Enjoy it Larry when you get it, U bought a fishing kayak to carry with us when we go camping with the tear or the pop up. The only bad thing about that is the trolling motor makes it so that it is required to have registration numbers on it. Rowerwet, in checking out your pictures I noticed your "little boat taking on water did you do that on purpose?" How much weight does it hold up safely? Based on his best estimate, the talented artist figures he used 8000 individual pieces of hand-fitted wood, 32 gallons of epoxy used for gluing and sealing and roughly 17 to 20 different types of wood.
To get started, every design was done with paper and pencil and then converted to a one-tenth scale model that he built for visualization. The furniture is from Bennington's anniversary edition R-series that can be found on its 2050 RL models. The outboard hulls were strip planked in a fashion similar to a canoe or kayak and Dan estimates there are approximately 300 strips in each one. The outer hulls have full bulkheads every two feet, while the inner hull only has three full bulkheads along with some open frames in it. As the dream of building a wooden pontoon progressed along the way, at times his wife didn't seem to share his optimism. But Dan remained focused and determined to finish his project as he continued to battle challenges such as getting the hulls out of the basement after they had been built, as well as the added cost near the end to complete the project. Weight was a key factor that Dan kept in mind during the entire process from designing to the actual construction. The final step after the boat had its launch date set was to apply a good grade of Marine Spar varnish over the epoxy to ward off the UV rays.
The beautiful pontoon will continue to be a work in progress as Dan puts his finishing touches to it along the way. Ability to carry 4 people for most of the time (up to 6 occasionally) for day outings, 99% of the time in the 3-5 nautical miles range from berth. Location: Zagreb, Croatia Does anyone have info of availability of similar design?
Location: Eustis, FL By your own admission you have no design or engineering skills. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
That sounds like the motor had the wrong pitch prop on it and it was straining it too hard.
I've read that 17 degrees is the max for outboard use, anything more can cause problems for most small boats. I re-build a 1986 Lakescraft a few years back that got completely done from the tunes up, any ideas on removing the carpet from this floor? I think with the aluminum deck once you pull the carpet off you might be able to first try a pressure washer to remove the glue. The wood on the top deck feels ok, I installed carpet on it this summer so we would not get any splinters.

Also would like to know how well the 120hp does for you.  What's the cruise speed, and what's the max speed? I did one a few years back, 28' I stripped all the way down to tubes, so I know this one will be alot more work due to the top deck and all the walls that need to be replaced due to rot. I built it using the slightly more expensive method that uses marine epoxy and fiberglass tape for all the joints. It's true that a good portion of his free time has been spent meticulously going over the fine details while constructing the ultimate pontoon, but this project has been more than just a labor of love.
Dan was good about documenting his progress with photos along the way, but those who have been fortunate enough to see the boat in person understand that pictures simply don't do the boat justice.
During his design process he studied many commercial boats and gathered the better ideas from these to incorporate into his boat, yet he stayed flexible along the way.
The wood he decided to go with was Curly Maple that he got from his grandfather's tree in Washington state. Along the way he attempted to use the lightest woods and best construction techniques that were available to keep the total weight as low as possible. But the important part is that the boat is now on the water being used and no longer taking up room in the basement. As it will be obvious from design itself, I'm not naval architect nor I have any formal knowledge in boat design. I built one boat from plans purchased on internet already (Hartley Scamp 15) but I couldn't find design similar to one I presented above.
I don't think you have the structure anywhere near what is needs to be, let alone understand the differences in the data, generated from your different hull models. Blew through 2 smaller engines on two different boats, and each time the mechanic said the engine overheated from trying to do too much.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Did a major cleaning before putting her in the water, previous owner had is sitting out in a field. I run a shop down here, been a mechanic all my life so I've got some sanders I can use once the carpet comes off. I'll probably replace it since it will be lighter to remove the top without any wood on it. Looking forward to standing on the new 28oz carpet I'm going to install, not sure what color yet.
If it is like my 89 model the walls really dont support anything just the aluminum trim and framing.
Carpet and deck kit purchased here through PontoonStuff, also bimini and front furniture, lights and some other things. It's almost impossible to imagine the hours that went into designing and executing the wooden pontoon that he named All Spruced Up.
Outboards have trim angle adjustment, and 15 leaves enough room to kick it under a tad to get the right ride angle.

It is a bit over what most motor manufacturers recommend but it DOES help if you have trimming issues. Probably gonna pull it out next weekend and get ready for tear down, I will post pics of all progress. What did you guys use on the underside of the top, mine has that nasty, stained, felt-like cloth on the ceiling. I'm gonna have to make another one soon, for my third child, age 5-6 is about the right age for a kid to be their own captain, and it is as memorable for them as riding without training wheels for the first time. Most folks, I have noticed, have no idea what their top end is, or how to go about getting there. It has aluminum decking, so I'm curious to see how easy it will be to remove the carpet.
I've had the boat up to 20mph one time today, mostly 19mph gps, no matter if there is 1 person or 8 on board.
Dan chose this method so his hull would be strong, but with minimum weight gain.The craftsman also used the cold-molding method when he built complex-curved components like the aft belly skins, sundeck supports, gauge hood, etc. And if you're gonna fish much I'd get a minn Kota trolling motor with the I Pilot system, allowing you run the trolling motor from anywhere in the boat with a remote. I threw out the rotted cabinets and sink area and replaced the wall behind it with plywood and fiberglass sheet from Lowe's for the outside. Was reading some other forums and they talked about vinyl flooring on the top deck to keep the rain from seeping in, sounds like a good idea.
Like you, time is running out so I'm going to enjoy the next few years before I take the ole dirt nap. New carpet throughout, lighting and stereo, strip down old decals and have the walls decal wrapped. All the seats are pretty decent, the fronts will maybe re-cover next year, or if we have time this winter.
I think you have it confused, the weight capacity is 300lbs but the actual boat weighs 67lbs. They had already tried calling me friday but couldn't reach me because of the wrong phone number so it wasn't loaded on the truck for delivery for today. There was a broken piece of the seat that was laying in the box and the tie-down straps were a bit short compared to the ones in the pics.
Other than the shipping difficulties and the 2 other issues, I believe it's gonna be a good boat.

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