In our initial consultation, IBG intake staff will ask a series of questions providing us with a creative starting point. Our design team will work with you relentlessly to create a completely unique and magnificent design until you are more than satisfied. International Boat Graphics is owned and operated by Izart Imaging Inc., which is a full service creative brand design company. Baja Marine offers their customers a wide array of graphic packages and colors to customize their boat.
Once users are done designing they can print a color report to take to the dealership or a cut-out model based on their design.

KASCEN offre l’avantage et l’originalite d’une equipe integree et complete avec bureau d’etudes, atelier decor, studio graphique, audiovisuel et multimedia. Notre equipe accompagne votre projet depuis les premieres esquisses et brainstorms jusqu’a la derniere couche de vernis et la maintenance des installations. Questions typically asked will be such things as how your name about, colours, personality type, overall vision and general inspiration. By the time we process your order, set up a production file, order material, print and laminate as well as arrange the installation; why not create a Marine Identity that you love? When it comes to creative file design and development for use in large format printing, we've got you covered with offset press, CNC (Computer Navigated Cutting) lazer, architectural sign design, embroidery and any aspect of brand development that may be required.

Just search for Boat Wrap install.Our Graphics Kits Are printed on a High Quality Printer and come laminated for protection. We make them for all kinds of custom graphic boat wraps.We can change the name of the boat to what ever one you want just let us know.

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