Well, I can get this on top of the car by myself, but it works a lot better when Matthew or my girlfriend helps me.
We let the paint dry in the summer air for a day or two, and then Matthew and I decided we would take it on its maiden voyage to a nearby lake in the Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Oregon. This boat is meant for protected waterways, which means hardly any waves or wake, and no a lot of heavy current, so this little lake (some might call it a big pond) would be a fairly safe place in case it sprung a leak. We placed it in the lake, and anxiously looked inside to see if any spouts of water were welling up.  Nothing. I let Matthew get in first.  No water, and the boat seemed remarkably stable for such a small craft. I never thought about that hell if you know it is a solid weld for all the seats and especially the bench seat hell that all acts like flotation.
Transom you're right is overkill, I've seen a transom similar to your but not that over built. I like the idea of diamond plate almost be nice to make the entire boat on the bottom out of it simply so you don't slip. I have noticed that the boat runs better with a load up front and that is another reason for the hatch and storage up in the bow seat.
I could run faster, but I can't run trot lines at 40 mph and some of the back water is tight.
Location: Galveston, Texas Building Aluminum Boats I have built two aluminum flatbottom boats. Location: Louisiana Thats pretty cool, I've never seen any boats like that in Louisiana but have seen a few down in Florida. Also, by leaving the half pipe open at the back, I am able to use that for the live well drain.

Location: Galveston, Texas The 16' scooter I started April 2 011 and put it in the water the first week of June working on the week ends. Location: Louisiana I'd like to see more picture angles of the mud boat you built? Location: Galveston, Texas The scotter does have storage under two hatches on front deck and even more in and under the CC. Attaching what I have, I will try to take pics after I put the mud motor back on this week end. Location: Louisiana Very nice I like the pictures of the one for the mud motor, I bet it really would fly with like a 30 outboard. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
I have been looking for some good rod holders to mount on my boat, but I didnt really like any of the ones that I saw for sale in the stores. I also made sure we both had PFDs (or, personal flotation devices) in the form of life vests. Thats really a good idea although the down fall like you have experienced is when you do weld that bench seat to the floor the bottom won't be perfectly flat and it creates a slight hook under the boat. I ask because I have always noticed when winter rolled around and it was cold out when i was welding those boats it just seemed like I had less distortion on the thinner stuff. They work much better than expected and the boat handles great in tight turns with no sliding. I just got a Miller 211 this past christmas and am hoping to start a small boat project as soon as i get my 220V wired into the shed so i can use the machine on some thicker stuff. I like a rod holder that is sturdy, secures the rod, and is easy to get the rod out of when a biggun has it bowed over.

My boat is a 15x52 and to tell ya the truth it would be dam hard going back to a narrower boat. My next one will have the half pipes welded in the bottom to where the roll up the front will start. I want to start with something small and eventually build the 30 ft center console i drew up.
None of the components are glued together, so I can take it apart and add to it at any time. The other is a 12'X4' poling skiff, weight is 200 lbl 16 hp copper head mud motor not in this pic.
I mean in turns just seems like with a higher center of gravity seems like it would want to roll.
It is screwed into the aluminum rubrail using #8 stainless steel screws dipped in 3M 5200 marine caulk.
Please email me some pictures of the next boat you start because what I see you do on this one has given me some idea on what I want to build.
I thought boats had to have a V shaped hull ot thry can capsize?Sylver Sturm: You made a boat with your bare hands!!!! I have seen several cases where just a few minutes of more prep to keep small pieces straight when welding would have saved hours in the long run.

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