Gaff rigged red tanbark ketch or yawl sailboat sailing in the Port Townsend Bay just outside the Point Hudson Marina.
Most of the traditional running rigging blocks, halyards and sheets have been renewed or improved by the owners.
Electric Ideal windlass with gypsy and chain brake, mounted on heavy deck pad with pipe through deck leading to anchor well.
1 x 12 volt alternator, 1 x 24 volt alternator and 1 x 24 volt heavy duty engine starter and solenoid all serviced early 2011.
The cutter rig sailboat has two jibs, the foremost one usually a high-cut yankee set on the forestay and the other a staysail set on an inner forestay.
One where the yankee is set on a bowsprit and the staysail attached to the bow.This arrangement is normally found on heavy displacement sailboats, as a way of increasing the size of the fore triangle without having to extend the height of the mast. The other where the whole rig is contained inboard, with no bowsprit like the sailboat on the right.You'll find cutter rigs on sloops, ketches and yawls too.
This is slightly more complicated than with a sloop as you've got two headsails and an extra pair of sheets to deal with when going about.

Reefing a cutter in deteriorating conditions usually goes like this:~put first reef in the mainsail, thenput second reef in the mainsailfurl the yankeeput third reef in the mainsailThis will leave you with a deep reefed mainsail and a staysail set on the inner forestay, which should serve you well right up to full gale conditions. On a reach you'll find it very easy to balance your sailboat perfectly with a cutter rig, such that the windvane self-steering gear will have no difficulty in keeping her on course. Slutter isn't a formal term - it sounds a bit derogatory - but most cruising sailors will know what's meant by it. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 Apr 08, 16 08:43 PM2015 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 with tons of upgrades and extras!
Montevideo 43 Apr 02, 16 07:28 AMPassat is a 1980 Montevideo 43, built and designed in South Africa by Fred Schultz. If you have any comments about this boat, corrections to the specifications listed, or can provide additional information or photos, please use the comment form below and share what you can.
It's a flexible, easy to handle rig, which is why I - along with a lot of other cruising sailors - am such a fan of it. Here's how we do it on Alacazam:~centralise the mainsheet on its trackput the helm over and release the yankee sheet as she goes through the windlet go the working runner and set the other onelet go the staysail sheet and haul in on the other yankee sheethaul in on the the yankee sheettrim the yankee until the telltales are flying nicely, then do the same with the staysailMany staysails are set on a self-tacking boom, which means that going-about is simplicity itself.

But when the wind drops and falls well aft of the beam the staysail (now blanketed by the mainsail) starts to flap and disturbs any airflow into the yankee, you're effectively sailing under mainsail alone. We usually set the cutter rig on Alacazam, as it's a great reaching rig for cruising through the Windward and Leeward Islands of the Caribbean.
I created this site mostly for my own browsing pleasure, but if you like it too - all the better. With a sloop you'd probably pole the genoa out to windward in these conditions and sail wing-and-wing. This isn't an option with the cutter rig as you'd be under-canvassed with just a yankee set on the forestay - you'll need a spinnaker, a prospect that doesn't fill some sailboat cruisers' hearts with joy.
Here's a much better approach to finding exactly what you want and getting the best possible deal!

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