I have a tecumseh 6 hp (OHH60) and the posts that i have seen reguarding this issue all pertain to honda or lifan engines. I have looked and looked through manuals, reference guides, and every corner of the internet to find an operating angle limit for my engine without sucess.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. At the Cannes Boat Show 2011, EXOCONCEPT unveils EXO, a new electric watercraft, ecological, fun and sport that can be used without a license. After two years of studies, developments and registrations at the INPI, the EXO embeds the highest performances that technology can offer, in particular an underwater electric propulsion group,radically innovative, with a large range of uses, completed with the last generation of high-capacity batteries. Among the basic criteria of a list of specifications focused on excellence and an impeccable building quality, the EXO had to present a radically new form, be ergonomic, ecological, easily transportable and be virtually without maintenance.

That's the Exoconcept Exo -- a new sea-born vehicle for stealth missions and the occasional run-in with Mr. The craft comes in a few flavors with shells made of high-end carbon fiber or ABS plastic, and engines ranging from 3.5-7kWh. If you were wondering if you could do it or not the answer is of course provided that have adequate plans and instructions. Capable of cruising the open waters at a max speed of 15-27 knots (17-31 mph), it doesn't really rival the thrust of some of its non-electric cousins, but it's certainly fast and quiet enough for some reconnoitering or good old fashioned family fun. When you find out a handful of tips of the trade the procedure goes quickly enough Model Boat Plans Free . With four racks of Li Fe PO4 high capacity batteries, the motor powers a water jet turbine drive system to cut through waves without any sound pollution.

If this was anything other than a boat you may well just use nails or screws to hold everything in place. Unfortunately, zipping around on electric power doesn't come cheap -- at €7,290 (or $9,939), it'll probably only appeal to those who also own the lake needed to enjoy it on.

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