, an 84-year-old retired engineer, said the brigades were ubiquitous but kept a low profile, in sharp contrast to what he considers the flash efforts today. Saba said he was put off when, during a much-publicized recent spraying, ministers and the president of the central bank were among those going door to door. And larvae of disease-carrying Aedes aegypti can last up to a year, meaning eradication efforts are threatened by every international traveler and every import - risks in a country that is visited by millions of tourists.
Many scientists believe Zika was introduced to Brazil during the 2013 Confederations Cup soccer tournament. The World Health Organization has deemed Zika an "international emergency" and its global nature could hurt Brazil's fight against it. Founded 12 centuries ago by a pioneering woman and nestled in the old medina of Fez, Morocco's University of al-Qarawiyyin library is one of the world's oldest libraries, home to unique Islamic manuscripts treasured by historians. From calligraphic designs on the walls to ceramic patterns on the floors and wooden carvings on the ceilings, the fingerprint of almost every ruling dynasty since the 9th century can be seen in the architecture. A devout and wealthy Muslim woman from the Tunisian town of Kairaouan, Fatima al-Fihri, provided the endowment for building al-Qarawiyyin in the 9th century.
The library houses a collection of manuscripts written by renowned thinkers from the region, including Ibn Khaldun's Muqadimmah.
Other texts include a 9th-century Quran written in Kufic calligraphy, and a manuscript on the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence by Ibn Rochd, also known as Averroes.
The manuscripts are now kept in a secure room, with strict temperature and humidity control. Touring a city ravaged by the earthquake that killed at least 413 people, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa on Monday said rebuilding would cost billions of dollars and may inflict a "huge" toll on the fragile OPEC nation's economy. Two days after the magnitude 7.8 quake, traumatized survivors begged Correa for water in the city of Portoviejo, while a soccer stadium in the beach town of Pedernales served as a makeshift relief center and morgue. Afraid of staying indoors, or with no home to go back to, families huddled in the streets, while police and soldiers patrolled in a bid to control looting. Seeing the devastation first hand, a visibly moved and grim-faced Correa warned that Ecuador's biggest disaster in decades would put a big toll on the poor Andean country of 16 million people. Relief workers were confronted with swathes of flattened homes, roads and bridges as they surveyed the destruction wrought by Saturday night's quake, and the death toll was expected to rise. Plunging income from oil, Ecuador's biggest earner, had already consigned economic growth forecasts to near zero this year. The energy industry, fortunately, escaped any serious damage and the main refinery of Esmeraldas was due to start up again on Monday night and reach full capacity in a week.
Michael Henderson, at risk consultancy Maplecroft, said Ecuador was less well equipped to recover than Chile, where a 2010 earthquake caused an estimated $30 billion in damage. Ecuador also announced late on Monday that it had signed off on a credit line for $2 billion from the China Development Bank to finance public investment.
The disaster may also push Correa to seek help from the International Monetary Fund, consultancy Eurasia said. But some survivors complained about lack of electricity and supplies, and aid had still not reached some areas. Shaken Ecuadoreans lined up for food and blankets, slept in the rubble of their destroyed homes or congregated in the street after the most destructive quake since a 1979 magnitude 7.7 quake killed at least 600 people and injured 20,000, according to the US Geological Survey. Rescuers pause as they search for earthquake victims amid the rubble in Manta, Ecuador, on Monday.
Two major earthquakes and about 600 smaller tremors have rocked the southwestern island of Kyushu since late Thursday, leaving a total of 44 people dead and more than 1,000 injured - 208 of them seriously - in Japan's worst humanitarian disaster in five years. Many who abandoned their damaged or destroyed homes have had to sleep in temporary accommodation, huddle in makeshift shelters or even sleep in their cars, and local media have reported problems in delivering food and other essentials as well as raising health concerns. Nearly 117,000 people were in evacuation shelters, said Takayuki Matsushita, a spokesman for the Kumamoto prefectural government, but he added that the figure does not include those staying with friends or family or in places other than official shelters. Justice Ministry official Koichi Shima said that a prison in the hard-hit city of Kumamoto has accommodated as many as 250 people at a time in the correctional facility's martial arts training hall. The ministry decided to start using prison facilities as evacuation centers after a huge undersea quake in March 2011 killed around 18,500 people when it sent a devastating tsunami barreling into the northeast coast and sparking a nuclear meltdown disaster.
An initial quake on Thursday, measured at 6.2 magnitude by US geologists, affected older buildings and killed nine people. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's comments all but confirmed that Australia was on track to hold its first early election - called a "double dissolution" because both the House of Representatives and the Senate are dissolved - since 1987. Turnbull, whose administration is scheduled to deliver its annual budget to Parliament on May 3, has until May 11 to officially announce an early election. A typical election, in which the entire House of Representatives and half the Senate go to the polls, can be held any time from Aug 6 until January 14, 2017. Turnbull's move comes shortly after an opinion poll showed the government trailing the opposition party for the first time since he took over as leader last year.
The poll was a blow to the ruling party's confidence as it prepares to campaign for a second three-year term in office. Wu Wei resigned from his position as the business school's head corporate finance tutor on Monday after posting a number of derogatory social media posts insulting students from China.
Students in Wu's class created a petition condemning the remarks, which were mostly made last year on Chinese social media outlet Weibo. Workforce diversity specialist Conrad Liveris told Xinhua on Tuesday the comments have no place in a professional context or in an educational institution. Liveris recommended Wu undertake a training and reflective exercise to figure out why he was making such posts, as the comments were "completely out of line". Dean of the University of Sydney Business School Professor Gregory Whitwell added racist, sexist or offensive language was not tolerated. A trip by the US ambassador to the United Nations to Cameroon's front lines in the war against Boko Haram started horrifically on Monday as an armored jeep in her motorcade struck and killed a young boy who darted into the road.
The incident occurred near the small city of Mokolo, in northern Cameroon, where Samantha Power, her aides and accompanying journalists were headed to meet refugees and others displaced by the years of brutal attacks across West Africa. She said she met with the boy's family to "offer our profound condolences and our grief and heartbreak". Power returned to the scene of the bloody accident several hours later to meet the 7-year-old boy's mother and father, while residents of his village stood solemnly on a sandy expanse. The motorcade was moving at a fast clip, at times exceeding 60 mph, while villagers lined up along the sides of the road. At the moment of impact, a man could be seen running up the embankment, with his arms held high, to the street to try to stop the child. The vehicle that hit the boy initially stopped, but was ordered by American security forces to continue traveling through the unsecured area. The boy was rushed to a hospital, though his condition was already hopeless, according to people familiar with the incident, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Several US officials were visibly affected, with one Power aide turning away to cry as his boss met with refugee children shortly afterward. The US has sent troops and drones and offered to send a special operations mission to the fight against Boko Haram. Prosecutors said Yosef Haim Ben-David organized the killing of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khudair.
All three defendants had confessed and said the July 2, 2014, murder was revenge for the killing days earlier of three Israeli youths by Hamas.
Israeli authorities said the suspects had decided to kill an Arab and equipped themselves with cables, petrol and other materials before randomly choosing Abu Khudair. Abu Khudair's killing raised tensions, and a seven-week Israeli offensive against the Hamas-run Gaza Strip began on July 8, 2014. The violence had steadily declined in recent weeks, but on Monday a bomb blast ripped through a bus in Jerusalem and sparked a fire, wounding at least 21 people.
If confirmed as a Palestinian bombing, it would mark a sharp escalation ahead of Jewish Passover celebrations beginning on Friday night.
Many analysts said Palestinian frustration with Israeli occupation and settlement building in the West Bank, and the complete lack of progress in peace efforts were cause of the violence.
A Taliban suicide bomb and gun assault on a government security building during Tuesday morning rush hour in central Kabul killed at least 28 people and wounded more than 320, in the most deadly single attack in the Afghan capital since 2011. President Ashraf Ghani condemned the assault "in the strongest possible terms" in a statement from the presidential palace, located only a few hundred meters away from the scene of the blast. The insurgency led by the Afghan Taliban has gained strength since the withdrawal of most international combat troops at the end of 2014, and the Islamist group is believed to be stronger than at any point since it was driven from power by US-backed forces in 2001.
Police chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi said civilians and members of the Afghan security forces were among those killed and wounded when a suicide car-bomber detonated his explosives outside the wall of a National Directorate of Security office.
It was the worst single militant strike in Kabul since 2011, when about 60 people died in a suicide blast outside a mosque, and will reinforce concerns in Afghanistan and the West that the country is being dragged into a worsening spiral of violence. The Taliban said on their Pashto-language website that they had carried out the suicide bombing on "Department 10", an NDS unit responsible for protecting government ministers and VIPs. They said a suicide car bomber blew up the main gate at the front of the office, allowing other fighters, including more suicide bombers, to enter the heavily guarded compound. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said in a separate statement that the attackers engaged in a gunbattle with Afghan security forces inside the building.
A thick plume of black smoke was seen rising from the area near the sprawling US embassy complex nearby immediately after the blast. Warning sirens blared out for some minutes from the embassy compound, which is also close to the headquarters of the NATO-led Resolute Support mission. The Taliban announced the beginning of their spring offensive on April 12, and fighting has raged around the symbolically important northern city of Kunduz since then. Heavy flooding has become nearly an annual rite of passage in the practically sea-level city, where experts have long warned of the potential for catastrophe.
Flash flooding and more rain were expected later after some areas saw water levels approaching 50 cm.
In addition to its location, Houston's "gumbo" soft soil, fast-growing population and building boom that has turned empty pastures into housing developments all over the city's suburbs and exurbs make it vulnerable to high waters, experts said. Harris County, where Houston and many of its suburbs are located, has seen a 30 percent jump in population since 2000. Some of the resulting developments include adequate greenspace for water runoff, but not all of them do, said Philip Bedient, an engineering professor at Rice University.
Rainstorms last year over Memorial Day weekend caused major flooding that required authorities to rescue 20 people, most of them drivers, from high water. The runaway teen was apprehended in 2014 as he was about to blow himself up outside a district governor's office.
Mohibullah's eyes welled up as he described how he was indoctrinated about the glories of martyrdom as a shortcut to a paradise, filled with chaste virgins and lakes of milk and honey. Mohibullah, whose story offers troubling insight into how Afghanistan's conflict has metastasized into a hidden war on children, was nervously slouched in a chair in the prison warden's office, dressed in a green vinyl jacket and embroidered Kandahari hat.
Behind him, on a white board, were scrawled in Pashto the crimes of fellow inmates: robbery, adultery, sodomy, planting land mines. With hugs, garlands and the promise of an eternal afterlife, he said he was taken on a circuitous journey to Arghandab, passing from one handler to the next, spending nights in the back of cars. Tipped-off officials arrested him before he could reach his target and he was sentenced to four years in a juvenile prison.
Mohibullah's fingers fidgeted nervously in his lap as he spoke, his shoulders sagging apparently under the weight of his own words.
Taliban said "boys with no beards" are never used in military operations, but Afghan authorities report intercepting Taliban child bombers - some as young as six. Officials said children are used as "human missiles", their tiny bodies a nimble conduit of flesh-searing explosives, able to penetrate layers of security. A 2,000-year-old triumphal arch destroyed by the Islamic State group in Syria has been recreated in London's Trafalgar Square. All three people aboard a Robinson helicopter were confirmed dead after it crashed off the tip of Yamal Peninsula in northern Russia, officials announced on Tuesday. German public broadcaster SWR said one of its reporters has been detained upon arrival at Istanbul airport. Staff at a Tennessee university called in the police after finding six rainbow-colored nooses - widely seen as a symbol of racial hatred - hanging from a tree, the institution said. Coral bleaching has been detected in Sydney Harbor for the first time, Australian scientists said on Tuesday, blaming the damaging phenomenon also found in the Great Barrier Reef on warming sea-surface temperatures. Colombia will resume using weed killer to destroy illegal coca crops less than a year after suspending its use due to cancer concerns, the government said on Monday.
Like many teenagers, 19-year-old Negin Khpalwak from Kunar in eastern Afghanistan loves music, but few people of her age have battled as fiercely to pursue their passion in the face of family hostility and threats. Playing instruments was banned outright during the period of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, and even today, many conservative Muslims frown on most forms of music. Negin took her first steps learning music in secret, before eventually revealing her activity to her father.
Now living in an orphanage in the Afghan capital of Kabul, Negin leads the Zohra orchestra, an ensemble of 35 women at the Afghanistan National Institute for Music that plays both Western and Afghan musical instruments. When she went home on a recent visit, her uncles and brothers threatened to beat her for a performing appearance on television, and she had to return to Kabul the next day.
In a country notorious internationally for harsh restrictions on women in most areas of life, Negin's story highlights a double challenge. While children at the school have the support of their parents, they often face pressure from their wider family as well as from religious authorities, he said. Some of the women say their relatives are proud of their achievements, but they face suspicion from others, as well as intimidation. The dangers awaiting performers in Afghanistan were brutally highlighted in 2014, when Sarmast was nearly killed by a suicide bomber who blew himself up during a show at a French-run school in Kabul.
She is ready to leave her family behind for the sake of her music, she said, although, in Afghanistan, family is crucial to most people's sense of their position in the world. The stampone of the world's most famous pieces of postagewas among four of its kind taken from a 1955 collectors' convention. The would-be consignor, a man in his 20s who lives in the United Kingdom, said he'd inherited the stamp from his grandfather and knew little about it, said George Eveleth, head of Spink USA's philatelic department.
While it's unclear whether the man can shed any light on the long-cold trail to the thieves, the stamp was accompanied by an intriguing item: a 1965 letter about a monetary loan from a noted stamp dealer to a well-known auctioneer, both now dead, Eveleth said.
Still, the Bellefonte, Pennsylvania-based philatelic library hopes the stamp's discovery could lead to clues. Worth 24 cents when issued in 1918, inverted Jenny stamps fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars today.

It made its way into popular culture in movies such as 1985's Brewster's Millions, in which Richard Pryor's character uses one to mail a postcard, and television shows including The Simpsons, in which Homer Simpson finds but disregards a sheet of them at a flea market. A grief stricken aunt, Johana Estupinan, now is making the longest journey of her life in a funeral hearse to the town of Esmeraldas, where she will bury her loved ones and break the news of the loss to her sister's three now orphaned children. As Ecuador digs out from its strongest earthquake in decades, tales of devastating loss are everywhere amid the rubble.
Portoviejo, a provincial capital of nearly 300,000, was among the hardest hit, with the town's mayor reporting at least 100 deaths. Estupinan watched as her loved ones were loaded onto a truck-sized hearse for the nighttime drive, the three older ones in dark mahogany coffins and 8-month-old Matias in a casket painted white. She hoped to bury her relatives in Esmeraldas on Monday, but devastation there is also severe and she worried about whether the hearse could make it along roads torn apart by the quake.
The Saturday night quake knocked out power in many parts along the coast and residents who fled to higher ground fearing a tsunami had no home to return to, or feared structures still standing might collapse.
Correa, who cut short a trip to the Vatican, flew directly to the city of Manta from Rome to oversee relief efforts.
As rescuers scrambled through the ruins near the epicenter, in some cases digging with their hands to look for survivors, humanitarian aid began trickling in.
Ecuadorean Veronica Paladines removes debris in a frantic search for her husband in the Tarqui neighborhood in Manta, Ecuador, on Sunday. Seaton’s boats are The late Art DeFever Naval Architect is the human race who rightfully earned cite for creating the cruising yacht designs we commonly foretell trawlers today. Since 1939 Trawlers Characteristics Trawlers are generally defined American Samoa centrifugal yachts that boast fuel efficiency rugged lines sea desirable hull designs for retentive Trawler Yacht 470 FIBERGLASS. Afhankelijk van het gebruikte materiaal, de kwaliteit en de mate van blootstelling aan weersinvloeden, kan al na circa twee jaar sprake zijn van zichtbare achteruitgang. De coating heeft een lange levensduur (5 tot 10 jaar) door een hoge slijt- en kleurvastheid en vocht- en weerbestendigheid, de coating is tevens graffiti bestendig. U hoeft niet te investeren, wij geven een duidelijke demonstratie van de producten en u zult versteld staan. De markt voor oppervlakte behandeling is enorm dus er is altijd een mogelijkheid om als zelfstandige of met meerdere partners in dezelfde regio te werken.
Most people looking at the paint on this car would think it looks pretty good and it is shiny, however it's also covered with overspray paint and overspray undercoating and there are swirls in the clear coat finish from years of wiping with spray detailers. Jeff is a Pro Detailer and offers mobile detailing for daily drivers, show cars, airplanes as well as marine detailing.
This also helps to remove any residues not removed after machine polishing which also helps to increase a clear shine. The Griot's 3" Mini Polisher worked a LOT faster than trying to polish by hand and didn't leave any swirls. At the same time, it was pressing ahead behind the scenes with plans to build a third pulp mill in Indonesia. The company could then face a choice between using higher-cost imported wood or looking the other way as its suppliers encroach upon virgin forests.
We relatives have been waiting here since Saturday night," said Pedro Merro, who said his cousin was under the wreckage of a three-floor market in Manta. Witnesses said two strong tremors of about 30 seconds each woke people up and sent them running into the street.
Many are living in cramped conditions in shelters or even their cars, with limited food and water. In the northern Great Barrier Reef, it's like 10 cyclones have come ashore all at once," said Professor Terry Hughes, conveyor of the National Coral Bleaching Taskforce, which conducted aerial surveys of the World Heritage site. The former student's account of the meeting suggests Lambert might have initially confused him with yet another victim whose assault went unreported. Yet Tokyo police spokesman Satoru Matsunaga said there were no records of the case in their files and no investigation is ongoing. Mary's aware of the attack in 1965, Saburo Kagei, who has headed the school since 2013, said he had been unaware of them.
The font and color of a number stenciled on the first part conforms to that developed and used by Malaysia Airlines.
For many Indians, the loss of the Koh-i-Noor is symbolic of India's subjugation under British colonial rule, and its return is viewed as partial compensation for centuries of economic exploitation. The colorless diamond then passed between Mughal princes, Iranian warriors, Afghan rulers and Punjabi Maharajas before it was given in 1849 to the East India Company, which then offered it to the British queen.
Protesters claimed that Liang was unfairly sacrificed to ease the intensified frictions between the police force and black communities all around the country.
But the ideas of Cuban communists will live on to prove that, if we work with dignity and fervor, we can produce the goods needed by our nation," said an emotional Fidel Castro. It set him up for another big night on April 26, when Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Maryland will hold primaries.
The tone of his victory speech was in keeping with a more measured style the often-brash billionaire has adopted. Some fence-mending may happen when he sends campaign advisers to the RNC meeting starting in Hollywood, Florida, on Wednesday.
Anything short of that will lead to a contested convention when Republicans hold their national conclave on July 18-21 in Cleveland.
New York gives him a nice boost, but it will take weeks before we know the answer," said Ari Fleischer, who was White House press secretary under former president George W.
The measure giving the state heightened security powers was imposed following the Nov 13 jihadist attacks that left 130 dead, and was already extended by three months in February until May 26.
In the attack, Hussein Mohammed Abu Ghosh and another Palestinian armed with knives and improvised explosive devices stabbed two women and were killed by an Israeli security guard.
Floodwaters that had blocked roads to downtown Houston and other main areas of the city have mostly receded, and officials said most people should be able to make it back to work.
The attack took place after a Taliban suicide bomber rammed a truck bomb into the wall of a compound belonged to the country's national intelligence agency on Tuesday.
The assault is part of President Dilma Rousseff's "war" on the Zika virus, which can cause devastating birth defects. The world is different, with globalization bringing more travelers and trade across borders. An Associated Press investigation found that cities and states in Brazil's northeast ran out of larvicide for several months last year.
Periodic outbreaks in Brazil and in cities across the Americas, including the United States, took tens of thousands of lives throughout much of the early 20th century.
People who lived through the campaigns say the brigades, made up largely of municipal workers, were a year-round presence.
Chaouni is hoping it will mark an ideological change, too, and open to the public for the first time in its long history.
Originally a mosque, it expanded in the 10th century to become a university, Abdelmajid El-Marzi, imam and administrator of the mosque, told The Associated Press. The 14th-century historical work spent six months on loan to the Louvre Museum in Paris during the renovations, library curator Abdelfattah Bougchouf said. China has been the largest financier of Ecuador since 2009 and the credit had been under negotiation before the quake. Vice-President Jorge Glas - a potential candidate to succeed Correa in elections next February - flew into the disaster zone within hours to oversee rescue and relief efforts.
The rescuers and desperate families clawed through rubble pulling out survivors two days after a powerful earthquake that killed at least 413 people and devastated a tourist region of Ecuador. But Saturday's more powerful 7.0-magnitude tremor and an ensuing landslide brought even newer structures crashing down. He had previously said he would call for a double dissolution if the Senate failed to pass government legislation that would create a construction industry watchdog. A double dissolution can be called earlier to break a legislative deadlock after the Senate has twice rejected a bill passed by the House. The Newspoll published in The Australian newspaper earlier this month found that support for Turnbull's conservative coalition was behind the center-left Labor Party 49 percent to 51. But when the boy darted onto the two-lane highway, there was no time for the sixth car in Power's convoy to react. A Cameroonian helicopter traveling overhead as part of a large security contingent saw the collision. US officials wouldn't comment immediately on any plans for compensation to the boy's family. Two Jewish youths who helped him abduct the teen, who was bludgeoned, strangled and burned alive, were sentenced in February, one to life imprisonment and the other to a 21-year term.
After receiving psychological assessments, the court ruled he "fully understood his actions" and found him guilty.
Scores of subdivisions were flooded, schools were closed, and there was no power to thousands of residents who were urged to shelter in place. Its surrounding counties have almost grown more than 10 percent since 2000, according to the Greater Houston Partnership, a business group. But this 15-year-old is languishing in prison - jailed after the Taliban preyed on him to become a suicide bomber. A failed mission that has left him locked up in juvenile detention in the southern Kandahar city. He picked one he considered pregnable: the district chief of Arghandab in Kandahar, a lush region filled with grape and pomegranate groves. The Arch of Triumph in Palmyra formed part of one of the world's most extensive ancient archaeological sites. The helicopter was one of three that were having a sightseeing flight on Monday, before it disappeared near Bely Island, according to the regional branch of the Ministry for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense. SWR said Cairo-based TV correspondent Volker Schwenck was given no reason for his detention early on Tuesday.
The noose is a symbol of racial hatred in the United States, where thousands of blacks were lynched in a dozen states including Tennessee between 1877 and 1950, according to a 2015 Equal Justice Initiative report. The scientists estimated around 45 percent of corals in some locations in the harbor have been bleached.
President Juan Manuel Santos last year banned use of glyphosate following a World Health Organization decision to classify it as a carcinogen. He encouraged her, but the reaction from the rest of her conservative Pashtun family was hostile.
While two were recovered over 30 years ago, there had been no sign of the others until this one was submitted to a New York auction house this month and authenticated.
While other stamps are rarer, the Jenny is one of few that is readily recognized even by non-collectors, Eveleth said.
Some were printed with the Curtiss JN-4H "Jenny" biplane inverted, and a savvy customer bought a 100-stamp sheet before anyone realized the error. But the gathering ended in tragedy when a collapsing building crushed 17-year-old Sayira Quinde, her mother, father and toddler brother in their rusting Chevy Blazer. The 7.8-magnitude earthquake left a trail of ruin along Ecuador's normally placid Pacific Ocean coast, buckling highways, knocking down an air traffic control tower and flattening homes and buildings.
The Quinde family drove there from their home hours north up the coast to drop off Sayira at Estupinan's house a week before she was to start classes at a public university on a scholarship to study medicine. With makeshift shelters in short supply, many hunkered down to spend a second straight night outdoors huddled among neighbors. You'd think it less expensive, and more practical, to keep one big boat going than it would be for have two medium sized boats. BOAT PLANS BRUCE Richard John Roberts OFFICIAL WEB web site sauceboat plans boat kits steel boat plans aluminum gravy holder plans fiberglass gravy boat TRAWLER BOAT PLANS. Na verloop van tijd treedt vaak verkleuring op, vormt zich aanslag en ontstaan er lichte beschadigingen. Door onze know-how maken wij vele door zonlicht verweerde oppervlakken weer als nieuw met jarenlange glansgarantie. Be sure to check out the shine and gloss in the after pictures because we also machine polished the paint.
Switching over to the rotary polisher did an even better job or polishing the stainless but keep in mind just like a rotary buffer can leave swirls in paint it can also leave swirls in metals. But this is a step in the right direction to correcting that," said Brooklyn Assembly Member William Colton. Paukaw is surrounded by rivers that feed into the sea and people can only reach the markets in coastal Sittwe, the state capital several dozen kilometers away, by boat. Mohd Nizam Bin Ishak, 34, was stopped on Monday while driving a truck with fake Malaysian license plates at a border checkpoint in Songkhla province. And Brazil is different; its resources are limited as the country suffers through its worst recession in decades and its president is focused on battling impeachment for allegedly breaking fiscal rules in managing government funds. The architect leading its restoration, Fez native Aziza Chaouni, didn't know it existed until she was asked to work on it.
Until now, the privilege of using the library has been limited to scholars who seek formal permission, and authorities haven't decided yet whether to change that.
There's no water, no light, and my house was destroyed," said Jorge Espinel, 40, who works in the recycling business. The Senate rejected the bill for the second time on Monday, providing the trigger Turnbull had been waiting for.
The 6-meter replica - about two-thirds the size of the original - was created from photographs of the original site using 3-D imaging technology. Speaking from Portoviejo late on Sunday he said the earthquake was the worst natural disaster to hit Ecuador since a 1949 earthquake in the Andean city of Ambato, which took over 5,000 lives. Officials expect the death toll and number of injured to rise as rescue and recovery efforts continue. In the lowest 41 years helium has produced more than 400 designs many of which are long compass cruisers that define the modern trawler yacht. Veel gebruikers kiezen ervoor om de oppervlakken met autowax te behandelen, dit is echter erg arbeidsintensief en voor korte duur. For some thin trim pieces this will be okay as you just can't see them, (like the teeth in the grill), but for larger, flatter panels you can either re-polish using a dual action polisher like the Griot's or just do a little re-polishing by hand. Het aanbrengen gebeurt op locatie, kan snel, en levert weinig hinder op voor de omgeving en de gebruikers van het pand.

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