Create your own Minecraft torch model with this easy to use printable papercraft cut out, print out the A4 template to build your own life sized Minecraft torch. Right click and save image as, print out the Minecraft torch papercraft template, its a good idea to use card when printing, I used A4 presentation 160 gsm card.
Large educational poster 'Qualitative inorganic analysis: Separation and identification of cations' for your laboratory wall.
The color version of the periodic table is also available for printing in the Portable Document Format (PDF). The black and white version of the periodic table is prepared for prints in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Rules and style conventions for writing SI units and quantities shortened to a single page.
The 'Periodic table' bookmark which comes with basic rules for writing chemical equations will do it in a fun and educative way.
Fold the cut-out bookmark in half on the dotted line so that the two sides match and then glue.
One contains only symbols and you need to write in the names of the elements, in the other the situation is reversed.
General principles for the writing of unit symbols and numbers were first given by the 9th CGPM (1948, Resolution 7).

Craft 3D paper models of seven basic crystal systems: cubic, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, hexagonal, trigonal (rhombohedral), and triclinic. Compliance with these rules and style conventions, the most important of which are presented in this document, supports the readability of scientific and technical papers.

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