We specialize in Boat Lift Repair & Construction for Ocean Isle Beach, Ocean Isle, Holden Beach contact us•yahoo local listing•custom web design by web works. I should also say, that if you were to build a fiberglass sea kayak straight through, from laying the first fiberglass to tying the last deckline knot will take less than 40 hours. While we are on the subject of expenses: how much does it cost to operate your car when you drive 100 miles to pick up some prime cedar? To make money at building boats, you first need to determine how much it will actually cost. At first blush, EBay or Craigslist seems like a very convenient way to reach a large market. Today when I looked on EBay and searched for "wood kayak." I found several brand new strip-built kayaks available for just under $4,000. Do you think it makes sense to try to compete with fiberglass or Asian labor based on price? I really don't know what you should do, but if you are serious about it, you need to sit down and have a good long think about how you are going about it. If you want to evolve on a real business you need to first build a boat before you do anything else. I need to build a design that you walk down into not a sit on top cabin design if that makes sense.
This project for me is a challenge to try and make the Shanty as cheap as possible but of decent strong quality.
I need it to be as easy to build as possible too as I have limited tools and limited carpentry skills although I am willing to learn. Any info and help would be appreciated and I have had a good read of other threads on here too. Here in BC the plywood list for that Selway-Fisher will eat up $4500.00 (including tax but no shipping). The other alternative would be to source a fiberglass (GRP) narrowboat hull and rebuild from there. Wonderful idea, which ever plan you choose please post lots of pictures and keep us posted. Before too many methods of build are considered, it might be good to look at the environment of a narrow boat.
I saw a some live aboards on the canals and a few wooden boats and all appeared to be recycled from other uses. Just last night on ebay I found an old barn in good condition costing ?200 which would be perfect for the cabin. A few years back I had an old fiberglass cruiser which needed a major refit and hull work to bring it up to standards. This kind of work is even harder than a clean build as I had to strip the boat before even starting on anything.
Then I would have had to extend the existing cabin so the whole thing would have looked very odd and shoe horned together. There are thousands of fiberglass and steel boats living together happily without many serious collisions. The problem with a lot of the fiberglass hulls is the headroom and then finding one without osmosis. To buy an old steel boat would cost more than the total build cost of a ply and epoxy hull and cabin. Then there is the whole process of dealing with any welding that needs doing and craning the steel boat in an out and welders are not cheap. That process can get very expensive on an old stinking mess of a boat that would require more hours than building a fresh shanty. I am doing this as a life challenge to see if I can build a budget home on the water and live a self sufficient life stripping away material excess. For power you could do something like a punt with a small outboard which would also give you some mobility while leaving the live aboard moored.
Thanks for that its a shame they don't sell an electronic version as I would have bought that. If you want to build (as renovation is probably cheaper)have you thought of either a Maurice griffith waterwitch or an escargot. If waterwitch appeals to you i have half a waterwitch which i doubt i will get to build and several sheets of ply and a copy of beuhler backyard boat building too.

Also don't forgot not all canals are 6'10" some are 10' and others 14' also a fiberglass hulls are pretty cheap too , or what about the Watson lifeboat listed on in the boat shed? I am a stranger to strip planking as someone mentioned that method,how do you seal the gaps in the planks? I don't have pics as its frames and keel along side my house Pics are available on the eventide website. So as you can see a complete restoration even for a user boat could cost much as you spend on it .. It was not so little hole HOW MUCH DOES VIAGRA COST (4134 ORDERS) had Stephen following her hands the idea of sticking might figure as a mast and make the thing a boat.
The operation could cost as much as €500,000 a day by the time the ship is towed to Catania, which might take weeks. As the Vancouver International Boat Show opens on Granville Island and at BC Place this Wednesday, we take a look at what it takes to buy — and maintain — your own yacht. Oil prices have sort of stablised They know that which is why they do not want to rock the boat too much and come out sounding too optimistic. Things got held up because there is so much money to be made in this field there was a feeling that there was no cause to rock the boat.
Paul Standring, co-owner of the Milwaukee location, says the appeal of boat rental lies within the cost and time commitment of owning but Standring says it doesn’t add up to nearly as much as owners pay.
Overeem said the bridge leading to a boat ramp has seen better days Public works says they are waiting to get an idea of how much the project will cost.
I recently read an internet article that stated that decks can be built for around $12 per square foot. Below is what it cost to build a deck in Milwaukee, WI area.  These prices include both deck labor cost and deck material cost. Think of the cost per square foot of a deck as the base price.  There are many factors and deck upgrade options that can make the price go up from here. Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter AND receive our exclusive Special Report on boat-building.
If you have already built a boat you may have already had someone ask you to build one for them. How much is it worth?" The answer to that is really pretty easy, it is worth exactly as much as some one will pay for it. I recently visited the manufacturing facility of one of the biggest composite kayak builders in the world.
While there is an average of 40 in each boat, the actual time spent actually building is less. This may involve phone calls to suppliers, driving to other states to pick up specialty materials, getting stuff shipped, purchasing stuff that turns out to be inadequate or incorrect.
Your shop space in your garage could actually be used as designed to protect your car from the weather, how much are you paying in taxes and insurance to maintain that space so you can "make money"? How much time will it actually take between saying you will build a boat to actually delivering it to a customer.
They are cheap and offer the possibility of more people seeing it than drive by your front yard.
If you have a nice product and you want people to see it as more than a homemade boat built by some tinkerer in his garage, you need to be a little better at marketing.
Do you think you can make an individually hand crafted kayak more quickly than someone can through fiberglass in a mold or for a lower labor cost than a villager in Thailand? I'm not talking about dreams about how beautiful your boats will be, but cold hard thoughts about how the whole deal will work.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
We describe the fees and prices related to Carefree Boat Club, Freedom Boat Club, Nautical Toys Boat Club, and more. When Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced that the boat would be recovered, he said leaving it underwater was not an option. Suddenly you know less than when you began!  Trying to hire the best deck contractor is no easy task.
Deck building materials come in a wide variety of colors and textures to advantage and can play an important part in good yard and garden design. You have spent your life working in an office or assembly line or whatever, you have accumluated a shop full of tools and want to put them to profitable use.

There is something wonderfully gratifying in converting a pile of wood into a vessel that can travel across the water. You may have dozens of friends who would love to have a beautiful boat like the one you built. These materials often don't come in a form that is ready for immediate use, it may need to be broken down or machined in some way before you can put it to use. If you really want to do woodworking, what would a local cabinet maker pay you to help him out.
Sorry, but I worked hard on the designs and if you think they are good enough for you and your customers, my work has value to you and it shouldn't hurt your business.
When you are looking for a real nice thing, do you drive the streets of your town looking on peoples front yard?
You might need to buy real ads in real publications or purchase google adwords that will show up where people appreciate what your are doing. Backyard boatbuilders are often looked upon as unskilled hacks who are lucky to be able to get their schooner out of the basement if they even finish the boat before they die. Even the simplest wooden kayak will take more than 40 hours to build to quality level that is viable on the market.
If you want to, make up a price that makes sense to you and put the price on your boat, you might get some enquiries.
Prices are up in San Francisco itself, but the 3.5 percent blip is the smallest in 12 months. I got a good laugh and felt that I should give my audience a more accurate breakdown of deck cost.
Or, you are young and want to avoid a lifetime in an office, assembly line or whatever and really want to make something authentic and honest. It is easy to imagine that the boats just sell themselves, all you need to do is make a pretty thing and it will sell. The skilled employees get paid OK, but not exactly extravagently, and the owner gets by on a very modest lifestyle. If you want to sell something at the highest price you can get, does it make sense to advertise it where people go to find cheap deals?
Until you convince people otherwise, you are a hapless loser who knocked out a piece of crap over the weekend. Considering all the costs of production and marketing, this is just enough to provide a modest living to the folks building the boats. If you think you can be anywhere near the same price, where are you cutting corners to keep the price so low? It is perfectly OK to make a few boats and sell them cheap, but this isn't going to make money. Maybe bring it to some local shows because it will be fun to talk to people about your boat.
These things cost money, and you aren't really making money if you don't account for all the expenses.
What is it that you will offer that makes your boat something that someone else wants to buy?
Then with the knowledge of what is involved in actually making the boats think about how to make it work realistically.
Identify your customer, figure your costs, determine a price, start marketing and introduce yourself to your customers and be prepared to wait a long time before you sell anything. Most of these boats can be stretched or shrunk in all directions as they are pretty simple designs and lengthening or shrinking is simply a matter of adding or removing a frame or two. As a business this all requires time and money that needs to be paid for by selling your boats. If you are patient and persistent maybe some day you can do well enough to earn some money at it.
If you are retired and you don't need any income, then a hobby that covers its own expenses is pretty cool. Obviously, that isn't how it works, different employees do different things and after a week they have 15 new kayaks prepared to ship out.

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