We have been friends for over twenty five years, most of it spent building one thing or another. When did you first start building models and why?We have been racing Scalextric for well over 30 years now and a few years ago we started to build a landscaped track. Being very driven by detail we both soon tired of the small inaccuracies that kept on cropping up, especially when building things like stairs or cutting multiple windows. How long does it take to make one model?Not an easy question to answer because we make so many different buildings but on average two days to cut and build but more like a week to finish with all the little details and flock.

That is after the computer code work which can take upto a week on its own, but once thats done, it is saved and can be reproduced at will.
Will you be selling kits or only prebuilt buildings?We really love buildings set into their landscape and will continue to make buildings on flocked baseboards, although we really want to move into full flocked tracks in a big way, recently we have been inundated with requests for kits and are happy to announce our first kits are ready.
What kits will they be?The first building will be a twin pit building able to accommodate two race teams. And the first big structure will be the pedestrian bridge, this will be available with a choice of raised sponsor letters and an A6 decal sheet.

Both are set to retail at around ?27.99Would you consider making a full scene track?We have made a few full landscaped tracks and are always happy to take on that kind of challenge again. After spending weeks trying to decide on a name for ourselves, and we had lots to choose from, I suggested Sams as one day the company will be his.

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