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There’s a surprisingly strong tradition of LEGO guns, and a growing tradition (I hope) of LEGO guns from video games. Your day’s about to get instantly better, because this picture of Ian Somerhalder and one of our favorite Internet meme animals of all time, Grumpy Cat, found its way onto the web, and into our lives. So, we’re showing some love for the moody kitty with 6 of our favorite renditions of the furry phenom. Doing his part to contribute to the trend is┬áNick Jenson, who built this huge, heavy, impressive LEGO version of the SRS 99 Anti-Materiel┬ásniper rifle from Halo: Reach.
It just blows me away that people are actually able to find all the LEGOs they need to build these things. It’s like night and day with the amount of hotness (from the Vampire Diaries star) and cold(-hearted)ness from the feline.
Take a look at our picks below, then send us a link to some of your personal faves in the comments!
On the one hand, I’m glad this trend has seemed to stay with crazy-devoted do-it-yourself-ers, but on the other, I would buy a kit for the M-8 Avenger in a heartbeat. We've got all the info you'll need on your favorite teen celebrities, TV shows and new movie releases like Selena Gomez, One Direction, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games and Divergent, plus fun games and polls. 30-Day Free Trial: Playing Minecraft on an account that hasn't bought the game yet will limit the player to 100 minutes (5 in-game days) of gameplay on a preset world, after which their only options are to reset the world or buy the game. If you're a teen girl in middle school, high school, college or beyond, get everything you'll need to know about celebs, red carpet style, popular movies, TV shows, and funny vids right here! You can also download fan-made addons that allow for differently colored glasses, stereoscopy and other 3D options.
While they can "fire" out anything you stuff into them, most of it just falls down harmlessly. Though you can have them fire arrows, incendiary ammunition, potions of all kinds (including healing ones), snowballs, and eggs.
Absurdly Sharp Blade: A Diamond Sword enchanted with Sharpness V (or a similar tier) is one of the deadliest things a player has at their disposal, especially in Pv P when opposing players are very likely wearing good armor and a little extra oomph is needed to pierce it. The monster-specific enchantments are even deadlier, though of course only against those monsters they specifically effect.
Acceptable Breaks from Reality: A common argument on why Minecraft should stray far from realism. Achievement System: The game has its own system of achievements that are unlocked in a chain and kept per single player world or per player in a server and follows a prerequisite pattern (meaning an achievement for killing an enemy will require a prerequisite achievement of crafting a wooden sword).
Alternately, how many times did you nuke your own establishment for the same reason (replace 'water' with 'creepers')? How many times did you die a fiery death before you learned that digging straight down was a bad idea. If a monster was chasing you, all you had to do was stand in front of a pool of lava and watch the mobs walk straight into it. The AI was coded to walk in a straight path to the player when they spotted them, regardless if there was a lava pit or a cliff in the way.
The update to 1.2 enhances the AI to have better path finding so if the player is being chased by a zombie for example, the zombie will attempt to look for alternative paths to the player as long as it doesn't hurt itself.
Skeletons were also made smarter by rushing at the player and flanking them should the player hide by a corner of a wall. Enemy mobs can also see through glass and will try to get to the player if they see them through the glass, whereas in the past, glass acted like solid blocks for mobs, thus they couldn't see through it. Endermen take damage from water and if an Endermen is hostile towards you, exposing it to water will cause it to be neutral and stop attacking you. Because they are three blocks tall, while players are only two blocks tall, endermen simply can't fit into areas where players can hide, nor can they harm players in such areas.
Their AI will lead to them teleporting toward players that look at them, even if they can't hurt that player, as long as the Enderman doesn't encounter water. A straight line looks like a coiled rope, and then you imagine that these are supposed to be blocks doing this, but curving. Although it's all visual (but can often feel like you're walking on a circular world and not a flat one) for now. The Nether doesn't have a sky, but the Void is red rather than black like outside the Overworld. Several Mods are examples of this as well: In The Aether it's always noon until you kill the Sun Spirit, and after that the day is still three times as long as in the Overworld, while in The Twilight Forest it's always dusk. Mods that let you visit the Moon (including Solar System and Galacticraft) have the Earth featured prominently in the sky. Mystcraft allows worlds (random or specified) with different colored skies (which can be different for day and night), sunsets, and stars.
There's one Pack that has five suns, and one where the "suns" are technicolour vortexes connected by streams of energy. All Deserts Have Cacti: Cacti can grow in any sandy area, but they're most common in the Desert biome.
All-Natural Gem Polish: Diamonds and emeralds only require a modicum of processing if you mine their ores with a Silk Touch tool, otherwise the ore breaks into gems fully ready to use.
Justified because you're not using diamonds as jewelry, you're using them to cut your way through anything you need to.
Then they can track your movement through any kind of wall and even explode from behind a thin wall.

Results in Artificial Stupidity in that transparent blocks like glass count as walls, so mobs cannot see you through glass unless you've already been spotted through just air. It's just you and a world (potentially) eight times the size of the planet Earth, populated with eerily abandoned structures and filled with hostile monsters.
The few NPCs you meet serve only to emphasize how alone you are, as they are clearly not human.
Even better, dyed sheep retain their new color if sheared, and pass that color onto their offspring.
Anachronism Stew: Thanks to the almost limitless creativity on display, the game may have a single world in which you can find the USS Enterprise, a medieval castle, and a village of dirt huts right next to each other, with a transportation network consisting of footpaths, minecart tracks, portals to Hell and space-warping command blocks.
A few mods introduce industrialisation and high-tech equipment(tekkit, FTB, rival rebels, etc.), which gives the player (who otherwise uses medieval weapons and armor) jetpacks and laser guns. And I Must Scream: Soul Sand is made up of screaming faces, presumably the "Tortured Souls" of the Nether. Some more obviously physical examples: The player is fully capable of imprisoning most monsters in a small box made of anything from dirt to obsidian.
When it's done, the mob of their choice will be stuck in there forever, unable to move from its 1x2x1 coffin, at least until it despawns.
There are some frustrating glitches from past and present that make the player themself unable to move, despite being in an open area. One of them happened back in Minecraft Alpha occasionally where the player would be walking somewhere and then suddenly be stuck to the spot, heavily vibrating until they relogged. Something that is still completely able to happen is a server issue called "rubber-banding". Try to walk somewhere and then 3 seconds later you're suddenly back where you started as if the game had no idea you were moving.
The Nether is a Fire and Brimstone Hell, and the End is a World in the Sky where it is Always Night, the terrain is flat save for huge towers of obsidian, and the only inhabitants are Slender Man expies and a giant, nigh-unstoppable dragon. Annoying Arrows: Averted, a fully charged arrow from a Bow will deal more damage in one hit than a (un-enchanted) Diamond Sword; if enchanted for maximum damage it will even one-shot a player armored in anything worse than Iron! Mostly played straight with Skeleton arrows, which deal minor damage (especially with armor) but they fire them decently fast and the damage can add up quickly.
Opening your inventory shows arrows still stuck in you, meaning you can eventually walk off the damage from 20 or more arrows. The player can utilize this by constructing a portal in the Overworld leading to the Nether, travelling a certain distance within the Nether, and then constructing another portal leading back to the Overworld. When the player returns to the Overworld, they will have travelled eight times the distance traversed in the Nether. Antidote Effect: Drinking a bucket of milk will remove any status effects, including poison. Anti-Frustration Features: Nether Portals used to be much more random in the rules they followed for portal generation. To wit, players emerging from their portals frequently risked spawning 50 meters above anything, spawning right near lava, or, worst of all, in lava. The game now follows better guidelines in finding a spot to spawn from and adds extra Obsidian onto both sides of the portal if there are no nearby blocks, a minor safeguard against taking one step then plummeting into a lava lake.
Previous professions have been split up into sub-professions so the odds of getting the trade you want from a particular Villager improve (provided you know which of the new professions sells, say, Arrows) and the trades offered are now less randomized.
For example, Shepherds will reliably spawn both buying Wool and selling Shears (Tier 1 trades) and will unlock Tier 2 after you make one of these trades, and so on. Anvil on Head: The Anvil item is mainly used to repair enchanted items, but it can also be used as a weapon by placing it next to a hovering block and having gravity make the Anvil fall. If you play it, it details the final moments of someone being chased by an unknown mob and he cries out suddenly as the record ends.
Putting dust on the end of a stick makes an infinite power source (unless you short it out). It's also magnetic, given that it's used to make the Compass, and, as of 1.0, can be used as an ingredient in brewing potions, extending the desired effect's duration.
With 1.5, enough Redstone can be turned into a Redstone block, which is similar to a torch but impossible to shut off.
The Crafting Table, despite being rather humble in origin and nature (it's just a work bench made from 4 Wood Planks).
April Fools' Day: The 2011 April Fool's Day featured a massive parody of Team Fortress 2 with the Steve Co. When clicking on them, a sign pops up that says it requires a key to open, and had a link to the Store◊. In the store, after placing $10,000 worth of silly items in the cart, the site would start displaying flashing colors, and a velociraptor popped up and moved across the screen. On April 1, an "April Fools Day" sign moved across the store page, along with a rearrangement of "Never Gonna Give You Up." Sadly, the store page no longer exists. April Fool's 2013 saw the release of the joke update Minecraft 2.0 that contained, among other things, a pink, friendly Wither, redstone "bugs" which were retextured Silverfish, and an Etho Slab which is a half-block of TNT. It also contained more serious and useful things like Blocks of Coal and Dyed Glass, the former of which actually made it into the 1.6 update.
On April Fool's Day 2014, the villagers apparently turned sentient and took over the game, leading to all player skins changing into those of villagers. The sounds in the game were also affected, due to the game's minor inclusion of Element Animation Villager Sounds Resource Pack. A fake snapshot was also released on that same day, with ridiculous features such as witches leaving a trail of cakes, all mentions of Herobrine being removed (even on signs!) and Twitter being "intergrated" into Minecraft.

The music disc that plays a man running away from things until it suddenly cuts out is named "11". Armless Biped: Creepers technically have four legs but their vertical bodies make them resemble armless bipeds more than the other quadrupeds in the game. However, you'll need a lot of diamonds; even basic boots will take four diamonds to make, let alone breastplates or pants. The 1.0 release had a bug where damage reduction from armour was applied twice, making a player wearing a full suit of diamond practically invincible.
This greatly impacted on the strategies employed during the first reddit "race for wool" tournament as obtaining diamond armour or denying it to the other team would often decide the match. By spending the time to get several lapis power gems that require diamonds, iridium plating that requires an immense power source for a matter generator and Nano armor requiring carbon fiber and power gems, you can get a full set of armor that allows you to run extremely fast, jump really high, your hunger never goes down and damage is negated to the point that you can swim in lava as long as the power source lasts.
It's easy to charge as well if you have several HV Solar Arrays connected to a MK-3 Charging Bench. Arrows on Fire: Bows can be enchanted so the arrows they fire will set mobs on fire if struck. Artificial Brilliance: Creepers deliberately wait to ambush you by hiding in alcoves until you pass by. Peaceful mobs run away when they take damage, including when they're attacked by wild wolves.
Endermen teleport away from approaching players, if they are in combat with them, to avoid melee attacks.This can be nullified by wearing a pumpkin helmet. Creepers standing on high ledges dive-bomb you, priming their explosion in mid-air so that they explode right when they hit the ground. Prior to the 1.2 enemies had effectively no path-finding - meaning they would gleefully jump into bottomless pits, walk through lava, and drown in order to reach the player. The path-finding was basically only "run at player, jump when you reach a block in your way".
They were programmed to do nothing more than walk in a straight line to reach the player and jump whenever a block stood in the way.
This meant you could lead the infamous creepers to their deaths by tricking them to walk off a cliff or into a lava pool. This results in awkward scenarios when groups of Creepers cluster atop a glass ceiling, unable to explode due to the completely transparent material blocking their view. This is usually acceptable to Minecraft players; if creepers could explode no matter what was between them and the player, it would be damn near impossible to construct a good shelter. Even after the AI update, enemies will still drop from a ledge above you if that's the quickest (or only) way to reach you, even if that drop is enough to injure them. In earlier versions of the game, Ghasts wouldn't aim their fireballs at the player character himself, but instead at the camera. Normally this wasn't an issue, since the game is played in first person view by default, but players are able to manually toggle into third person mode; thus, an easy way of dealing with Ghasts was to simply pop into third person mode whenever you saw one and laugh while their fireballs sailed harmless over your character. If the player is inside a house and a spider spots them, the spider will climb up the wall in an attempt to get to the player. However, due to a quirk in the programming, the spider will drop off the wall if he climbs higher than your character. Thus, if your house is built high enough, the spider will repeatedly damage himself through fall damage each time he drops.
The tameable wolves update got a lot of flack when it was first introduced for the stupidity of the wolves. They would frequently get lost and de-spawn, or decide the shortest route between two points was a straight line right into a pool of lava. Tamed wolves like to play in water, but used to have trouble telling the difference between water and lava.
While them not being able to use ladders is in all ways logical, tamed wolves will just jump after the player if they go down a ladder, no matter how long the descent is. It's usually a better idea to make them sit and then push them into the house through the doorway, or perhaps build them a dog door their own height immediately adjacent to your door.
Wolves who are standing up will teleport to the player if they move too far from them to prevent them from getting lost or killed.
However, there is a glitch in which a wolf which is sitting down will stand up and teleport to the player by themselves. Now imagine that you're deep underground, climbing along narrow ledges over lava pits and suddenly your wolf who's been sitting in your living room at home suddenly teleports right over to you. In the rare event in which there is an above-ground lava pool, neutral mobs (which spawn in light patches at night) can be seen almost ceremoniously throwing themselves into the lava. Artistic License ? Chemistry: You can't name a more reliable and valuable defense in Minecraft than the diamond armor. As debunked by Game Theory, though, real life diamond armor would be just as incredibly overpriced as it's actually worthless to be used as armor. Artistic License ? Engineering: On one hand, sand, gravel, and most living things will respect the laws of gravity while most other blocks ignore it entirely, enabling floating continents and fortresses to be built and naturally generate with a little effort.

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