Use the hulls, Lego isn't designed to float except for the hulls so unless you want to damage your expensive motors, you need to use the hulls. In the 2012 series I rebuild your boat in yellow, but this one sank during the competition. Yes indeed! But all the parts survived, so it was fun afterwards to have that on video. About your voith schneider, I will post a link on our forum to ask if anyone want to try that. For my LEGO readers I thought I would put together the some builds of the best LEGO creation I have seen of late. Yeah that volvo is clearly photoshopped being a car guy and a lego fan i can tell the difference plus the reflection on the window the real tires and rims .
Creating LEGO ships and boats may seem like the easiest things to build, but in reality, they are one of the most difficult objects to create. The next layer, known as the supporting layer, is what makes a double bottom a double bottom. The Hull is the backbone and the largest part of a ship, so design is key when it comes to making a good-looking hull.
We only just saw your Batmobile and then you present us with another outstanding MOC! I particularly like you machine gun near the rear of the craft and the fact that a minifig can man them.

I would very much like to see a bunch of soldiers in here, mabye the door opening and then charging? The jeep does look at tad modernized, but then it would have to be a Humvee to be modern I guess.
I think this came because I used a normal PF battery box, so the weight was more on the front side. This post is just a small selection of photos of some of the most amazing ones I have seen and I think you will agree they are incredible. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. However, LEGO ships don't always require double bottoms if they are not going to be used in water. The base layer is always the starting layer when creating the ship as it forms the basic outline for the ship. What you have to do for this is overlap flat bricks over one another, as the name suggests.
What one needs to do is place flat 1x pieces along the outer edge of the base plates or layer one. Someone ask me to build one and it has been a real pleasure because I wanted to make such a model for a long time.

Anyone who has played with LEGO for any amount of time will realise just what a commitment some of these larger creations are. After reading this, all you have to do is put it together and enjoy your marvelous creation! The picture to the left shows what a basic base layer would look like if one were to use a double bottom hull.
There are a couple of different ways of making the supporting layer, but on this page, I show two of the most common methods of making double bottom hulls.
Then, the builder must place 2x pieces on the seperating lines between each base plate (as seen in the picture to the right.) This method is almost as effective as overlapping, however, this design is slightly more prone to flooding.
Hulls can have the double bottom placed at the center of the hull or at the bottom of it (I prefer it in the center for a more realistic feel.) There are many ways for creating a hull.
The overlapping method allows for even distrabution of weight along the ship and it creates a watertight seal.
Here we show three different ways, two of which are variations of one, each one using the double bottom in some way.

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